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anarchist notes (may 10, 2012) with BONUS! juche thought and american frontage

Aotearoa/New Zealand Once Upon A Time, The Activists Formerly Known As The Urewera 20(?) were, according to police, intent on blowing shit up: even conspiring to Kill The President (of the United States). Or some shit. Sadly, in March, the … Continue reading

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Down with Zeitgeist! Long Live Juche!

NB. Implementing the Juche ideology within the framework of the Victorian Parliament or the Government of Victoria is something that can be achieved in a surprisingly short period of time. The first step is to share awareness of the cause: … Continue reading

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Long live Kim Jong Il! Brilliant Commander of Songun

Imperialist lapdogs have misinformed me, it seems. Supposedly, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has ‘abandoned’ the Juche idea — I can find no evidence of this. Kim Jong Il is, indeed, a broadminded statesman that moves all people. It … Continue reading

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