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Team Colors is a collective engaged in militant research to provide “strategic analysis for the intervention in everyday life”. Team Colors Collective and The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press are proud to announce the launch of the one-off online publication “In the Middle of a Whirlwind: 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements”. Whirlwinds provides detailed analysis, thoughtful criticism, and substantive writing on current organizing through an inquiry into movement in the United States. Through that process, Whirlwinds assembles a strategic analysis of current political composition as a tool for building political power.

In Canada, on Saturday, June 14, Kahentinetha Horn, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, was beaten by police at the border with the United States, suffered a heart attack, and was hospitalised.

Organise #70 gotta coupla interesting articles. One on social centres, the other on the rise of ultranationalist politics in Bulgaria.

While the city executives may have their spas and their private clubs, community centres, public baths and libraries are disappearing across the country (or falling into private hands). The free public house and the union clubs of generations before are becoming a rarity. Localities are becoming more and more commercialised as local shop is replaced by the chain store, high street by the shopping mall. Leisure is no longer “free” time, it is a commodity. Social space is not social at all but bought at the expense of others labour and provides further opportunity to buy and sell. The idea of voluntary association, of communal enjoyment, of free social time is disappearing. It is imperative therefore that the modern social centre movement clings to its class heritage…

The Asia Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition (APDSE) is an international arms fair scheduled to be held in Adelaide, Australia in November 2008, with possible uncommercial interruptions. For more information:

    The Long Dark Night of the Arms Trade
    Winter Solstice Celebration
    7.00pm, Saturday June 21, 2008
    Trades Hall (Cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts)

    Music by The Conch | Colombi | DJ Paul Kidney
    Food by LASNET
    Videos and a photo exhibition of the AIDEX 91 (Canberra, November 26–28, 1991) campaign and information on how to stop this fete worse than death will be showing.

Troublemakers at AIDEX used tripods to block roads, a tactic exported from the forests. Following the exhibition, an embarrassed Federal Labor Government embarked upon a crackdown on welfare benefits in order to penalise unemployed participants. ‘You’ve Got To Party For Your Right To Fight: The AIDEX ’91 Protests’ is a 3CR radio show, first broadcast in January 2008; it may even be available as a podcast at some point.

For the nth time, ‘Racist planned terror attacks’, BBC, June 16, 2008. See also : ‘Nazi’ hid nail bombs under son’s bed, court hears, Olwen Dudgeon, Yorkshire Post, June 16, 2008. Gilleard, the cowardly racist wanker in question, apparently used to post on the Blood & Honour Guestbook in the UK. Antifa England comments (December 2007):

For Martyn Gilleard, the neo-Nazi recently arrested with 4 nail bombs, plans to bomb mosques, and a range of other ‘terrorist’ material, it must be comforting to know that while he’s sitting in Belmarsh maximum security prison, his ‘racial comrades’ are fighting his corner – from the safety of their computer stools that is!

Over on the ‘Blood & Honour’ Guestbook, where Gilleard used to post as ‘Mart88′ (the ’88’ of course standing for ‘Heil Hitler’), his fellow Nazis are queuing up to slap him on the back, comparing him to ‘Brixton Bomber’ David Copeland (who he’ll hopefully soon be joining shuffling ’round the corridors of Broadmoor), and generally ruin any defence he could possibly ever have had. With ‘comrades’ like these, who needs enemies?!

It’s probably no coincidence that it was our old friend, the rat-faced fantacist and small-time coke dealer Tony Foye (AKA ‘M.I.B.’) who first raised the matter on the Benson & Hedges forum. But others quickly joined in, including one Nazi who tells us, with typical regard for the English language,

“The comrade arrested was ‘Mart88’, yes the yorkshire organiser of the BPP. I know him quite well and have seen the nail bombs the police talk about on webcam, there are instructions on the internet on how to make them and beli[e]ve me they are very simple. I just wish Martyn could of let the bombs off down the local mosque before he was arrested, he has done time before and wont have a problem doing it again. This kind of activism is whats needed comrades, HAIL MARTYN AND HAIL COMBAT 18 NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT 1488.”

In another post the same Nazi tells anyone that cares to visit the site about seeing some of Gilleard’s “other artilery” (sic). Top mate eh?!

Understandably perhaps, the Nazis quickly ask how their ‘fallen comrade’ was nicked, was he grassed? British People’s Party leader Kevin Watmough, who runs the forum, together with ‘Redwatch’, quickly steps in to claim that the BPP’s Goole and East Yorkshire Organiser was not in fact ‘grassed’. Well he would wouldn’t he? Watmough, along with Eddy Morrison and Robin Steele, is one of at least 3 police informers in the BPP, and they probably have far more. Morrison even used to sell the names and addresses of his fascist comrades to Leeds AFA for beer money! Hanging out with this lot Gilleard, who seems to be an idiot with no sense of security at all, wasn’t going to last long.

Speaking of scum, silly bugger Ross of UK oi! band Scum has been outed as a Hitler fetishist by Benson & Hedges. Scum is playing a gig with Tattooed Mother Fuckers in October, while Australian band The Corps is touring Europe with TMF and Retaliator. Locally, Benson & Hedges have announced the impending disaster that will be the Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig (2007 | 2006), *ing Douglas Schott’s Viking warriors from Newcastle Blood Red Eagle, a resurrected Ravenous (not to be confused with the Kiwi metalheads), and some schmucks from one of them foreign countries. BRE is available for purchase through local ‘punk’ mailorder Snapshot, along with Skrewdriver, Bound For Glory (UK not US), Fortress (AUS), Legion of St. George* (UK), Retaliator (UK) and the incomparable Southern Storm (”Niggers, Jews and Communists / Look out scum, you’re on our list!”). Snapshot is also closely associated with ‘Class War’ in Sydney… which is odd.

In the meantime, some classic oi!:

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