Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

The aftermath of the Reclaim Australia (RA)/United Patriots Front (UPF) rallies of July 18/19 has produced some interesting results.

• To begin with, the President of the UPF, Shermon Burgess (AKA ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’), has declared that the boys will be rallying again in Cronulla in a few months. How NSW authorities and especially Cronulla locals react to this news will be fascinating to watch. Burgess himself has previously boasted of his attendance at the ‘riot’/’White Civil Uprising’ in Cronulla. See also : Cronulla Anniversary: A Kiwi Perspective (December 27, 2006) | Communists on Cronulla (December 3, 2006).

• Somewhat remarkably, a few days after July 18, Burgess published a video confessing to having engaged in a group assault upon a group of ‘anti-fascists’ in Melbourne. An edited version of the video is below:

Given the intense media scrutiny surrounding the weekend’s events — and the considerable criticism to which police have been subject — it seems possible that police may be compelled to take a closer look at the alleged incident Burgess refers to in the video: time will tell.

• It’s also remarkable that Burgess has chosen to promote a song perfomed by defunct Belgian reich ‘n’ rollers Kill Baby Kill. KBK were a neo-Nazi band that split following the suicide of its lead singer, Dieter Samoy. His decision to kill himself apparently occurred after he learned that he would be forced to abandon his teaching career after being convicted of a racist assault. The band toured Australia several years ago in a tour organised by local neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins. The Hammerskins gained some small notoriety in 2012 after one of its members, Wade Michael Page, shot dead worshippers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. See also : Dieter Samoy : Still Dead Baby, Dead (January 15, 2012) | Dieter Samoy : Dead Baby Dead (January 20, 2010) | Wade Michael Page and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins (August 15, 2012).


• A few articles of interest:

Inside the strange dynamic of Reclaim Australia’s rallies, Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper, July 25, 2015.

Trainspotters note: “At the top was a thick picket line of counter-protesters – largely a mix of anarchists and Socialist Alliance members, but not restricted to them.” A majority of socialists present were members/supporters of Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Party (though members of the Alliance were undoubtedly present).

Reclaim Australia: ‘concerned mums and dads’ or a Trojan horse for extremists?, Joshua Robertson, The Guardian, July 24, 2015.

Comment: Robertson’s article includes extensive quotes from John Oliver, described as an ‘RA spokesman’. Unmentioned is his role as the sometime President of the ‘Patriots Defence League of Australia’, a handful of whose members were present on July 18 in Melbourne. Several months ago, Oliver established a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to obtain my d0x:


(Note that ‘Australians Against Islam’ is described as a splinter group from RA in Brisbane, est following the July 19 rally.) ‘Concerned dad’ John — whose staunch opposition to racism, fascism, neo-Nazism and to the intimate involvement of his patriotik comrades in neo-Nazi and fascist politics can surely never be questioned — also expressed the view that I should be hunted down like a dog, have my testicles removed and then attached to my forehead:


Top bloke, John.

As for the PDLA, its ‘Eastern Victoria Charter’ was present on July 18, or at least its President, Damien Kourevellis, and its Vice-President, Some Other Bloke, were. (On Kourevellis, see also : Court told violent man not detained, Steve Butcher, The Age, March 26, 2009.) Here they are: a) pictured walking down an alley and; b) having a yarn with neo-Nazi Glenn Anderson:

pdlajul18 [Above img via Wardenclyffe Photography.]


Reclaim Australia re-energises radical nationalism, Troy Whitford, The Conversation, July 24, 2015.

Trainspotters note: “Reclaim Australia’s position is probably best articulated through the propaganda arm, The Nationalist Alternative, which was established last year. It argues that the agenda of Australian nationalism is to promote Australia as ‘… an organic nation founded upon Western/European ideals, and created by it’s [sic] descendants primarily the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic ethnicity as well as fellow Europeans from northern, central, southern and eastern Europe.'”

While RA’s position may arguably be best expressed by or thru Nationalist Alternative (NAlt), it is not RA’s propaganda arm, nor was it established in 2014. Rather, NAlt was founded in 2008/9 in anti-mosque agitation in Williamstown. Further, from the time of the emergence of both RA and Burgess adopting ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ persona, the principal propaganda arm for RA has been ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’ AKA ‘European Australian Civil Rights League’ AKA Melbourne-based neo-Nazi (and criminal anti-Semite) Neil Erikson. Erikson left the group last year, but not before he and some of his comrades outed Mark Hootsen as NAlt’s leader. See also : Nationalist Alternative throw their former Führer under the bus #antifa (December 14, 2014) | Nationalist Alternative : “just a bunch of students from Melbourne” (July 8, 2009).

ReclaimWhat on Facebook maintains a close watch on the various shenanigans of RA and the UPF.

• Later today I’ll republish some of the comments of UPF leader Blair Cottrell on the subject of Jews, politics, Jews, nationalism and Jews.

Further notes on #ReclaimAustralia/#UnitedPatriotsFront rallies (July 18/19)

UPDATE : On tomorrow’s The SUWA Show (5.30-6.30pm /// Friday, July 24 /// 3CR 855AM) Dr Cam & I yarn w John Safran about his experiences on July 18 and review the protest that was/n’t.

See also : Gun found in bag of NSW protester, 9news (AAP), July 23, 2015 | Revealed: Firearm seized from busload of protesters heading to anti-Islam rally, 3AW, July 23, 2015 | Firearm found on Reclaim Australia rally bus bound for Melbourne from Sydney, Bianca Hall, The Age, July 23, 2015.


A few more notes re the Reclaim Australia/United Patriots Front mobilisations on the weekend.

• Barnesy has come out swinging against the use of his music to promote RA, causing Reclaimers to shed White hot tears. See : Reclaim Australia ‘deeply saddened’ by Jimmy Barnes’ request to not use songs at future rallies, ABC, July 22, 2015.
• … and Barnesy has now been joined by Farnesy! See : John Farnham Has Also Banned Reclaim Australia From Using His Music Because FUCK YES, STRAYA, Meg Watson, Junkee, July 22, 2015.
• One person extremely happy to join Reclaim Australia in kicking Muslim Australians is the extremely well-paid LNP troll and Federal MP George Christensen. Blogger Andrew Elder has opinions on Curious George and you can read them here.
• Jeff Sparrow had an article in yesterday’s edition of The Guardian, reminding folks that, despite the often comically grotesque nature of their activities, RA/UPF stands in a much longer and dangerous tradition of fascist and proto-fascist movements. See : If you oppose Reclaim Australia, remember fascism wasn’t always a freakshow, July 22, 2015.
• In Melbourne, it was mildly amusing to witness the UPF — who assembled at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton Gardens before a brief march — join with the RA rally, especially given the acrimonious nature of their split and the ritual denunciations of RA by the UPF as leftist traitors and weaklings. Numbers for both rallies — which police managed as the one event — were very low, with a combined total of around 150, a product both of the successful counter-mobilisation and the seemingly decreasing appeal of such displays of public idiocy. Indeed, across the country RA numbers were down while counter-protests attracted a larger number of participants than on April 4. As for the UPF, despite reinforcements from Sydney — a bus organised by Ralph Cerminara and the Australian Defence League — their numbers were roughly equivalent to those present on May 31. Note: Shermon Burgess’s seemingly defunct studio project ‘Eureka Brigade’ dedicated a song, titled ‘Ralph Cerminara ADL Leader’, to Mr Cerminara.
• The policing of the event in Melbourne (see below) has been widely applauded by Reclaimers/UPFers, who’ve taken great delight in the use of pepper spray upon the counter-protesters.


• A number of overly-enthusiastic patriots tried to make trouble for the counter-rally on Saturday, including the very patriotik yoof Corey Hadow and Zane ‘Chappo’ Chapman. The naughty boys weren’t xacly intimidated by the slap on the wrist they received from police …


Corey and Zane had a number of feels following their funs on Saturday too:


Note that supporters of the fascist bully-boys have established a Fundrazr campaign to help them pay their fines for being naughty and attacking the anti-fascist picket. (Currently, the campaign has been suspended.) Here they are having fun and throwing bottles at antifa (behind whom are located the street medics — see below).


Finally, a photo of two of the boys being detained by police.

• A local metalhead was keen to let the counter-protest know what he thought of them:


• There were a small number of known faces present on July 18, folks who’d previously attended on May 31 and April 4. One martial artist, Kyokushin practitioner Dane Carroll — whom I don’t know was present on previous occasions — is here seen in confrontation with a young woman:


• A handful of boneheads belonging to the ‘Patriots Defence League Australia’ (PDLA) were present early on in the day. They were told to shoo and did, it seems. Note that: a) The PDLA fraudulently registered as an incorporated association in Queensland; b) It seems likely that the PDLA boys present in Melbourne on the day have a very close affinity to neo-Nazism; c) They were allegedly working in close cooperation with Monika Evers’ sidekick Julie Kendall, who allegedly defended the participation of neo-Nazi skinhead Glenn Anderson/Androvski in the RA/UPF rally.

::: Above img via Wardenclyffe Photography :::

• Local right-winger — Codename: ‘Squeaky’ — was one of a few dozen unhappy campers to have attempted to break the picket in Melbourne. ‘Squeaky’ was also present on May 31 filming antifa. As ‘Squeaky’ is known to be hostile, it would make sense not to allow him to freely mingle with and to film antifa/antira protests in future I believe.


• Blair Cottrell, AKA ‘National Democratic Party of Australia’ and UPF leader, was of course present on July 18 and was very chummy with Christian Identity neo-Nazi James Lawrence. In the early part of this year — ie, slightly prior to his emergence as a political activist on April 4 — Cottrell made a series of comments on Facebook and YouTube denying the Holocaust, iterating a pathological hatred for Jews and a certain fondness for some bloke called Adolf Hitler. When I could be bothered I’ll transcribe these comments as a blogpost.


• On policing of the July 18 rally:

First, the police line: ‘Looking for confrontation’: Police decry aggressive Melbourne protesters, 3AW, July 20, 2015; secondly, Reclaim Australia rally: Victoria police defend officer pictured with anti-Islamic protester, Melissa Davey, The Guardian, July 20, 2015.

Andy Fleming, who monitors extreme-right movements and chronicles them on his website, said it was unclear whether police had sprayed the volunteer medics deliberately, but said it was unlikely.

“Police use the spray to disperse a crowd, and it disperses indiscriminately,” he said.

“However, the police did not warn anyone they were about to use it, which is a problem because it can cause severe respiratory problems in some people and it can be lethal.”

The medics did not have the status or recognition of paramedics, Fleming said, so it was likely police acted without regard for their role.

Fleming said it was difficult to say what the motivation was of the officer who locked hands with the protester, but said it may have been a gesture to thank the United Patriots Front demonstrators for following police orders outside parliament house during their rally.

“They didn’t make a fuss like the rest of the crowd did, so I think it might have been a simple acknowledgement, a thanks,” Fleming said.

For the sake of clarity I would add the following remarks:

I don’t know if police deliberately targeted the medics qua medics — they obviously knew that, when the capsicum spray was deployed as it was, the medics (and the people under their care) would be affected;
It seems highly likely that, based on the frequency of its use and the fact that they had a plentiful supply, in planning for the event police decided that spray was a useful weapon to employ. Further, the use of snatch squads was sporadic and arrests relatively few — the crowd was suppressed through the use of a chemical agent;
In the normal course of events, medical attention at protests is provided by paramedics, whose status is recognised by police. Based on their tactics on the day, police viewed all counter-protesters as one mass, subject to the same treatment and without regard for their role. This includes both street medics and legal observers (see below);
Whatever thoughts happened to be in Sergeant X’s head when he clasped the hand of the UPFer are unknown and will remain so. The action derives its meaning from its context, which in the narrow sense was the departure of the UPF from Parliament and in the broader sense the police action in repressing the counter-protest, especially thru the use of capsicum spray;
Police are naturally inclined to be well-disposed to obedient subjects, which is what the UPF was. As subsequent reportage has made clear, police have concluded that the real ‘troublemakers’ on the day were the counter-protesters — the sergeant’s action provides vivid confirmation of this fact.

See also : Medics’ Statement on July 18 anti-racist/fascist Demonstration, Melbourne Street Medic Collective, July 18, 2015.

Select media reportage : John Safran reports from the Reclaim Australia rally, where things were even scarier than he expected, PerthNow, July 21, 2015 | POV: A Photographer Captures the ‘Reclaim Australia’ Protests in Sydney, Michael Zhang, petapixel, July 20, 2015 | Drone footage captures clashes between anti-Islamic and anti-racism protesters in Australia, Ryan Ramgobin, The Independent, July 20, 2015 | Junk Explained: What Exactly Went Down At The ‘Reclaim Australia’ Protests In Melbourne, And Why?, Sinead Stubbins, Junkee, July 19, 2015 | PHOTOS: Anti-racist protesters in Perth demonstrate against Reclaim Australia, Chris Jenkins, Green Left Weekly, July 19, 2015 | 18th July, No Room For Racism’s counter-rally against Reclaim Australia, Moon Tzu, AG News, July 18, 2015 | Fascists fail in Melbourne – again, Ben Hillier, Red Flag, July 18, 2015.

Commentary [NEVER READ THE COMMENTS] : The Far-Right Australians Fighting Muslims, the Left and Each Other, Royce Kurmelovs, Vice (UK), July 22, 2015 | How racists are co-opting multiculturalism, Ruby Hamad, Daily Life, July 22, 2015 [Note: To be read in conjunction with John Safran’s article.] | Racism and cynicism – a powerful blend, The Guardian [CPA], July 22, 2015 | Thoughts after #July18 – A defeat for the far-right, Kieran’s Review, July 21, 2015 | Why Reclaim Australia is on the rise and how we can stop it, Charis Chang,, July 21, 2015 | ISIS’s war inside the West, Hussain Nadim, the interpreter, July 21, 2015 | Extremist groups wilt under public scrutiny, Van Badham, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 21, 2015 | Something I learnt at the anti-racism counter rally, Nicole Mousley, Red Flag, July 21, 2015 | Comment: A tale of two protests, Saman Shad, SBS, July 20, 2015 | Reclaim Australia is the product of rising rightwing extremism, Anne Aly, The Guardian, July 20, 2015 | Some Reflections on Reclaim Australia, July 18th, Tom, Anarchist Affinity, July 20, 2015 | Confrontation is justified when fascists take to the streets, Corey Oakley, Red Flag, July 20, 2015 | Large police mobilisation at right-wing Reclaim Australia rallies, James Cogan,, July 20 2015 | Australian race relations suffering from a lack of political leadership, Jenna Price, The Canberra Times, July 20, 2015 | Reclaim Australia rallies: Racial cohesion facing its greatest threat in 30 years, says president of the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, Angela Lavoipierre, ABC (AM), July 20, 2015 | A G A I N S T N A T I O N A L I S M, totaltantrum, April 19/July 19, 2015 | Right-wing extremism equal to Muslim radicalisation, say academics, Rachel Olding, The Sydney Morning Herald, July 17, 2015.

B O N U S L E G A L S !

18 July 2015, Melbourne, Australia

On Saturday the 18th of July 2015 Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) fielded a team of eight (8) trained Legal Observers at the Reclaim Australia and counter rallies that took place near the intersection of Spring and Bourke Streets in Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Legal Observers monitored the actions of Victoria Police and recorded evidence throughout the 5 hour event.

We note that Victoria Police had a large presence and cordoned off the entire intersection in front of Parliament House. MALS acknowledges that Victoria Police efforts were directed at maintaining space between two opposing political groupings on the day in order to avoid physical confrontation.

Areas of concern:

Legal Observers noted several incidents of use of OC foam/spray by a specialist unit of Victoria Police at the event. According to the Melbourne Street Medics upwards of 100 people had to be treated because of the use of this spray. OC spray/foam causes severe burning for several hours, incapacitation and can affect the respiratory system causing breathing difficulties.

A particular area of concern was an incident that occurred at the corner of Spring and Little Bourke Streets at approximately 12:43 PM. An ad-hoc medic triage station had been set up on Little Bourke Street near the corner. One patient was semi-conscious on the ground and under the care of the Street Medics and waiting for the ambulance. A physical altercation between rival protestors began directly in front of the medic station when Police rushed around the corner and immediately and without warning sprayed into the crowd of 60-80 people present. Street Medics and other volunteers who were trying to keep the medic triage area clear were severely affected by the OC foam as were most people in the area (including journalists and bystanders). The injured person receiving care was again affected by the OC spray.

According to Legal Observers present the OC foam was not directed towards individuals who were threatening police or engaged in violence but instead was directed over and onto the entire crowd of people present. For this reason the MALS Legal Observer Team identifies the use of OC foam in this circumstance as indiscriminate and therefore unlawful.

MALS condemns the use of OC Foam against members of the public who were already injured and medical staff whose presence was made clear to police on a number of occasions before this incident occurred.

In the future as our group increases in capacity we hope to be able to provide more comprehensive assistance in such instances, however we would like to share the following information in the meantime:

We encourage people who want to take further action to immediately record all details from the event, including as much factual detail as possible, and to make duplicates of any footage of incidents depicting inappropriate use of force … [~ see the MALS website for moar infos ~]

Finally …

The UPF gathers to celebrate post-rally at The PumpHouse Hotel (128 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy).


Post-match review: July 18 #ReclaimAustralia/#UnitedPatriotsFront rallies #Melbourne

Above : Police spray counter-protesters /// A policeman and a United Patriots Front fascist shake hands.

Oh hai.

I thought I may as well post a few thoughts on today’s events here.

To begin with, I think it was noteworthy that the numbers attending the ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally — scheduled for 11am — were down on April 4 by a considerable margin. By my estimate, there were no more than 100 or so who managed to attend the rally and the speeches by Danny Nalliah and Christine Sindt Rosalie Crestani were largely drowned out by counter-protesters.

As for the ‘United Patriots Front’, like the Reclaimers they snuck into the area in front of Parliament accompanied by a massive police presence but didn’t stay long, being escorted by police away from the area by around 1.30pm. Presumably, this will be counted as a victory by the fascists, but only about 50 or 60 attended the UPF rally and a large number of these were seemingly from Sydney or interstate.

Regarding the policing of the event, the authorities did a reasonably effective job of ensuring that the motley assortment of bigots attending either or both rallies did so relatively unmolested. This was not the case with several score of their supporters, who were forced to attempt to break the picket lines (at the top of Bourke Street and near the corner of Little Bourke and Spring Streets) to gain access. Over the course of the four hours or so the rallies were taking place (between roughly 10am and 2pm), one or more ‘patriots’ would periodically attempt to break the picket, almost always being repelled.

These attempts to break the picket — especially that near Little Bourke and Spring Streets — sometimes triggered a reaction by police, who on several occasions forcibly disrupted the picket and also employed pepper spray in a somewhat chaotic fashion. Scores of counter-protesters required medical attention as a result. The Melbourne Street Medics — who deserve mAAAd props for their valuable work — describe these events as follows:

Medics’ Statement on July 18 anti-racist/fascist Demonstration
July 18, 2015

Today, antifascist protesters converged upon Spring Street in Melbourne near the Parliament of Victoria. They went there to counter racist rallies being held by Reclaim Australia and the fascist United Patriots Front.

As usual Victoria Police was also in attendance, and in the days leading to the protest it had promised a large presence and random weapons checks in response to rumours of fascists bringing weapons and intending violence.

Victoria Police’s goal for the day was to facilitate Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front holding their rallies out the front of Parliament House. In order to achieve this mounted officers and members of the Public Order Response Team (PORT) complemented uniformed officers on the streets, and OC (Pepper) spray was deployed against counter-protesters.

Amongst those affected by the OC Spray was a casualty who began to experience respiratory distress, a not uncommon side-effect of OC spray and other such “less-than-lethal” chemical weapons. In the course of attending to this casualty and decontaminating others who had been affected, members of the Melbourne Street Medic Collective (including one pregnant woman) were attacked by police with OC Spray and kettled in a small space at the top of Little Bourke Street.

Footage of the incident will be reviewed as it becomes available but at this point there seem to be only two explanations for the deployment of chemical weapons against the Street Medics: some witness reports have indicated that Victoria Police officers were spraying the crowd indiscriminately and did not check who they were attacking until after the fact. Others have said that police ignored the shouts of the crowd advising them that someone was receiving medical attention and with the decision to spray all medics this action should be seen as a deliberate attack upon medical personnel and their treatment space.

As one of our medics has since remarked:

“Possibly more than 100 people needed to be treated today as police indiscriminately fired pepper spray into the crowd, including onto an injured man who was struggling to breathe, was losing consciousness, and was awaiting an ambulance. They also sprayed the medics treating him. Someone had a seizure, two were taken to hospital and a few were sent home (by us as medics) due to the after-effects of the pepper spray (namely hypothermia-like symptoms of shaking and an inability to normalise body temperature). It was absolute fucking carnage and it was completely unnecessary and provocative. The racists didn’t cop any of the pepper spray at all as far as I know, and they got a three-line police escort away from the area.”

Victoria Police should rightfully be condemned for the deployment of chemical weapons, the targeting of medical personnel, casualties and medical treatment spaces with such weapons and, most of all, doing this in order to facilitate a public rally of racists and overt fascists and neo-nazis. Any assessment of the actions of antifascist protesters will conclude that they were inherently defensive: against threats of violence and the use of weapons by fascists and nazis as part of the United Patriots Front, and against the violence of racism and systematic oppression on the parts of Reclaim Australia, the United Patriots Front and Victoria Police.

The officers in command of PORT and of the event should immediately be suspended from their duties and investigations launched into how and why chemical weapons came to be used, and used against medics, injured persons and in treatment spaces. These investigations should be conducted with the possibility of demotion, termination from employment and/or laying of criminal charges (such as for assault) as outcomes.

Melbourne Street Medic Collective encourages all witnesses and concerned persons to lodge complaints with Victoria Police’s Conduct Unit and the Police Minister.

The police account of the day’s events is recapitulated by The Age in Police condemn violence as protesters clash at Parliament House (Chris Vedelago, Deborah Gough, July 18, 2015).

A few more things:

• The hatriot bus from Sydney initially included both Shermon Burgess, Ralph Cerminara and Ross ‘The Skull’ May (along with members of Squadron 88 and the Australia First Party). After it was made public, the hatriots made a show of kicking poor old Ross off the bus.
• A small group of Burgess’s minders attempted to attack anti-fascists today but were unsuccessful (to put it mildly).
• There were a small number of arrests.
• The police are obviously committed to facilitating Reclaim and UPF rallies and to use some indiscriminate forms of violence to do so.
• A handful of neo-Nazis attended the protest, including Glenn Anderson/Androvski and Felicity Sharpe (of her, more later). Diane Teasdale, the former President of the Australia First Party, was present, as was fascist meathead Daniel Jones. There were of course a range of other fascists present but their identification will come later.
• It will be interesting to see if the UPF can bounce back from their second humiliating failure in Melbourne, or if the boys will instead simply drift away (as have so many similar such extreme-right projects in the past).
• Melbourne has re-affirmed its status as a city which is able and willing to combat public expressions of racial hatred, religious vilification and fascist politics.
• I was informed today that ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ has: a) joined the ranks of the jobless and; b) moved to Sydney.
• Finally, many thanks to all the folks who attended the counter-rally: you rock my world!

See also : Reclaim Australia, No Room for Racism protests: Demonstrators clash as rival groups kick off nationwide rallies, ABC, July 18, 2015 | Police use capsicum spray at Reclaim Australia rally, protesters disperse, SBS, July 18, 2015 | Reclaim Australia supporters and counter-protesters clash amid violent scenes, Teh Grauniad (AAP), July 18, 2015 | Melbourne streets shut down as conflicting protests clash outside state parliament, 9News, July 18, 2015 | Fascists fail in Melbourne – again, Ben Hillier, Red Flag, July 18, 2015.


antifa notes (june 1, 2015) : #UnitedPatriotsFront + #Facebook

1) My original Facebook page was subject to mass reporting by local nazis + other radical, right-wing users + consequently Facebook has deleted it. I’ve established a second page but I’ve no idea how long it will last as there’s a campaign by the same groups + individuals to remove it, too. In any case, it can be found here.

2) Facebook is no longer allowing me to publish various materials documenting nazi shenanigans so here’s a few things I can no longer publish there.


First, a video of a brief confrontation between a local Muslim woman + the United Patriots Front (UPF) at their unsuccessful rally on May 31. The neo-Nazi acting as The Great Aussie Patriot’s bodyguard on this occasion is apparently some local fella called Glenn Anderson. Anderson was obviously an active participant in the UPF rally, joining them in Citizens Park and marching with them to Richmond Town Hall. State/corporate media accounts of the day’s events have included reference to Anderson + subsequently Shermon Burgess + the UPF have had to pretend that they didn’t spot him over the course of the 3 or 4 hours they were getting along swimmingly. (Of course, if the UPF was srs about not having neo-Nazis form a part of the grp it would have to expel Blair Cottrell + Neil Erikson — its leadership in Melbourne — as well as a number of others.)

In any case, Anderson can be seen at the Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne along with a dozen other neo-Nazis here.


3) Finally, one of the beta + moar amusing memes to have been generated by the UPF’s fail yesterday.


Neo-Nazis @ #ReclaimAustralia in Melbourne

I thought I may as well feature here a few of the neo-Nazis who attended the Reclaim Australia (RA) rally in Melbourne yesterday. First, Shermon Burgess’s #BFF Neil Erikson (far right w camera and orange vest) of ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’:


The bonehead in the centre of the above photo, Joey Edwards, was very active on the day. The man standing in front of Erikson with his hand on his comrade’s shoulder, Linden Watson, was also very active. He and Erikson later helped launch the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF).


Both Joey and Neil attended the 2010 (2011?) Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig organised by local neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and the Southern Cross Hammerskins and can be seen below grappling/dancing with one another:


The bonehead was accompanied by a few other nazis, including some bloke sporting a ‘Full Blooded Skips’ (FBS) hoodie (L) and on the (R), Moody McCann, who is now (2016) a member of the ‘Soldiers of Odin’:


TBH, I’d forgotten the FBS existed. In brief, it was one of several tiny gangs formed around the same time as and in the wake of the emergence of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’, a short-lived yoof gang. Otherwise, the FBS forms part of a loose network of neo-Nazis and white supremacists based in the northern suburbs. At least one member of FBS, Dan Newman (AKA Danny Krieger), also fancies himself a member of another neo-Nazi micro-sect called ‘Combat 18’:


Another nazi to throw his weight around on the day was Glenn Anderson (AKA Glenn Androvski):


Also present on the day as a small organised group distributing leaflets was Nationalist Alternative. Below is the group’s leader Mark Hootsen:


Another NAlt member, Fergus Hunt (from the nu-metal band Art Of Wor):


And here is an old photo of one the other members of the group present on the day:


The boys of NAlt were joined by the Cottrells: Christopher (left) and Blair (right):


I’ll probably add moar photos during the week as they’re made available.

Dani the neo-Nazi goth:


[Update : Daniel Jones posted the following on my Facebook page, denying any neo-Nazi association …]


Beardy neo-Nazi:


Golden Dawn supporter @ RA:


Finally, in a rather humourous development, an organisation known as the Australian Jewish Communal Lobby (no, I hadn’t heard of it either), has offered to pay court costs for any RA supporter who was arrested at the rallies:


A pity that the AJCL was not available to provide legal support to Neil Erikson when he was convicted of harassing a rabbi in Melbourne last year.