Robert Critchley : Not racist

‘White supremacist’ cop not a racist: lawyer
Aja Styles
February 10, 2012

Sentence delay for tip-off cop
February 10, 2012

A WA court has heard that former WA policeman, Robert (David) Critchley — convicted in December of attempting to pervert the course of justice — is not a racist.

Or so his lawyer, Anthony Elliot, has argued.

“However, state prosecutor David Dempster submitted that it was difficult to accept any other reason for Critchley’s actions other than that he was sympathetic to the racist cause and the need for general deterrence was still relevant.”

Racist or not, Critchley’s sentencing has been delayed until February 21 (AAP) or possibly February 25 (Styles).

Last year, Critchley was found guilty of trying — by way of former Skrewdriver guitarist Murray Holmes — to tip off a suspected neo-Nazi and alleged member of Combat 18 (Australia), Jacob Marshall Hort, that in January 2010 his phone calls were being monitored by police.

In May 2010, Hort, along with Bradley (Neil) Trappitt and Dominic Helmut Peter, were charged with various minor offences inre shots being fired into the dome roof of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Queens Park on February 4.

Pleading guilty, Trappitt was fined over $9000 for his troubles while Holt (who also pleaded guilty) was given a seven-month jail sentence suspended for 12 months.

I dunno what happened in the case of Peter.

Above: Bradley, Jacob and some other bloke enjoying a laugh. The banner reads ‘Quick & the Dead’ (Murray’s other band). (See also : A Brief History Of Neo-Nazi Music In Australia, December 2, 2010.)

Alleged corrupt cop allowed overseas [May 2, 2011]

Oh yeah.

Alleged corrupt cop allowed overseas
Katie Robertson
May 2, 2011

A FORMER policeman charged with leaking information to an alleged criminal has been allowed to travel overseas.

Robert David Critchley, 42, appeared in the Perth Magistrate’s Court today to appeal the terms of his bail so he could visit an ill member of his wife’s family overseas.

Mr Critchley will pay a $2,500 deposit to have his passport returned to him, and he has 48 hours once he arrives back in Perth after the 12-day trip to hand the travel document in.

The 42-year-old served as a police officer in the state intelligence crime division but resigned in September last year after Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan recommended he be dismissed.

He is charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by allegedly passing on information that could interfere with police investigations when he attempted to warn a man in the neo-nazi organisation Combat 18 that he was under surveillance.

It is also alleged separately that he accessed people’s details on a police computer database without authorisation three times between May 2009 and January 2010.

He will face court again on May 27.

See also : WA Police ~versus~ Combat 18, January 20, 2011.

WA Police ~versus~ Combat 18

In the UK, several police officers belonging to the National Public Order Intelligence Unit have recently been exposed after infiltrating environmental protest movements. In Australia:

A former police officer who worked in the phone intercept unit has been charged after he allegedly attempted to warn a man that he was under surveillance as part of a secret investigation into the Perth branch of international neo-nazi outfit Combat 18.

Robert David Critchley, 42, appeared in Perth Magistrate’s Court yesterday charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and unlawful use of a police computer.

Police alleged he tied to tell Jacob Marshall Hort that his mobile phone was being monitored.

Hort, of High Wycombe, is reportedly part of the Perth branch of race-hate group Combat 18, which is known for being behind the bombings of Asian communities in London in the 1990s [?].

Hort was convicted in July of criminal damage and discharging a firearm over an incident in which several shots were fired at the Queens Park Suleymaniye Mosque, causing $15,000 damage.

Mr Critchley, of Ocean Reef, was attached to the State intelligence division in January last year when it is alleged he made attempts to tell Hort he was the target of a police investigation into Combat 18’s activities.

It is also alleged that between May 2009 and January 2010 he accessed details of a person through a police computer when he was not permitted to do so.

The two charges are unrelated.

Mr Critchley resigned from the police service in September after Police Minister Rob Johnson approved a recommendation from Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan that he be removed.

Mr Critchley previously worked as a police officer in Britain and served as a WA police officer for six years.

He was not required to plead yesterday and has been released on bail to appear in court in April.

Mr Critchley broke into a sprint to avoid waiting media when he left the court.

Combat 18 was formed in Britain in 1991 [?] and has links to the far-right British Nationalist Party [?]. It is not known when the group started in Perth but it is believed police began monitoring members’ activities in late 2009.

Source: The Weekend West, January 15, 2011. See also : Former cop in court on corruption charge, ABC, January 14, 2011.

Combat 18 in Perf done a website,, which they took over from the Norwegian franchise in February 2009. (The site was regoed to Hort using a pseudo.) Despite sharing–along with Perf plasterer and former Stormfront moderator Paul Innes–in the indescribable joys of spreading some of the ashes of US nutzi terrorist David Lane in 2009, things started to go badly for Jacob & Co. when the gig organised for April of that year (by former Skrewdriver bassist-turned-fridge-repair-guy Murray Holmes) was sabotaged and Hort’s band, ‘Indigenous Hate’, got thrown off the bill “for being lying scum”. Relations between Combat 18 and fellow nutzis in Blood & Honour (Australia)/(Southern Cross) Hammerskins have been rocky at the best of times, but since the abortive gig, and the developing bond between (the remnants of) Combat 18 and (the Australian franchise of) another (US-based) bonehead gang called Volksfront, things have gotten even more poisonous.

Police in Perf have reason to be especially sensitive to neo-Nazi organising in that part of the world as the last time a groupuscule got going it caused quite a bit of trouble. In the 1980s, the ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ under ‘Java’ Jack van Tongeren tried to kick-start a race war by blowing shit up and setting buildings on fire. Things didn’t quite go according to The Master Race’s plan however, as an alleged police informant was murdered, and the gang’s leadership was sent to jail.

Upon his release a few years ago, Jack tried, with the help of some rooly patriotik yoof, to embark upon a Senatorial campaign. The yoof in this instance rallied to the cause by re-decorating synagogues and old people’s homes and threatening to kill and otherwise injure their political opponents. Again, the story ended badly. Jumping Jack, along with several members of the ‘White Devils’ gang went (back) to jail, and ZOG finally done introduced racial vilification legislation.

This law is currently being used to prosecute a local anti-Semite named Brendon O’Connell. If successful, it will be the first time a person has been convicted under the relevant Act.

Courtesy of nutzi bloggers Jim Perren and Peter Campbell, word on the virtual street is that the latest pea-brain(s) to have a crack at neo-Nazi organising are clustered around UWA student Nicholas Cole, a young middle class boy also known to be BFF with members of Combat 18.

See also : Bradley Trappitt, Combat 18 & The Weerheym Manoeuvre (August 24, 2010) | A Brief History Of Neo-Nazi Music In Australia (December 2, 2010).

Upon discovering that Hort had jumped into bed with Combat 18, in March 2009, B&H Australia released the following statement:


Blood & Honour Australia would like to inform all comrades that the band “Indigenous Hate” from Perth, Australia have come out of the closet as Combat 18 supporters/activists. Despite almost two years of sustained support and brotherhood from us, the main member of the band, Jake, has been colluding with the main C18 figure in Australia behind our backs and on March 7 played a C18 gig in Sydney. In typical deceitful and dishonourable C18 fashion, he tried to hide this from us by playing under the assumed name “Runes Of War”.

Seemingly coincidentally, a new C18 Australia website emerged recently and on further investigation it transpires that the site is actually owned by this fool. C18 itself is trying to reinvent themselves as “Club Nation” so we would like to inform everyone who is contacted by them that it is a C18 front.

Given their track record, we’re at a loss as to why anyone would want to associate themselves with the outcasts and imbeciles of that organization, especially as we spent considerable effort educating this guy on the issues. However, the fact remains that through his treachery this idiot has not only harmed B&H Australia (financially and otherwise), but has also betrayed Blood and Honour Worldwide by doing a feature on his band in the latest (Issue 41) Blood & Honour magazine whilst hiding his true colours. Additionally, he also misrepresented himself to the [Women for Aryan Unity], who have entrusted to him a portion of David Lane’s ashes for a scattering ceremony soon, which we will request be returned to them.

We’d ask that all comrades shun this person by not purchasing or promoting Indigenous Hate or releases they may do in the future, etc. etc.

In unity and for the 14 Words,
Blood & Honour Australia

‘Indigenous Hate’–as ‘Indigenous Hate’–contributed two tracks to the 2009 Blood & Honour Australia compilation album. In addition to playing a gig in Sydney on March 7, 2009, the band ‘Runes of War’–which B&H Australia claims is the adopted handle of ‘Indigenous Hate’–released a split with another band named ‘Southern Storm’ on National Socialist Movement (NSM) Records later that year. NSM Records is closely tied to Scythian Services, a local neo-Nazi distro run by Ken Cratchley.

Cratchley–to be confused with Critchley–is a man of many hats, being, inter alia, both a member of the NSW Humanist Society and a regular at neo-Nazi social club Klub Nation: a KKKlub which, until very recently, met at Humanist House in Chippendale, and which B&H Australia claims is actually ‘Combat 18’. If B&H is correct, then C18 operates in both Perf and Sydney, has been meeting regularly in Chippendale, and attempted to stage a hostile takeover of the Humanist Society of NSW.