2013 Australian federal election. How did the far right fare?

The Mad Monk is Australia’s NEW! Prime Minister.


Five days after polling closed, here’s the results obtained by the far right.

[NB. FINAL results will not be available for some days; I’ll update the numbers periodically.]

Australia First Party

AF stood 10 candidates for the Lower House (8 in NSW and one each in SA and VIC) and gambled on a seat in the Senate in NSW and QLD. The party’s main claim to fame during the campaign was being placed ahead of the Greens in NSW by the Wikileaks Party on its Senate ticket. This decision by WLP drew no small degree of criticism, the party claiming it was the result of an “administrative error” while others claiming it was the product of a backroom preference deal. In the end, AF (Garth Fraser and Darrell Wallbridge) received 3,626 votes (0.08%) in NSW [FINAL], while Wikileaks fared considerably better with 36,399 (0.83%). As for AF in QLD, teenage former Stalinist, neo-Nazi and Labor party candidate Peter Watson joined Peter Schuback in sharing 6,531 votes (0.25%; a decline of 0.15) [FINAL].

Despite having previously declared that he was going to snatch the seat of Cook from former opposition spokesperson on Immigration, Scott Morrison, Party fuehrer Dr Jim Saleam managed to acquire just 610 [FINAL] votes or 0.66%, coming last among the seven candidates. In (“Get the ‘Face of Chinese Imperialism’ out of”) Bennelong, Victor Waterson scored 492 votes (0.56%) [FINAL], the last of eight. Of the nine worthies in Calare, Peter Schultze done a bit better, gaining 1,010 [FINAL] votes, smashing through the 1% barrier (1.11%) and avoiding coming last, a fate reserved for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate.

In Chifley, veteran bizarr0 Alex Norwick saw AF’s vote decline from 1.17% to 0.48% (396 [FINAL] votes). This decline may well be blamed on teh gheys; the DLP got its revenge by beating Norwick into last place. The decline in the AF vote was repeated in Lindsay, where Mick Saunders’s 610 votes (0.70%) [FINAL] represented a reduction of 0.47%; Mick’s vote did at least ensure that the most unpopular of the eight candidates on offer was Geoff Brown of the Stable Population Party. In Macquarie, Matt Hodgson managed to increase the AF vote by 0.02%, gaining 750 [FINAL] votes (0.83%), thereby pushing Teresa Elaro (DLP) into last place on a mere 502 (0.56%).

Things were a bit brighter for AF in Newcastle, candidate Michael Chehoff being placed first on the ballot and getting 922 votes (1.08%) [FINAL] for his troubles. In doing so Michael beat both the Socialist Alliance candidate (616/0.72%) and that of the Australian Independents (367/0.43%). The last Australia First candidate in NSW was Lorraine Sharp in Riverina. She got the best result for the party with 1,287 [FINAL] votes (1.46%) and placed eighth out of ten candidates for the seat.

Outside of its NSW heartland, AF ran just two further Lower House candidates, in Port Adelaide (SA) and Deakin (VIC). In Port Adelaide, last-placed Terry Cooksley earned 1,116 votes (1.23%) [FINAL] while in Deakin a bewigged John Carbonari failed to set the seat on fire with a measly 212 [FINAL] votes (0.24%), a reduction from the dizzying heights achieved last time around of 0.28%.

Australian Protectionist Party

The APP ‘Love Australia’, but how much does Australia love the APP? In the race in Queensland for a seat in the Senate, Rick Heyward, “a very proud Australian, who is passionate about protecting his country”, received 955 votes (0.04%) [FINAL] and the dubious merit of being the most unpopular of all party candidates. Oh, and Doug Boag too.

In the seat of Fremantle (WA), Teresa Van Lieshout had 205 (0.24%) [FINAL] people vote for her, the APP at least proving to be more popular than the LaRouche kvltists of the Citizens Electoral Council (131/0.15%). Things were a bit better for the APP in Swan, where Troy Ellis, “a Who Weekly finalist for their Most Beautiful Person Award” in 1999, rode a donkey on to gaining 718 votes (0.88%) [FINAL], and came third last.

Oh and in Corangamite (VIC), ex-One Nation candidate Nick (Man of) Steel got 156 [FINAL] votes (0.17%), unloving Australians ensuring the Protectionist came twelfth of 12.


In the Victorian seat of Flinders, two Independents, Denis McCormack and Paul Madigan, threw their hats into the ring. Denis scored 478 (0.51%) and Paul 708 (0.75) [FINAL] votes. Both were previously involved in the group ‘Australians Against Further Immigration’, including as candidates, while Denis also helped found AF. You can read some of Paul’s views in the comments on a previous post here. The dynamic duo want to REDUCE IMMIGRATION http://reduceimmigration.wordpress.com/.

One Nation

The other minor far right (?) party to contest the election was (Pauline Hanson’s) One Nation. It ran 11 candidates in the Lower House in NSW and four in Queensland, along with Senate candidates in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA. Its best result was obtained by Pauline, Kate McCulloch and Aaron Plumb in the NSW Senate race. Generally, in the Lower House candidates placed just above the other fringe parties, typically Australia First, the Christian Democrats (Fred Nile’s mob), Katter’s Australian Party and the poor old CEC. Its worst result came in the Victorian Senate contest, where the Townsends managed to beat BOTH the Australian Republicans (38 votes) AND the Smokers Rights Party (78 votes) into last place with 242 votes (0.01%, a decline of 0.3) [FINAL]. It would seem that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party soaked up most of the vote for anti-Establishment candidates with the remains being fought over by a wide range of parties left, (but mostly) right and generally obscure.

In the NSW Senate, Pauline Hanson, Kate McCulloch and Aaron Plumb got 70,851 votes (0.53%) [FINAL], a decline (!) on 2010 of 0.03%. In the House of Representatives, ON hopefuls scored as follows:

Barton | Perry Theo | 686 | 0.86%. Placed 7 of 8, he beat Rodney Tim Wyse of Katter’s Australian Party into last place (567 votes/0.71%). [FINAL]
Charlton | Brian Burston | 2,266 | 2.62%. Burston was placed 6 of 7 candidates, honours for last going to Trevor Anthoney of Bullet Train For Australia fame (1,460 votes/1.69%). [FINAL]
Chifley | Elizabeth Power | 1,403 | 1.70%. Of the 9 hopefuls, Power came seventh, notably beating Alex Norwick of AF (0.48%) by quite a large margin. [FINAL]
Hume | Lynette Styles | 2,521 | 2.77%. Styles was middlin’, coming fifth of nine. [FINAL]
Hunter | Bill Fox | 3,245 | 3.78%. This was a gain for ON of 0.43%, Bill beating both the Christian Democrats & CEC candidates. [FINAL]
Lindsay | Jeffrey Lawson | 1,901 | 2.17%. Placed 6 of 8, ON again triumphed over AF in the form of Mick Saunders (610/0.70%). [FINAL]
Lyne | Craig Huth | 2,208 | 2.56%. Mid-placed Huth (6 of 9) beat the CDP, KAP & CEC candidates (in that order). [FINAL]
New England | Brian Dettmann | 1,566 | 1.72%. In New England the ON vote increased by 0.85% on last time, Brian (7 of 9) beating the CDP & CEC. [FINAL]
Page | Rod Smith | 1,382 | 1.61%. Poor old Rod came last (6 of 6). [FINAL]
Parramatta | Tania Rollinson | 822 | 1.02%. As did Tania (8 of 8). [FINAL]
Werriwa | Marella Harris | 1,519 | 1.96%. Marella (7 of 8) beat the KAP kandidate into last place. [FINAL]

In Queensland, the ON Senate vote (Jim Savage and Ian Nelson) also experienced a mild decline, the pair receiving 14,348 votes (0.55%) [FINAL], down 0.36%. In the Lower House, results were fairly poor. Stewart Boyd in Fadden came last (8 of 8), gaining 510 [FINAL] votes (0.64%, down 0.96%); Mike Holt in Fairfax was no match for Clive Palmer, coming last and getting just 705 votes (0.83%) [FINAL]; in Herbert, Stephen Moir received a similar vote of confidence (623/0.81%), placing 7 of 10 and finally; in Moncrieff Veronica Beric just managed to beat the CEC bizarr0, obtaining 600 [FINAL] votes (0.75%) for her troubles.

In South Australia, Peter Fitzpatrick and Kym Dunbar got 2,968 votes (0.29%) [FINAL] about half (-0.22%) the number ON got last time around. In Victoria, Dale Townsend and Rosalyn Townsend received 242 votes (0.01%), a decline of 0.37% [FINAL]. The Australian Republicans, on the other hand, received A MERE 38! votes. In Western Australia, lone candidate Robert Farmer fared marginally better with 416 (0.03%) [FINAL].

nutzis are W E I R D : Forrest Fogarty (& Co.)

Otto Skorzeny (1908–1975) was a Nazi, a member of both the (Waffen) SS and the Gestapo. He took part in Kristallnacht (Pogromnacht) in 1938 and, after being injured while fighting in the Soviet Union in December 1942, joined the foreign intelligence service of the SS. His most (in)famous wartime exploit, however, was taking part in the rescue of Mussolini in September 1943; this, or his subsequent role in quashing the attempted coup of July 1944 (which underwent a Hollyweird revision *ing Tom Cruise in 2008). Following the end of WWII, like many other Nazis, Skorzeny found employment with US intelligence, and enjoyed a long career as a businessman, spy, and Nazi stalwart. On June 12, neo-Nazis in Budapest, Hungary organised a gig in tribute to his memory, *ing ‘Tar Had’, ‘Szebb Napok’, ‘Vérvád’ and ‘Revizorok’. The gig was held at a club called ‘Bluehole’.

In the US, Forrest Fogarty, a leading member of the Florida-based Confederate Hammerskins, has, inter alia, been accused of being… a stoner! Fogarty’s previous claim to fame was being nominated as one of ‘A Few Bad Men’ to have joined the US military. “There are some dirty Arabs enjoying their 70 virgins because of my actions and that of my fire team,” Fogarty boasted in the Winter 2005 issue of Resistance.

Skorzeny, on the other hand, became wealthy selling guns to “dirty Arabs”; so that they could kill “filthy Jews”, presumably.


Plans to produce a Pioneer Little Europe in Perth have been interrupted recently by shenanigans involving shotguns. Be that as it may, Paul Innes’ mates on Stormfront have come under some further scrutiny lately, with John Harold Browne’s Tip of the Spear Consulting Services possibly being less than — shall we say — kosher. According to Larry Keller (‘Charismatic’ Felon is Top Advertiser on Major Racist Website, Intelligence Report, No.138, Summer 2010): In the end, it’s hard to say exactly what motivates John Harold Browne. What is known is what he told a skeptical Stormfront member during the exchange about his credit repair service last fall. “I do not,” Browne said, “run a scam.” LOL. Writing in the Broward Palm Beach News (Advertiser on Local White Supremacist Site May Not Be Legitimate Racist, June 14, 2010), Thomas Francis notes that:

In addition to the financial sleight of hand, Tip of the Spear’s web banner offers “intellectual and physical protection.” In that latter capacity, Browne attended the October 2009 speech by Nazi Holocaust denier John [sic] Irving at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan [Florida]. After a fracas led to one neo-Nazi stabbing another, Irving blamed Browne for being slow to react. Browne is the surname of the “John” we referenced in this November 17 Juice post about hackers who leaked Irving’s emails, including those the historian had with Browne.

Note that the person stabbed at Irving’s speech — John Kopko — was reportedly a member of Crew 38, the junior burger version of Fogarty’s Hammerskins.

Speaking of fraud, Dr James Saleam’s party Australia First had a crack at winning a seat on local council (Hawkesbury) on the weekend, as well a seat in State parliament.

Pitted against a Green, a Liberal and two independents, AF’s Tony Pettitt managed to score almost 1 in 10 votes (3,003), coming fourth and almost doubling the vote received by the Christian, Extropian, Monarchist, Triumphalist and patriotic optimist Nathan Zamprogno. Mick Saunders, meanwhile, had neither the advantage of the donkey vote or the AF banner. This helps to explain why he attracted just 764 votes in Penrith, with 98% of voters preferring one of the (seven) other candidates. On the bright side, Saunders proved to be more attractive than the ‘Outdoor Recreation Party’, the expansive nature of AF’s vision for Australia ensuring that Mick can also take heart from the fact that his support for Nepean Hospital (“Turning to local issues, Mr Saunders said Nepean Hospital needed more nurses. He suggested changing nurses’ training so that they spent half of their year at university and the other half in hospital, learning the latest medical procedures.”) ensured he won the heart of at least one voter at the Hospital.

Bonus Steele!

“I’m coming back soon … and now I’m really pissed off …” stated neo-Nazi crazy person law-talking guy Edgar (J.) Steele on April 25. As of June 22, he’s now able to sing “Hello Dad… I’m In Jail”. Steele is alleged to have paid a man to murder his wife and mother-in-law. He’s also known for his legal advocacy on the part of neo-Nazi groupuscule the Aryan Nations.

Bonus Reagan!

Anxious about rising nationalist sentiment, the West German chancellor decided that, at the very least, a symbolic gesture was necessary to placate his right-wing critics. Kohl’s riposte came when President Reagan ventured to West Germany to participate in a solemn wreath-laying ceremony on May 5, 1985, at a military cemetery in Bitburg, where forty-seven SS men were buried along with two thousand Wehrmacht soldiers. Its ostensible purpose was to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the end of World War II, but Reagan used the occasion to get in his digs at the Evil Empire — not the Third Reich, of course, but the Soviet Union. German war veterans who insisted that Hitler should not be judged too harshly, because he fought the Red Menace, felt vindicated when Reagan restricted his comments on human rights abuses to only those occurring in Communist countries. The president’s one-eyed view of history transformed Nazi culprits into victims. He depicted the Third Reich not as a system of mass terror but as the work of a single maniacal despot. The fallen SS fighters were Hitler’s victims “just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps”, Reagan asserted. Absolving Germany of its wartime sins was the president’s way of thanking Kohl for backing the unpopular nuclear missile buildup in Europe.

Not surprisingly, Jewish organisations were outraged. So, too, were U.S. veterans groups. The American Legion, usually a staunch supporter of the president, reminded Reagan that the Waffen SS had murdered more than seventy unarmed American prisoners at Malmedy, just thirty miles from Bitburg. “Are these the same SS troops buried beneath the stones of Bitburg?” a Legion spokesperson asked. Other veterans recalled that the city of Bitburg was a staging area for German soldiers — including Otto Skorzeny’s notorious SS units — who fought against the Allies in the Battle of the Bulge. Bitburg also contained the graves of men from the Second SS Panzer Division, which massacred 642 French civilians in Oradour-sur-Glane in June 1942.

~ Martin A. Lee, The Beast Reawakens, Little Brown & Co., 1997, p.220. Note that credit for Reagan’s speech at Bitburg has been given to multi-millionaire neo-conservative hack Pat Buchanan.

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