New Saxon = Femmy Nazis

Stephen Lemons, ‘Femmy Nazis’, Phoenix New Times, May 3, 2007, is funny:

“This sardonic sky-soarer’s been spending a butt-load of hours on the Net of late, studying all the far-right ravens on the neo-Nazi networking site, a racist MySpace, where bigoted dillweeds with time on their hands and Adolf Hitler in their hearts can let their fascist freak flags fly. As you’ll recall, this beaked biped reported last week that two-ton former Mesa City Council candidate and Rusty Childress-chum J.T. Ready had been outed by the ADL for having a profile on the white power Web site under the handle Viking Son…”

What’s also funny is the fact that Perth-based, ailurophobic net-Nazi Ben Weerheym appears to have abandoned his blog, avoiceofdissent, for the greener, dillweed-filled pastures of New Saxon… I guess it just doesn’t pay to mess with Bübi, eh?

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. What is so wrong with New Saxon? Maybe the site’s admin are sick of new age leftism that’s destroying our system.

  2. If it weren’t for the multi-cultural extremists trying to enforce [sic] their [agenda] down people’s throats, then you would [sic] see sites such as “New Saxon”. It’s this easy, you put someone in an uncomfortable position, they’ll react to the situation.

  3. Mick Reyfield says:

    I will be starting my own blog later, maybe you can post a few comments on the articles. I also live in Crib Point, so I’ll take a fairy across West Port and meet you and your mates.

  4. dub says:

    you are a fairy, you right wing punk bitch

  5. @ndy says:

    wow. what a confused thread…

    mick, yr raving as usual.

    what’s wrong with new saxon is that it’s full of racist dickheads.
    being a racist dickhead predates ‘new age leftism’ by many years.
    i don’t care what the site’s admin thinks.
    new age leftism poses a threat to nobody.
    new saxon is a product of the desire of racist right-wing whites to meet other racist right-wing whites
    and myspace policy.
    you write nonsense.
    i don’t care that you allegedly live in crib point.
    i don’t know why you’d want to meet me.
    i’ve no desire to meet you, or introduce you to my friends.

    fairies rock.

  6. new age leftism poses a threat to nobody.

    It poses a threat to Australian values.

    i don’t know why you’d want to meet me.

    To see the man behind slackbastard.

    i’ve no desire to meet you, or introduce you to my friends.

    So… you’re anti-social.

    I think we would make good friends.

    you are a fairy, you right wing punk bitch.

    What makes you think I’m right-winged?

  7. @ndy says:

    ‘new age’ and ‘leftism’ are two completely different concepts, neither of which you understand. as such, ‘new age leftism’ is merely a term of abuse, lacking any definitional precision beyond, perhaps, some half-arsed notion of ‘political correctness’ (another much-abused foreign import). furthermore, ‘australian values’ is equally nonsense: the values which are typically touted as being uniquely ‘australian’ — ‘mateship’, ‘tolerance’, ‘equality’, for example — are not, in point of fact, unique to australia. in any case, ‘australian values’ is a term most often invoked by politicians — both inside and outside of parliament — and should therefore be treated with the utmost suspicion. (see, for example, for ghassan hage’s discussion of the uses to which hoWARd puts the term.)

  8. …invoked by politicians — both inside and outside of parliament — and should therefore be treated with the utmost suspicion…

    Just like multiculturalism.

  9. Nattie Fink says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with Why are people so terrified of something different? So what if people have white pride or anything like that leave them alone. People can think whatever they want to think. Who are you to try and tell them to stop?

  10. @ndy says:

    G’day Nattie,

    There’s lots wrong with New Saxon. But I’m not terrified of it, and whether or not something’s “different” has little to do with whether I think it’s any good or not. I also don’t care much if people have “white pride”, I just think it’s daft, and that New Saxon is jam-packed with bigots and wankers, or in other words is a place “where bigoted dillweeds with time on their hands and Adolf Hitler in their hearts can let their fascist freak flags fly”.

    You’re right about people being able to think about whatever they want, so I don’t see much point in telling them to stop, which is why I don’t.

    Please don’t think of a pink elephant.

  11. [Bone]head says:

    Newsaxon is the best thing to happen to the internet.

  12. Dr. Cam says:

    It certainly makes our jobs much more amusing.

  13. Clearview says:

    New Saxon is a place for forward thinking white people to discuss what matters to them – our future. If you don’t like it then use your precious time somewhere else. Right, Left, Middle – whatever, my good fellow brothers and sisters are being murdered every day so please shut up ‘cos you DO NOT KNOW what we know.

    Onwards and forwards.

  14. @ndy says:

    We know you DO NOT KNOW what you DO NOT KNOW what we know.

    Over and out.

  15. Tim says:

    ummmmmm…Australia isn’t a white homeland in the first place…it belonged to black aborigines long before we got there.

  16. Anon says:

    NewSaxon is associated with the National Socialist Movment. It is seen by some as a recruitment tool for this party. This is not racial pride, it is bigotry of the highest, most dangerous order. Here are some things the NSM stands for.

    http://www .

    # We demand equality of rights for the American people in its dealings with other nations, and the revocation of the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the World Trade Organization, and the International Monetary Fund.

    # We demand land and territory (colonies) to feed our people and to settle surplus population

    # Only members of the nation may be citizens of the state. Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Non-citizens may live in America only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation

    # All non-White immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Whites currently residing in America be required to leave the nation forthwith and return to their land of origin: peacefully or by force

    # We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts)

    # …The Party combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within…

  17. xReganx says:

    If that’s the case then does anyone else find it funny that Fred Perry and Levis are both Jewish owned companies? What are the boneheads gonna wear now?

  18. Pagan says:

    There is nothing wrong for whites to have a place to network… we are all kinds here… why is it so wrong for whites to have pride in themselves? You act like we are the only race who can’t take pride without feeling guilty. Well guess what? We made this country for us not for minorities. Not all of us whites are buying it. You will never shame us from our people… never!!!

  19. Anon says:

    Pagan, Again, NSM, and, by extension, NewSaxon, is for the creation of a white homeland by forced expulsion of non-whites, homosexuals, and Jews from this land [that is, the United States]. Then, they are in favor of colonizing other, non-Anglo-Saxon [sic] lands and placing them under military rule. Do you need to tell me what is wrong with that? [Wha-?]

    http://www .

  20. Anon says:

    …err, let me try again.


    NSM, and, by extension, NewSaxon, is for the creation of a white homeland by forced expulsion of non-whites, homosexuals, and Jews from the United States. Then, they are in favor of colonizing other, non-white lands and placing them under military rule. Do you need me to tell you what is wrong with that?

    http://www .

  21. KinkyBoy says:

    http://www .

    What you espouse sounds more like Talmudism Anon.

    The manufacture of Goyim is seen in the dissolution of the races and the “elevation” of the magnificent “Jew” as imposers of the “Law”, and as those who choose to call themselves “The Chosen” above all others. The Jew presumes to define what is right and what is wrong.

    A degenerate idea if ever there was one and an idea that thrives only in monopoly and a fear of unquestioning deference the claimant to the title.

    Lies are not Evil, Evil is Evil to paraphrase one of Grimm’s malevolent circling Hymeenas.

    The Jew only succeeds by promoting the failure of others through the usurpation of all that is successful in the other and destruction of any idea that might render the Jew irrelevant.

    Irrelevance for the Jew is ideological death, for it is written that only he is “Chosen”.

    The only creed of “racist” Supremecism that demands the genocide of the wicked Amelek is that of the hypocritical Pharisee. The Pharisee presumes to define “wicked” and “evil” in ways that flatter his vanity and self abusive importance. The Jew decides who is evil (unwillingness to defer) and who is not. The Jew has usurped the notion of “God” and has declared himself as G_d. G_d is dead for the Jew.

    http://www .,7340,L-3142973,00.html

    The imposition of Noahide “Law”, a form of Narcissistic idolatry and democracy of ignorant consent can only ever be one of imposition and a creation of lies and mischief.

    The notion of a “Chosen” people can only ever be one of repugnance that will for eternity elicit a Gag response in the UnChosen.

    Excuse me while I step away and heave what was rather enjoyable meal whose recollection is now soiled by trying to understand the mindset of the world most self awarded self abusers.

    Judas Oliver CromWell has a lot to answer for in leading the UK to its Multicultural destruction at the behest of the Liar.

    Does linking to a Hitler website imply Hitler worship?

  22. Dr. Cam says:

    I think it was already clear that you were probably into Hitler worship.

  23. Lumpen says:

    Ooh, that reminds me that I still have a whole season of The Sarah Silverman Program to watch. Thanks Kinkyboy! If it makes you feel any better, I’d choose YOU if I was God. You’re like the mascot for an uncaring society. Now get back to your delicious McNuggets, you lovable little scamp.

  24. Troy Wilson says:

    Why do you exclude gay people from the white race?

    Troy Wilson

  25. KinkyBoy says:

    One for the Starry Eyed Stalinist, see at the end.

    Does belief that one is “special” and entitled to, but does not receive, certain behavioural responses from others, lead to psychosis and murderous tendencies ? Does the cognitive dissonance between the reality of other Human Beings’ existence as successfully independent, thoughtful entities, and the religious role assigned to them as “Goyim” in the irreligious scribblings cause the Jew to hate the Goyim ?, simply because the Goyim will- not- fucking -well- defer like he is supposed to ? Does the Goyim “envy” the Chosen ?

    I personally have known at least one violent psychotic who felt he was so important and talented that others were jealous of his “ability”, and this is why he was viewed with contempt. He was Goyim as far as I know and thought others were envious Green Martians (his Goyim) of a different subspecies.

    Does Chosenness lead to Narcissism and should the Goyim dare presume to opine on the perceived psychoses of those who claim not to be “just” Goyim ?

    Happy Revolutionaries (Gay Activists ?) should refrain from the stealthful use of force of law as used to ram their ideas down the throats of others’ children via the school system or through the infiltration of “Play School”. It is just fucking rude. A kid’s opportunity to innocence should be protected at all costs. Kids are not a Gay’s Goyim.

    Who’s excluding ?

    The defilement of innocence is a JewHiss imperative.

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn & the Jews – French translation reviewed by by Friedrich Braun Solzhenitsyn and the Jews Friedrich Braun, Nov 17, 2007 http://freedom4um . com/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=66776

    I just finished reading the French translation of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together (2003) on Russian-Jewish relations since 1772 in two volumes (still no English translation available…”are we powerful or what?”). It’s both a quick and fascinating read; among other things, we learn that not only the October 1917 Revolution (really … just a well-organized, well-carried out Jewish coup) was dominated by Jewish agitators (a documented fact) but so was the 1905 Revolution (something I didn’t know). We also learn from the grand old man the awe-inspiring extent of the Jewish domination of the Soviet Union during its first two decades of existence, including its ruthless and murderous internal security system: Tcheka, OGPU, NKGB, and NKVD. A Russian in the hands of the Tcheka, etc. was almost certain to be in the hands of Jewish torturers and executioners. The litany of Jewish crimes committed against the long-suffering Russians (and other Slavic peoples: Ukrainians and Belarussians) and coldly listed by the author is simply nauseating and one should approach both volumes on an empty stomach. To this day there has been no acknowledgment on the part of international Jewry of Jews overwhelming support of the Bolshevik dictatorship during its first two decades. No asking for forgiveness. No reparations paid out to Russians. No chest-beating. No calls for repentance. No nothing…how un-Jewish that would be! Those few, rare Jewish voices who dared to speak about the Jewish role in the establishment of the communist terror machine in Russia were inevitably greeted with hostiliy and enmity by other Jews and told to shut their “self-hating” mouths. Another interesting aspect brought up by the author concerns the so-called era of “National Bolshevism” (a real misnomer) allegedly inaugurated by Stalin. Solzhenitsyn points out that Stalin was as much hostile to Russian interests as Lenin and Trotsky. How many millions of Russian peasants and Russian Orthodox clergy perished under Stalin? To speak of a Russian nationalism on the part of Stalin is simply laughable when one considers the the slaughter accompanying Stalin’s and Kaganovich’s collectivisation and religious persecutions. Additionally, Jews continued to be overrepresented at all levels of the Soviet bureaucracy (including their overwhelming participation in the administration of the Gulag system) during Stalin’s years at the helm. Furthermore, Solzhenitsyn speaks of his personal contacts with Soviet Jews and their typical detached relativism on all issues, including communist crimes with their tens of millions of victims. However, all that cool, intellectual relativism and reluctance to see the world in black and white terms would disappear in the blink of an eye as soon as Hitlerism was mentioned. Another example of Jewish hypocrisy highlighted by the author concerns the Jews admonishing of Russians (namely Solzhenitsyn) to reject global generalisations regarding Jews and aspects of the Jewish character at the same time that they would form and propagate the most negative opinions on the Russian character and how it was the Russians’ fault that the fundamentally noble communist experiment failed. Expressing generalisations about Russians while demandin[g] from them that they abstain from seeing in Jews some distinct personality traits is very Jewish and pure chuzpah. Nothing is ever the Jews’ fault. It’s always someone else’s fault. One standard for the Jews, another standard for the goyim.

  26. dopamine says:


    did the jew make daddy touch you?

  27. KinkyBoy says:

    Daddy didn’t touch me; He touched my lying, conniving brother instead. I envy him but hate the slippery, dobbing little Mummies Boy. “Gollum, Gollum” he says all the time. He’s a very nasthy Bad Boy Bubbie that one. Whenever you go to clobber the little prick for being a dobbing little slimeball, he whines and squeals while running to his Mummie and peeping out from behind Mummies apron while she berates and beats me for pickin’ on the weaselly little arsewipe. He’s a backstabbing goody JewShoes and everyone at school used to despise him for dobbing us in to make himself look better in the eyes of the teacher. Curiously enough though, even she too seemed to grow tired of his whiny machinations and eventually told him to piss off.

    “The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau.” (Genesis 27:22)

    “First, he prepares for war by dividing his family into two parts in case one is attacked the other half will survive.”

    Anti-Fa/Athiest UN Jews and Zionist/AntiZionist religious Jews.

    We see here the Jew building a framework that guarantees his relevance and also functions as a monument and idol before which the Goyim can kneel in obeisance to Jewish “magnificence”. This is a notional “Anti-G_d” of Lies.

    “The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: the Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the scene of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah. Higher education will be the right of every person in the world. A pill to prevent pregnancy will slow down the explosive natural increase in China and India. And by 1987, the average life-span of man will reach 100 years.”

    Time magazine’s interview with David Ben-Gurion, of August 16, 1948:

    http://www.aish . com/literacy/jewishhistory/Crash_Course_in_Jewish_History_Part_6_Isaac_and_His_Sons.asp

    An “Atheist” Jew idolises and worships himself as G_d. The entire religious history still applies to him with regard to his place in the world. Otherwise he would not identify by it. He has become “G_d” who creates a relative “beauty” not in absolute terms, but in relativistic terms by destroying the creative abilities and the possibilities of others and the all things that predated the arrival of the Jewish “Ideal”.

    Jews covet “power” over the future of others, and kill those entities who deny him the Ring of Power through refusal to “love” the Jew.

  28. @ndy says:

    I’ll see you and raise you a Killdozer classic:

  29. KinkyBoy says:

    “This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.”
    Sigmund Freud (about the Irish)

    The Jew declares the Celt to be “Amelek”, and by extension all Europeans.
    But who declared the Jew to be “sane”. G_d ?

  30. Spider Maglurk says:


    wow, you’re just so out there. it’s far-out how you don’t care about using tiresome arguments based on a whole range of fallacies (e.g. appeal to authority). you’re on the right path to organising your own group of loyal followers that offers black nike shoes and plastic cups of funny tasting orange juice to it’s members, but let’s keep it a secret: they’re watching us!

    the basics:

  31. KinkyBoy says:

    The ideas in the religion of victimittude are Crap.
    “Chosen Race” my fucking arse. “Ontologically exceptional” ?

    The Kosher Cup’s overflowing with it. Consumption of it by the Goyim is legislatively enforced, and eventually the Goyim begin to Gag violently on it.

  32. Spider's mistake says:

    correction: its members.

  33. you're a clown says:


    your “research” on the jews has kept me laughing all day. such comedy has taken the edge off a very long day at the office. keep writing, please.


    kelly dingwall

  34. Oracle says:

    NewSaxon is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a political movement trying to appeal to the younger generation through a “modern” medium, and I don’t see anything wrong with that in principle, but it also contains racist and hateful propaganda.

    You can be proud to be white, but you don’t have to be racist to do so. The part that disturbs me is the way things are worded on the site, and the way it’s presented to its users as a clean, friendly medium for “White Europeans” to socialise.

    The minute I start to believe the blurb on the homepage, I get hit with the undercurrent of hate that festers within this site.

    The poll on the home page reads:

    “If a user that you get along with on Newsaxon, (for example, Jimmytheracist) turned out to be just another mixed race mongrel who thought they were White, would you:

    – Accept him for the Mongrel that he is because he seems like a good person.
    – Disown the rest of Newsaxon for being such intolerant bastards.
    – Tell him that he seems like a good person, but because he isn’t White you must disown him.
    – Tell him to piss off you mongrel bastard, you didn’t like him anyway.”

    The world is built on understanding; and conversely, when it crumbles, it’s usually down to a lack of understanding. Intolerance is all that this site represents, in essence, and that’s the main reason why it’s not for me.

    Then again, it’s not aimed at me.

    It’s aimed at people who don’t agree with this, don’t understand it, or choose to live their lives in a different way. Far be it from me to make that choice for them, but inciting hatred, violence or fear is not ethical by any civilised standard. However, I wouldn’t like to make a generalisation about “the users” of New Saxon, because they’re not all the same. Just like all blacks aren’t the same. Like all Jews aren’t the same.

    The real savages are the ones who won’t abide by respectful, civilised modern values, whether they’re white, black, green, blue or purple.

  35. Lumpen says:

    I’m not proud to be white. I’m more of a speckled robin’s egg cream than any other colour. I take full credit for that and often brag about it.

  36. A place were “White American’s” can finally speak there minds. This is are “First Amendment” right. We seem to have forgoten about that word. Or that “Right” if you want to call it. A right my beloved grandfather was shot at and fought for in WWII.

  37. cali_girl says:

    Nothing wrong w/ NEW SAXON. I been there – so what. Im not a member or anything, but its true – there is a place for everyone [and] anyone on the net. Who am I to say to “stop – dont go to this site”. It will only make whites even more mad… and I have a lot of white friends and I DONT ever throw my race in their face. I work and love this country and would die for it too. Its the best in the world. Generous to 3rd worlds and all. I am lucky not have have stayed in Africa… are you kidding me! You are fools. I am humbled to be here living & working and going to school… and NO I dont want OBAMA for my president just because he is black. He is a nobody and he scares me. Kisses! Cali-girl.

  38. Its about fucking time we had a website like this. I for one am sick and tired of having every one [of] my days ruined by seeing more of the nigger culture being shoved down our throats, as if these monkeys are supposed to be glorified by us. Down with all niggers and all useless races! America will be white only one day! Mark my words nigger and nigger lovers!

  39. @ndy says:

    Dear racist loser,

    Didn’t your mother ever tell you that having a small penis is no excuse for having a big potty mouth?

  40. Liam says:

    “Niggers shall die” you’ve grasped basic biology life cycle, what you forgot to note is that they will also be born. Too bad for you huh?

  41. thomas williams says:

    by racism and bigotry, you only mean the “white” kind, correct, i think it is interesting for you to call people “daft” and “wankers” [when] you honestly believe (or appear [to]) that no other ethnic group is racist. that my little aussie friend, is the [height] of “daftness”

  42. @ndy says:

    Racism can be and is expressed by human beings. It is a human trait. I also don’t care much if people have “white pride”, I just think it’s daft, and that New Saxon is jam-packed with bigots and wankers.

  43. thomas williams says:

    but the nation of islam, black panthers,and la raza (which, by the way, means THE RACE!) are perfectly justified in calling themselves “superior”? every race on this planet is encouraged to be proud of their culture except for whites. in the u.s.a where i live, we are encouraged to “celebrate diversity”, but anything relating to whites is not allowed to the party. how is that not prejudice? everyone in america talks about their “rights”. well, as a heterosexual white male in america, i have no rights. everything i say or do, or for that matter, wear, is either sexist, racist or homophobic to someone. do you use the terms “whitetrash, trailer trash, hillbilly, inbred, redneck”? are those terms racist? you must be from a rich family, because only rich liberals who never had to live in the real world think they are the moral compass.

  44. @ndy says:

    “you must be from a rich family, because only rich liberals who never had to live in the real world think they are the moral compass.”

    I was born into a rich family.
    I am a liberal.
    I think I am a moral compass.
    I used to think I was an ethical teapot.

    Wanna buy a bridge?

  45. thomas williams says:

    why did you not answer my questi[o]n? that’s the problem with you types. the only way you can get your “point” across is when there are thousands of you in the street, screaming through bull horns, with your little che guevara shirts. but, i ask again, do you say “redneck, inbred, trailor trash, or white trash?” if so, explain how these are not racist terms.

  46. VC says:

    thomas williams,

    You’re a prime example of why people like me laugh at people like you. Take the following statement:

    “well, as a heterosexual white male in america, i have no rights”

    I don’t know where to begin explaining why it is ludicrously stupid. Forehead-slappingly, mind-bogglingly, batshit-insane kind of stupid. The good ol’ US of A is the most obese country in the world. You think that over-eating to that extent is something that you can take for granted (let alone a right, let alone a privilege)?

    Oh, and “inbred” simply means Ma and Pa are related. I’ll use it in a sentence, just for you:

    “Prince Charles is inbred because the Queen and Prince Philip are related in 81 different ways.”

    I hope you learnt something today!

  47. thomas williams says:

    what, exactly, does eating have to do with the subject? this is typical, you have no solid answers for the question so you change the subject. here’s a little experiment for you. go up to the a person like me, assuming you know what a “person like me” is, but i guess your form of righteous prejudice is justified. oh, yeah, do it by yourself, without a million of your little college student, well off, che guevara worshipping “comrades”, without your little anarchist kerchief, and call them “inbred”. and then go back to your college dorm, and look up the word HYPOCRITE! 88/14 i grow tired of you [sexy] little bitches who can’t answer a simple question. you defeat your own movement with your glaring, blantant [sic] “forehead slapping” hypocrisy. but, i guess when everyone in the world shares your opinion, then maybe we can have freedom of expression!

  48. thomas williams says:

    and, there’s nothing more admirable than bitching about a country you are thousands of miles away from, while your own country goes to shit!!!! fix your own problems, you whiny wanker!!!!

  49. @ndy says:

    I suggest you make yourself a nice cup of tea and have a little lie down thomas.

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