Goodbye, Mr. Campbell

Peter Campbell* of the White Pride Coalition of Australia — and NSW sales representative for Heinemann Electric — reckons that I’m a “gutless little worm”, a “schoolgirl” (July 20) and a “snotty nosed little dweeb” (September 13: interested readers may google ‘Victor Whitelaw’ to find his blog). According to Greg Roberts writing in The Australian, however, Campbell is a neo-Nazi and vicious anti-Semite responsible for circulating bomb-making instructions similar to those used by David Copeland to murder and maim innocent civilians in London in April, 1999:

Copeland’s first attack, on Saturday, April 17, 1999, was in Electric Avenue, Brixton, part of the so-called “frontline”, a street made famous in the UK by the 1981 Brixton [race/class] riots that took place there [See also Albert Meltzer’s account].

Copeland made his bomb using explosive from fireworks and taped it inside a sports bag before priming it and planting it outside the Iceland supermarket on the corner of Electric Avenue. The market traders became suspicious of it and moved it several times before it detonated just as the police arrived, at 5:25 in the evening. Fifty people were injured, many of them seriously because of the four-inch nails Copeland had packed around the bomb. One victim was a 23-month-old toddler who had a nail driven through his skull into his brain [above], though he is believed to have made a full recovery.

Copeland’s second bomb, on the following Saturday, April 24, was aimed at Brick Lane, the centre of the Bengali area in the east end of London. There is a famous Brick Lane street market on Sundays, but Copeland mistakenly tried to plant the bomb on Saturday, when the street was quiet. Unwilling to change the timer on the bomb, he left it instead in Hanbury Street, where it exploded injuring 13 people.

Copeland’s third bomb was planted and exploded on the evening of Friday, April 30, in the crowded Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street, the centre of London’s gay village, killing Andrea Dykes [below], Nick Moore, John Light, and injuring 79, many of them seriously, with four people requiring limb amputations.

There are no words for my contempt.

Neo-Nazi ‘circulated bomb-making manual’
Greg Roberts
The Australian
September 15, 2006

A POLICE anti-terrorist taskforce is investigating detailed bomb-making instructions distributed to Australian [boneheads] by a prominent neo-Nazi.

The Victoria Police security intelligence group has been told the material was distributed by Peter Campbell, the national head of the White Pride Coalition of Australia.

Mr Campbell is a senior sales representative with Melbourne electrical parts group Heinemann Electric – the company at the centre of a row over the HoWARd Government’s workplace laws. Material given to police includes bomb-making instructions published in an article titled “How to build a David Copeland special”. Copeland, a white supremacist dubbed the Soho bomber, was responsible for a series of bombs in London in the late 1990s.

The instructions include advice to keep nails and other projectiles, which are packed in bombs, in horse manure so that “when embedded in the burnt flesh, the shit will poison the blood”.

The instructions recommend bombs be disguised by placing them in traffic cones.

Muslims are referred to in other material being examined by police.

One document includes this rallying call: “Kill, murder, burn and butcher our enemies and become a hero!”

Some of the documents under investigation by Victoria Police were used in the successful prosecutions in London last year of five neo-Nazi British men for inciting racial hatred.

Mr Campbell declined to comment when contacted by The Australian yesterday.

He sells installation products made by Heinemann subsidiary Slegers, a job that gives him access to items mentioned in the bomb-making instructions.

Mr Campbell uses the WPCA pseudonym of Kromlek of Asgard, which is derived from figures in Viking mythology.

Another alias he uses is ZyklonB, the poisonous gas used by Nazis to kill Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In a posting on a WPCA website, Mr Campbell referred to Jews when he said: “The sooner we White Men are rid of these vile, loathsome bloodsuckers, then the sooner we can get on with the task of re-establishing White homelands for our people that are free from contamination!” Mr Campbell said in another posting: “We White Nationalists must be physically armed as well as ideologically and spiritually prepared!”

Cam Smith, a campaigner with the anti-racism group Fight Dem Back, said the WPCA should be outlawed as a terrorist group.

“These are people who openly promote the use of violence against minority groups they don’t like,” he said. “Thugs like this should not be allowed to promote their messages of hate in a civilised society.”

The WPCA has been implicated in race-hate campaigns against Sudanese refugees in western Sydney and in the Darling Downs city of Toowoomba in Queensland.

Heinemann general manager Richard Ross said Mr Campbell was a good employee, and he knew nothing of his background that suggested he should not have been hired.

Heinemann is at the centre of a row over the federal Government’s industrial relations laws for docking a week’s pay from 46 workers who stopped working overtime.

The Australian revealed this week that WorkSafe Victoria has issued eight notices instructing Heinemann Electric to improve health and safety standards.

In other news, convicted neo-Nazi criminal Ben Weerheym (see Francis de Groot Brigade entries) has declared his intention to journey from Perth to Melbourne “soon”; presumably in order to attend the neo-Nazi Blood & Honour Ian Stuart is Dead celebration next Saturday (September 23rd):

I’m coming to Melbourne soon, I might check out the Barricade bookshop to see if your [wimpy] arse is there. Not too many Morgans in the Torquay area mate, not too many in Melbourne either[.]

[S]ee ya later, red scum[.]

Not big. Not clever.

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