Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori; Or: Go back to Africa and/or Europe

Several weeks ago, a very small group of individuals (apparently belonging to ‘APOC Philly’) disrupted the 2009 CrimethInc convergence — a gathering of ‘White supremacists’ according to the Smackheads. They shouted, among other things, ‘Go back to Europe!’.

The meme seems to be catching, as in Melbourne last week another, ‘anonymous’ mob distributed a leaflet in the suburb of Frankston, informing African immigrants who might choose to reside there that they should instead ‘Go back to Africa!’. In both cases, the fallout has been interesting.

MPs’ row sparked by racist leaflet
Sarah-Jane Collins
The Age
August 14, 2009

A ROW has broken out between state and federal MPs over a racist leaflet that attributes rising violent crime to African residents in social housing.

The leaflet, distributed in Frankston over the weekend, reads: ”Do you want Frankston to become like Dandenong? The state government intends to build 386 high-rise commission flats in the centre of Frankston and fill them with Africans.

”The levels of violence in Dandenong and Noble Park have risen sharply since the huge increase in the African population,” the leaflet claims.

Labor MP for Frankston Andrew Harkness said the leaflets were ”found by unsuspecting residents on cars parked in their driveways last Saturday” and were also put up on telephone poles and outside a primary school. He called the leaflets ”a disgraceful and inflammatory dirt sheet aimed at inciting racial violence and hatred in Frankston”.

He said the number of flats specified in the leaflet was incorrect and there were plans for about 70 units in the Frankston area.

Mr Harkness suggested federal Liberal MP Bruce Billson and state upper house MP Inga Peulich had incited anonymous campaigners to produce the leaflets through their involvement in campaigns against the proposed social housing. ”(Mr Billson) has consistently misrepresented the facts and incited the sort of response we saw last weekend,” Mr Harkness said in Parliament on Tuesday.

Mr Billson said he found the leaflets disgusting and had no part in their production. ”It’s an appalling, baseless, juvenile, cheap shot under the privilege of Parliament from a muck-chucker who’s not done anything to address a genuine local community concern and has resorted to this kind of gutter tactic instead,” he said.

In Parliament Ms Peulich said Mr Harkness’ remarks were offensive and asked that he make a public apology. ”All members of Parliament are united in their stance against racism, and any attempt to falsely impute or invoke racism is counterproductive to a cohesive Australia and Victoria,” she said.

The fracas in Frankston and the pandemonium in Parliament it produced naturally brings to mind the rather inexpert efforts of Tories in NSW to capitalise on anti-Muslim feeling. Just days before the last Federal election, a fake leaflet [PDF] was produced by Tories in Lindsay claiming that a fictitious Muslim group (“The Islamic Australia Federation”) was giving the ALP its full support on the basis of the ALP’s own ‘support’ for the Bali bombers[!].

As for the leaflet distributed in Frankston, it’s on a par with various forms of racist samizdat that periodically draw wider, principally media-driven, attention. The leaflet’s authorship is unknown, and the bigot responsible has wisely decided not to attach his name to his handiwork. The reaction on racist forums has been predictable. On the Australian Protectionist Party’s forum, for example, a racist using the handle ‘Oz’ responds (Re: Leaflets warning of African migrants ‘racist scaremongering’ says ethnic council, August 15, 2009, 07:56:15 PM):

Well done whoever made those leaflets, but no one will listen to them. They will all encourage diversity, with the local mayor being so outraged by these leaflets he’ll probably bring in a few [A]frican families himself… it[‘]s not until their [sic] raping and pillaging that they’ll realise what they’ve done.


Note that the APP presents itself as being a ‘moderate’ alternative to the more straightforwardly anti-Semitic ‘Australia First’ Party.

On his blog, fellow APP forum member Scott — a person described as an ‘anarchist’ by student journalists in Sydney — contends that it is “more and more commonplace” for him to view such material, and also “more and more common for these leaflets to be written in a sensationalist manner in order to garner media attention. The reason for this is that journalists, unless they can use the “racist” or “nazi” card, will very rarely cover any issue regarding mass immigration or racial tensions” (http://anarchonation.blogspot.com/2009/08/racist-leafletting-condemned-while.html).

Notwithstanding the mountains of evidence to the contrary, of course. (Mind you, Scott thinks that the Holocaust was a joke, and that fluoridation is a Communist plot.) He does have a point, however, in noting that the strong feelings of his fellow white nationalists, when not placated by those in authority, can sometimes result in violent outbursts. According to Scott, this is the fault of ‘multiculturalism’.

On Scott, former ‘Southern Cross Soldier’ turned ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ supporter ‘VectorBased’ (Re: Leaving The “Movement”, Reply #12 on: August 15, 2009, 12:47:02 AM) writes:

VB: “I’ll take a crowd of proud Aussies on Australia [D]ay over a bunch of Nazis pretending to be [‘New Right’], [‘national anarchist’], moderate, or intellectual, or whatever group the skins [sic] feel like dressing up as that week.”
Luke Connors: “Amen from [sic] my part, but I have a feeling [Scott] is not going to like you much.”

Yeah, I know, but the only reason he gets angry is because he knows it[‘]s true. He’s taking orders from The Master Race in Sydney, and going to questionable music events, and then cracks it when people point out that the promo video for his “anti fascist” ideology contains a guy with a shaved head, all while blaring Blood Red Eagle for theme music.

Looks Nazi. Sounds Nazi. One can only guess Nazi. If he wants to stop the Nazi question constantly hanging over the group, stop appearing to be Nazi. It[‘]s simple.


VectorBased is here referring to the leadership role of Sydney-based Welf Herfurth: Mister Wolf is the MC for the 2009 Sydney Forum, a former or current member of the German neo-Nazi NPD, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, the Australia First Party, Blood & Honour NSW, Australian Friends of Europe (AFE) (formerly known as Australian Friends of the BNP), the New Right/’national anarchists’ and, most recently, Volksfront Australia (along with Douglas Schott, the diminutive vocalist for Blood Red Eagle).

Finally, a sensational Eurasian blogger writes that “If we gave Sudanese families places to live in Glen Waverley or Toorak or Brighton, you might hear complaints from the locals, but you would also hear less about Sudanese gang crime in general – because the kids would grow up in an environment that is all about academic success and social advancement.” This, in my opinion, is a superb idea, with obvious preference to be given to Toorak: unlike proles, rich people are never racist, and Toorak has ample room.

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