Hal Turner : An (American) hero

Update (August 2) : Tragedy struck after judge put off security system, Mike Robinson (AP): ‘…Before [Bart] Ross’ suicide, the most publicized focus of the investigation into the killings [of Michael Lefkow, 64, and, Donna Humphrey, 89, on February 28, 2005], was white supremacist leader Matthew Hale. He is now serving a 40-year sentence for soliciting Lefkow’s murder after she ruled against him in a trademark dispute. More recently, a New Jersey blogger was charged with threatening to assault or murder Lefkow and two other Chicago-based federal judges who refused to overturn handgun bans. According to a federal complaint, Harold “Hal” Turner’s blog entry referenced the Lefkow slayings. “Apparently, the 7th U.S. Circuit court didn’t get the hint after those killings. It appears another lesson is needed,” Turner wrote, according to prosecutors.’

JULY 30, 2009

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michael Orozco, Attorney at law
Chicago, IL –

On June 2, 2009, Hal Turner, sitting in his home in New Jersey, opined on his web site that the recent opinion of three judges in the Seventh Circuit was unconstitutional. That opinion was legally protected free speech pursuant to numerous rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Three weeks later, the FBI executed a search warrant on his home in North Bergen. Nothing illegal was found, yet Mr. Turner was arrested and charged with violating a federal statute which makes it a crime to threaten to assault or injury a judge in retaliation of the performance of their official duties. Mr. Turner never, under any circumstances, meant this communication to be seen as a true threat to these judges.

Since his incarceration Mr. Turner has been subjected to de-humanizing conditions at jail. This is not justice; this is the persecution and mistreatment of Mr. Turner through administrative means. He has been denied medical treatment; he has been denied access to a means to contact his family for weeks, as well as his attorneys; he has been declared a high level threat despite the fact that he has never committed an act of violence, and; had caps on his teeth removed as he was told they could be used as a weapon. Currently Mr. Turner’s blood pressure has reached an alarming number, yet he has received no medical attention. The pleas from his family to the jail have gone unanswered.

At the July 28th, 2009 bond hearing, Magistrate Judge Ashman gave Mr. Turner’s attorneys more time to produce evidence of his prior acts while working as an FBI informant and immediately after which resulted in numerous lives being saved and sophisticated military hardware from being placed into the black market.

Update : White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, as hackers claimed a year ago, The Raw Story, July 28, 2009.

Update : I stumbledupon the blog of Hal’s family — family-of-hal-turner.blogspot.com. The Family of Hal Turner the Self-confessed FBI Informant request that money be donated to help Hal stay outta jail. Their appeal was launched on July 11, and thus far 44 nutzis have donated a grand total of $1,370 according to The Family. This is 3% of the $45,000 nominated by them as their target… LOL.

    “Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed. Their blood will replenish the tree of liberty. A small price to pay to assure freedom for millions.” ~ Hal Turner


Derrick MacThomas (to be confused with Dennis McCormack) — aka Carl D Thompson — recently made a heartfelt plea on neo-Nazi radio on behalf of fascist meathead and fellow DJ Hal Turner. Hal was identified as an FBI ‘confidential informant’ (CI) in January 2008 after crossing swords with 7chan/4chan/YTMND/eBaum’s World/whatever. Now Hal has admitted in court that he spied for the FBI, and is seeking a helping hand from state authorities in return for his services.


Radio host denies threatening federal judges
Jeff Coen
Chicago Breaking News Centre
July 28, 2009

An Internet radio host pleaded not guilty today to threatening to kill three federal appellate judges in Chicago and then sought his release from custody, saying he has been an informant for the FBI.

Hal Turner, who was arrested last month at his home in New Jersey, shook his head after being handed a copy of the indictment.

Turner is charged with calling for appellate judges Frank Easterbrook, William Bauer and Richard Posner to be killed after they affirmed a lower court decision June 2 to dismiss challenges to Chicago’s handgun ban.

Turner allegedly used his web site to put out the message that all three were “cunning, ruthless, untrustworthy, disloyal, unpatriotic, deceitful scum.”

“Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges deserve to be killed,” he allegedly said.

A federal judge from Louisiana will be brought in to preside over the case.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Martin Ashman gave Turner 10 days to subpoena an FBI agent who Turner contends acted as his handler as he supplied the government with information. Turner’s lawyer, Michael Orozco, said Turner prevented military equipment from being sold on the Internet and even tipped off the U.S. Marshal Service to a threat against President Barack Obama.

“So you’re saying he’s an American hero,” Ashman said somewhat sarcastically.

As for the charges, Orozco said Turner was only giving his opinion on the judges’ ruling and that he has a Constitutional right to free speech.

Assistant U.S. Atty. William Hogan said a magistrate judge in New Jersey had already ordered Turner detained before he was sent to Chicago, finding that he was a threat to the community. He has continued to air threatening radio messages on the Internet since his arrest, including a call placed from custody in New Jersey, Hogan said.

Hogan said Turner may have had some contact with the FBI as an informant but that it was quite some time ago. He said he had no idea about any action Turner supposedly took to thwart an attack on the president.

The Good News for Hal is that fellow nutzi (Very Ill) Bill White recently had similar charges against him thrown out of court. The charges were laid after Bill wrote about how a juror in a Federal case against another nutzi named Matt Hale — former Grand Poobah of the White supremacist cult Church of the Creator — should be killed:

“The fact that defendant knew that white supremacists sometimes viewed his Web site and sometimes harmed people they perceived as enemies is insufficient to transform his lawful statements about Juror A into criminal advocacy,” he said.

“Knowledge or belief that one’s speech, even speech advocating law breaking, may cause others to act, does not remove the speech from the protection of the First Amendment unless the speech is directed to inciting imminent lawless action and is likely to produce such action.”

White’s Web site regularly attacked non-whites, Jews and homosexuals and expressed approval of acts of violence. The foreman’s name had not previously been public; the juror had been identified only as “Juror A” in court documents.

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