SEXxX & Swastikas


A band from Melbourne called Sexxx likes to play with swastikas it seems. They were gonna play a gig at Mr Boogie Man BAR on Saturday night (as part of their brief why haven’t you got aids? tour australia) but it may be that they’ve been kicked off the bill.


Possibly another band to keep an eye on as others have raised various other allegations with regards their supposed dickheadedness …

Bonus Uncle Phranc!

Street Punk Moscow

Think street punk Melbourne.

Only the opposite.


What We Feel – one of the few bands which exists on the territory of the former USSR, which does not copy popular western groups, but plays tough, acute social, daring music. Guys never wrote vague, non-committal texts. They always expressed their opinion about the things that happen in the city and country they live in the most clear way.

In the country, where defense agencies are persistently looking for extremists on the concerts, organized by youth, while true extremists are killing human rights activists at the Caucasus and journalists in downtown Moscow with perfect impunity. In the country, where fascism became a fashion for the youth, and grandchildren of veterans post up congratulations to Hitler on stadium stands and brag in internet with self-shot videos with the murders of Tajik yard cleaners. In the country, torn by crime, corruption and social inequality. In the country, where to say the truth and to struggle for justice long ago became the occupation dangerous for life and freedom.

Threats, attempts to wreck or ban the concerts, losses of close friends – during 4 years of existence, group passed through all that. Group gained its reputation not by words, but by its deeds, behind – more than a hundred concerts in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, three euro-tours in support of Russian antifascist movement, participation in great number of charity actions. And new album, named “Our 14 Words”, became a proof that group never gave up its positions, satisfied with reached achievements, but made a forward step.

Every song on this album – a nail in the coffin of all those, who thinks that hardcore became insipid and lost its fury, that it became regular entertainment for rich boys and nazi tolerant people, and that it can no longer be the instrument of direct action.

The Tribes of Melbourne // Punks are the old farts of today

A classic doco unearthed!

The Tribes of Melbourne documents the Melbourne punk scene of the mid-1980s, and *s Depression, End Result, G.A.S.H., Perdition (Adelaide), Vicious Circle and Phil MacDougall of Reactor Records and ‘Sunglasses After Dark’ fame. It was written and directed by Tina McQuade and produced by Steven Goddard and released — in some fashion — circa 1983. Or possibly 1984… or 1985? For more infos on the history of Australian punk
SEE! by the redoubtable Les and
an interview with Phil (Maximum Rock’n’Roll, No.245, October 2003) here.

Note that Phil/Reactor released a 40-track Depression comp last year (review by Trevor Block: “It’s interesting to ponder how they might fare in today‚Äôs climate, when punk is a meaningless marketing term and protest seems to be the domain of dreadlocked hippies not angry bootboys”). The history of the Reactor Records label is re-told by Chris Spencer in a neat little pamphlet released c.1997, and includes some notes by Depression member Smeer (now tattooing @ Chapel).

And a few old songs for good measure…

The Last Words : ‘Animal World’ (1978)

See also : ‘Something’s Wrong’ (1978/1979) | ‘Top Secret’ (1980)

TV Smith & The Thought Criminals : ‘Safety In Numbers’ (1977)

All you pretty people who’ve been taken over
Had better start looking for your own answers
‘Cause there’s no safety in numbers anyway
Or in a “new” wave…

And remember folx, as Vomit Visions sang in 1979: ‘Punks Are The Old Farts Of Today’!

England started everything
new wave conquered all the world
all of it is fucked up now
that’s what no one else sees

Johnny Lydon is just a liar
he is not rebel hero
nihilism ain’t his way
only madmen live today

’67 hipster love
but in fact it wasn’t smart
did the punks learn anything
they just act as being mean

Britons are potential stars
but they don’t see what they really are
aiming at a big success
that’s why punk became a mess

Punk has always been a gimmick
no one ever was for real
nailing women is a must
hate and danger what a lust

We don’t like the fellow men
those who do just follow trends
we ain’t normal we are mad
punks and hippies what a drag

Punks are the old farts of today
fade away we don’t care

PS. Fuck you.

PPS. God I hate this fucking shit!