2010 Australian Federal election notes (July 31, 2010)

White supremacists are go!

The latest vehicle for Dr James Saleam’s vaulting political ambitions, the Australia First party, is fielding one solitary lonesome single candidate in Victoria, a bloke by the name of Alex Norwick, in the Labor marginal seat of Deakin. Norwick is a veteran fascist, having founded the Australian Nationalist White Workers’ Party (ANWWP) in the early ’70s, and since then having been active with National Resistance, Australian National Alliance, National Action, Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation. Norwick’s electoral material proclaims, inter alia, that AF would like to establish a People’s Bank (something that the anarchist candidates for the Victorian Senate also endorse).

The other AF candidates are Peter Schuback and Nick Maine for the QLD Senate, Tony Pettitt in Greenway (NSW) and Mick Saunders in Lindsay (NSW).

Disappointingly, racist blabbermouth Nicholas (Hunter) Folkes (Australian Protectionist Party) is not running for the seat of Sydney; in good news for spotters, Denis Doherty (Communist) is. In even betterer news, Folkes is running for the NSW Senate, hand-in-hand with the former ‘national anarchist’ Darrin Hodges. Note that another former ‘national anarchist’, Scott Harrison, is now a Creatard, while current ‘national anarchist’ Welf Herfurth is busily preparing to welcome fellow Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm to Australia on behalf of AF. (Fromm, incidentally, is scheduled to address a meeting (September 2–5, 2010) of fellow neo-Nazis Volksfront soon — Mister Wolf is their Australian franchise holder.)

In other spotterly news: the Building Australia Party is fielding candidates, as is the (unregistered) ‘First Nations Political Party’ (the latest in a series of attempts to establish somesuch party; ‘Reconcile Australia’ is also running candidates in 2010, as it did in 2007, when it received 0.02% of the vote for the NSW Senate).

One Nation is also going to be losing a large number of contests, especially in NSW, putting up patriots in Banks, Bennelong, Blaxland, Chifley, Cook, Hughes, Hunter, Kingsford Smith, Macarthur, New England, Paterson, Riverina, Robertson and Shortland. ON is also losing in Solomon (NT); Makon and Sturt (SA); Bowman, Fadden and Wide Bay (QLD) and Moore (WA), and in Senate contests in each of the mainland states. Kate McCulloch is the * candidate in Macarthur — it remains to be seen if she really is the Great White (Red Haired) Hope.

And in news that warms my heart, Ronald Poulsen (Communist League) will not be standing in Watson… but he will be standing in Blaxland — against the SEP (?).

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  1. no “Social Credit” or “Single Tax” weirdos running?

  2. @ndy says:

    well, i haven’t really looked at the cec — larouche followers — and there’s lotsa independents running, some of whom i’m sure have all kindsa neat ideas about wealth, income, resources, government, taxation, interest, usury, production, distribution and exchange…

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