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Brendan Sokaluk vs. Kenny Glenn

Update : Brendan Sokaluk : Facebook confirms removing arson vigilante groups, Brigid Andersen, ABC, February 17, 2009; Sokaluk’s trial by police and media, Greg Barns, Crikey, February 18, 2009. Kenny Glenn : Allegedly, the boys, 14 and 16, uploaded several … Continue reading

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Cats are awesome.

Cats are awesome. Weatherman interrupted by cat during forecast : Germany’s star weatherman was forced to share the limelight with a pet cat when it wandered onto set in the middle of a prime-time broadcast…

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Beautiful Homes & Gardens

Dan’s ‘Sustainable Self Sufficiency Gardening Blog’ — growing your own food, herbs, sustainable, self sufficiency, home and community gardens project — contains lots of info on the former, especially as it applies to Marvellous Melbourne. ‘Food Fight’ is another worthwhile … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

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Tonight Geelong were STUNNED RIPPED APART PULVERISED HAMMERED CLINICALLY DESTROYED! Collingwood stun Geelong The Australian COLLINGWOOD stunned AFL reigning premiers Geelong tonight, smashing them by 86 points with a brutal and brilliant team performance at the MCG. The Magpies’ fierce … Continue reading

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Crazy Canadians issue title challenge to Crazy Greeks

Ding ding! Stung by the speciesism inherent in previous bouts between CrazyGreek and CrazyCanadian Anarchists, Collectif Ton Chien has struck back against humans and their killing machines, taking direct action to remove deadly cars from the roads. Word on the … Continue reading

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How To Make Trouble & Influence People

‘Sweet’ and ‘choice’: Breakdown Press is bringing out a new edition of How To Make Trouble And Influence People, a hugely entertaining compilation of contemporary and historical accounts of political mischief and trouble making, piss taking, and general monkey business. … Continue reading

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Accused ‘spoke of killing Howard’; has ‘common touch’

Dear Readers: If you are connected to the Internet or near a telephone or cell-phone, U.$. spies can track you and maybe even see you visually. Keep that in mind as you read slackbastard and other anti-Amerikkkan websites. Check your … Continue reading

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Cats are a w e s o m e

Nursing home cat can sense death, ease passing Julie Steenhuysen July 25, 2007 CHICAGO (Reuters) – When Oscar the Cat visits residents of the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, the staff jumps into action — … Continue reading

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Do Not Disturb

Ssshhh. Bübi‘s sleeping… Lest We Forget : June 18, 1999 [Melbourne] “An international day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy.” Four and-a-half months later, the world discovers ‘anti-globalisation’…

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