Australian Protectionist Party : n a s t y and w e i r d

The ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ are a weird mob. Formed in 2007 as a split from the ‘Australia First Party’, the APP has adopted as its model the ‘British National Party’ under Nick Griffin. Displacing the good (neo-)Nazi John Tyndall from the Party leadership, Griffin’s assumption of power in September 1999 was accompanied by a shift in political direction, away from the organisation’s neo-Nazi past and towards mainstreaming the party as the ‘authentic’ voice of White nationalism (and White alienation) in Great Britain. The re-branding and re-positioning of the BNP has brought with it some success, especially for the Chairman, who in 2009 was elected, along with Andrew Brons (another veteran fascist), to the European Parliament.

The APP is nominally led by Adelaidean Andrew Phillips (the party’s national chairman); its most prominent public spokesperson is former AF member and Sydney resident Darrin Hodges. Darrin used to dig Hitler videos on the White supremacist forum Stormfront, but now touts the virtues of Zionism, hatred of Jews having been supplanted by a fear and loathing of Muslims. Both Phillips and Hodges contested the 2010 Federal election, Phillips for the seat of Mayo in South Australia and Hodges, along with Nicholas Hunter-Folkes, on a Senate ticket in NSW.

Two other members/supporters of APP have made a minor splash recently, in ways that tend to undermine claims that the Party is a ‘moderate’ voice. The first is a member of the APP’s Internet discussion Forum using the pseudonym ‘Mutation’. In response to a media report of a public brawl in Adelaide (African community tension sparked Adelaide brawl, Jason Om, ABC), not for the first time, ‘Mutation’ has made his attitude to n*gg*rs rather plain:

The other APP member/supporter to have raised questions as to his mental state is Joel Buckley Joel Panzerkeil “Joel Panzerfaust”. Joel is a member of the Australian Navy who enjoys candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, bashing leftists and Hitler’s SS.

Well, according to theantibogan blog anyway, which features a happy snap of the able seaman in question showing off his lack of accessory nipples and preparing to go into battle for the Master Race.

Or something.

I dunno.

I used to get called a bogan, only it was ’cause I wore plaid flannel shirts, not espoused racism.

Ah well.

2010 Sydney Forum : Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Oh yeah.

The annual ‘Sydney Forum’ — Australia’s premiere fascist gathering — is taking place again this weekend.

Somewhere in Sydney, of all places.

The Forum brings together the dregs of the local fascist movement: members of the Australia First Party/Eureka Youth League, Blood & Honour, New Right/‘national anarchists’, One Nation Party, Volksfront, and various other racist kooks belonging to other, even tinier fascist groupuscules, or operating as independent loons.

The event takes place in two separate venues, neither of which are publicly identified as such — presumably in order to avoid The Bear Jew making trouble for the assembled patriots. In previous years, the second day’s events have taken place at AF Party headquarters in Tempe. Otherwise, last year’s Forum was kindly made possible by the Returned Services League branch @ Petersham; in 2008, there was no Forum, while in 2007, Eastwood RSL were the proud hosts. In 2006, Estonian House provided a temporary home to the fascists, while in 2005 the Russian Social Club said nyet to the neo-Nazis. In 2004 it was Bexley RSL’s opportunity to Throw The Jew Down The Well of Australian history.

And so on and so forth.

Last year’s Forum was a triumph, apparently, not least because, according to Dr James Saleam, as a result of a small group of protesters attending the first day’s proceedings: “One significant ‘plus’ out of this nuisance was that a key libeller and inciter of violence against patriotic people, Andy Moran, a Melbourne-based leftist, was identified and photographed for the first time…”

Of course, in reality, I was safely tucked away in a black helicopter many miles above the Forum, where I shall be again this year, and from which vantage point I shall once again be employing highly-sophisticated, Israeli technology to eavesdrop upon the inner-most thoughts of those careless enough not to attend the Forum without the appropriate headgear.

The fools!

The speakers whose thoughts I will be monitoring from on high include Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm, John McGrath (seemingly a former candidate for Australians Against Further Immigration in 2007 and the Progressive Conservative Party in 1980) and Rob McIntyre, a man dedicated to Better Living Resources. (According to its website, “Better Living Resources proudly supports Eagle House – a vision for the transformation for women and their children”. Eagle House is in turn a project of ‘GHS Ministries’ and the ‘Hope Foundation’.) McIntyre addressed the Inverell Forum in 2006–2009, in 2007 along with MC Welf Herfurth. Other speakers are Rob Halford — who apparently embodies the Voice of Reason but not, disappointingly, that of Judas Priest — and of course Dr James Saleam.

Brendon O’Connell and Peter Spencer have cancelled their appearances.

In other news…

One of the d00ds what came to Newtown last month to spread agitprop on behalf of the APP has been revealed as a member of the Australian Navy. Presumably, Joel Buckley looks forward to being posted up north, where he can show those “DIRTY, CAMEL FUCKING, RAG HEADED PIECES OF SHIT” that we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.

Onya mate.

Over the pond, Upper Hutt mother Lisa Marie Thompson has been exposed as a liar, as well as having bad taste in both license plates and politics. Thus:

‘Aryan1’ owner’s white supremacy links
The Dominion Post
September 3, 2010

A woman who claims that her personalised licence plate “ARYAN1” is the initial and surname of a former boyfriend has links to white supremacist groups and is backed by the National Front.

Upper Hutt mother Lisa Marie Thompson – who has references to neo-Nazi white-power organisation Blood & Honour on a personal webpage – has denied being racist.

She said she had no idea what “Aryan” meant and the apparent nod to Adolf Hitler’s “master” race actually referred to her former boyfriend – Andrew Ryan.

However, Ms Thompson, 32 – whose licence plate sparked a complaint to roading authorities – has links to white supremacist groups which appear active in Wellington.

The Facebook page of the body piercer, seamstress and mother of three includes “friends” posing before swastika flags and claiming allegiance to “white nationalist” skinhead groups such as Crew 38 and Hammerskin Nation…

I tells ya, this mob couldn’t lie straight in bed.