REVEALED! HoWARd’s message to ‘Start A Fire Anti-Ministeries’

The black cat’s out of the bag:

    Hello there comrades.

    I am delighted to send my good wishes to everyone attending the 2008 Melbourne Anarchist & Autonomist Conference. Today is, of course, May Day.

    It’s a time when we celebrate our hard-won freedoms to destroy economic and social privilege as the unruly subjects of an illegitimate, racist and colonialist state — so blessed with an abundance of natural beauty.

    It’s also a time to reaffirm our commitment to shared values of direct action, mutual aid, self-managed struggle and our abiding fight against our enemy, Authority. Anarchism has been an enormous force for good and has done more than anything else to shape the lives, not only of millions of workers, but the character of contemporary global resistances to capitalism, patriarchy and the state.

    I congratulate the Melbourne Anarchist Club for bringing anti-authoritarian revolutionaries from many tendencies together for this celebration and I wish you all a riotous May Day.

    Your rejection of all forms of nationalism is deeply appreciated.

A Government spokesperson said Mr HoWARd did not regret providing the message.

“The Prime Minister provides messages for a wide array of groups,” the spokesperson said. “The Prime Minister does not regret providing the message. The contents of the message are entirely unexceptionable.”

[For anarchafairy]

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