nutzis are W E I R D : Tina Greco / CNKKKK

Oh dear.

It appears that ‘Maxine Grey’, aka ‘Tina Greco’ — the New Zealand-born ‘Grand Dragoness Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Realm of Australia, Victoria and New Zealand)’ and ‘ASSISTANT TO THE IMPERIAL WEBMASTER’ — has finally worn out her welcome among her rather slow-witted racial brethren.

Using the handle ‘Silverfern’ (“Lady Of The Invisible Empire” and “Friend of Stormfront”), Tina joined Stormfront in July 2007. (Tina has also employed the handle ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Skippy’ on various forums.) She was also a member of ‘Australian New Nation’, a predominantly Australian forum, consisting largely of the remnants of an earlier forum known as the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ and a handful of racists rejected from Stormfront. Oddly, ANN is administered by another Kiwi named Alex Fogerty. Alex, even more strangely, appears to believe that the NZ National Party is a worthwhile vehicle for his political ambitions.

In a special added Bonus!, Tina was also a member of an online forum established by the ‘Jewish Task Force’, a US-based Kahanist organisation (joining in January 2008).

Australian neo-Nazi Carl D. Thompson (a former editor of the One Nation Party newspaper), who broadcasts on behalf of the US-based ‘National Socialist Movement’, was extremely impressed by Tina. On July 29, 2009, Tina and her sidekick ‘Hobbit’ appeared on his show.


This week Derrick interviews Maxine Grey, the leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia and her sidekick, Hobbit. There is more going on in the invisible empire than the reds realise. Be afraid, Darp. Be very afraid.

And how!

Anyone fancy a soup sandwich?

From Stormfront:

Silverfern aka maxine grey is a jew!
Join Date: Nov 2008
August 16, 2009

Attention Stormfront DownUnder Users who may have had contact with Silverfern:;u=1498

Former Stormfronter SILVERFERN AKA MAXINE GREY AKA TINA GRECO is a member of the jewish task force forum (JTF). For all we know she has been giving up information on White Nationalists that have had contact with her. She says she is in the KKK but she seems to be Jewish you make up your own minds, also she has done nothing but try and discredit and cause trouble with numerous other nationalists and is a cancer on our movement. Here is the proof.

Silverfern [a]dmits to being a Jew:,15882.msg175076.html#msg175076

Confirms Jewishness again:,9552.msg176544.html#msg176544

Silverfern says the Klan isn[‘]t [a]nti Jewish to her Jewish friends:,15677.msg171837.html#msg171837,19698.msg217330.html#msg217330

Over 2500 posts on the JTF forum, does that sound like a White Nationalist to you?

Just warning my fellow Nationalists of this double dealer. If you care to look around there would be more proof she has made many posts on that site.


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This weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina, Carl D. Thompson’s AmeriKKKan cousins in the NSM will be holding a little rally, just a few months prior to the 30th anniversary of the Greensboro massacre. On that occasion, five anti-Klan demonstrators were shot dead by members of the KKK and assorted other fascists. Despite the fact that the killings occurring in broad daylight, and the presence of a US government informant among the nutzis, nobody was ever convicted of the murders.