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“What hasn’t been broadcast is Downer’s role with corporate intelligence company Hakluyt…”

From the Department of Alexander Downer: Ian Verender, business columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald, has written an interesting column (Be careful of the company you keep, March 31, 2012) on some of the issues confronting politicians when they exchange … Continue reading

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“Welease Wodewick!”, Or; The Continuing Adventures of Hakluyt & Co.

PILATE: Centuwion, why do they titter so? CENTURION: Just some, uh, Jewish joke, sir. Eddington quits British intelligence firm over ‘conflict’ Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker The Age October 15, 2008 “PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd’s chief infrastructure adviser, businessman Rod … Continue reading

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The Downer Age : Hakluyt & Co

Downer joins Eddington at ‘spy’ company Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie The Age October 14, 2008 FORMER Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has joined Kevin Rudd’s infrastructure chief, businessman Sir Rod Eddington, in advising a secretive British firm that sells intelligence … Continue reading

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Hakluyt dons fishnet stockings!

In the nearly three months since he retired from Federal Parliament — “It has been a great honour to have served the people of Mayo for nearly 24 years and I am deeply grateful to them for the support” — … Continue reading

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Hakluyt (Spies Like Us)

The pigeon arrived this morning. By the tone of its cooing, I knew that Dr. Cam had completed the assignment I set him last week upon reading a sweet Sweet article. I used to wonder why ZOG insisted on the … Continue reading

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Mark Kennedy and ‘Officer A’ // “Karen Sullivan” and Officer XX

Update : Everybody Hates A Tourist Loves Spies. Lyn Watson is one; Mark Jacobs aka ‘Marco’ is another. The Guardian is moar coy, but still. Tricksy police spies have been coming unstuck lately. Well… a couple of ’em, anyway. Like, … Continue reading

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E.On police kick terrorist arse: 114 criminal conspirators arrested

It seems police have finally lost their patience, and decided to teach those meddling kids a lesson. Police arrest 114 people in pre-emptive strike against environmental protesters • Activists held in Nottingham over alleged power station action • Campaigners fear … Continue reading

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The Australian Nationalism Information Database is now closed.

Just cause you don’t understand what’s going on don’t mean it don’t make no sense And just cause you don’t like it, don’t mean it ain’t no good And let me tell you something; Before you go taking a walk … Continue reading

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Amanda is in your extended network

Infoshop — in addition to a range of other sources — has published an interesting exposure of a number of police agents and informants who infiltrated the RNC Welcoming Committee, beginning in 2007. As a result of their testimony, eight … Continue reading

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“revolutionaries into secret agents and secret agents into revolutionaries”

[In the UK] Rowena Macdonald went to Climate Camp fearing “woolly-minded hippydom” but found a serious and committed group of people – give or take the vegan farmers… Silly vegans! (Woolly minded hippies?, New Statesman, August 8, 2008. See also … Continue reading

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