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Uncle Joe for Higgins!

After narrowly missing out on becoming Lord Mayor, Uncle Joe Toscano is throwing his hat into the ring for the Federal seat of Higgins: Seeking poll position LIBERAL bluebloods had palpitations when Kelly O’Dywer won pre-selection for Peter Costello’s Higgins … Continue reading

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Anarchist press in Australia?

Update (May 10, 2009) : See also : The Anarchist Savants’ Monthly. There are exactly two — or perhaps three — regular ‘anarchist’ publications in Australia. They are: Anarchist Age Weekly Review Mutiny & Rebel Worker. The first two are … Continue reading

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Uncle Joe For Mayor? Dare to dream!

“Melbourne anarchist Joseph Toscano has also nominated for mayor. Dr Toscano, 56, has run unsuccessfully for the Senate as an independent for the past 30 years.” Huzzah! Joe’s team is titled ‘Shifting The Burden’, and includes one other candidate for … Continue reading

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Attack of the Anarchoids from Neptune!

As promised, a guide to/review of contemporary anarchist organisations in Orstralia. Introduction Like the numerous Marxist organisations — Miaowists, Stalinists & Trotskyites — anarchism in contemporary Australia is a fringe movement, and in terms of its organisational framework and popularity, … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Fools

“A change of rulers is the joy of fools.” November 24 is The Day. Joe Toscano of the Anarchist Media Institute / ‘Anarchist World This Week’ / Defend & Extend Medicare Group / Direct Democracy Not Parliamentary Rule (nee Vote … Continue reading

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‘Accidental definition of an anarchist’

Steve Waldon The Age July 20, 2006 NOTEBOOK “AN ANARCHIST society is a voluntary, non-hierarchical society in which the political and social structures are organised so that all people have free and equal access to the wealth and decision-making power … Continue reading

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The Noise of Democracy in Melbourne 2012

Greens or Labor? Probably — and somewhat contrary to expectations — Labor. But who cares? The real competition was between Anarchy, Communism, Constitutionalism, Christianity, Secularism and Sex. Currently: 1. [Sex!] PATTEN, Fiona (Sex Party): 1801 / 6.61% 2. *MAYNE, Stephen: … Continue reading

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2010 Australian Federal election notes (July 31, 2010)

Full lists of 2010 federal election candidates now available | 1198 candidates to contest the 2010 federal election (29.5% female). White supremacists are go! The latest vehicle for Dr James Saleam’s vaulting political ambitions, the Australia First party, is fielding … Continue reading

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Higgins By-election Results!

It’s bloody tense in Higgins, and the outcome is far from being certain. Leading the pack at the moment is Steve Raskovy (One Nation) with 199 votes; followed by Peter Brohier on 221; then Robert Isaacs (Liberal Democrats) on 310. … Continue reading

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Anarchism, Australia, Bob James

Anarchism, Australia Bob James International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest Edited by Immanuel Ness, Brooklyn College, City University of New York Publishing in print and online April 2009 At least as early as the 1840s (“Australia” having only been settled … Continue reading

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