Blood & Honour ISD 2006 Memorial Gig : Tonight at The Birmingham Hotel, Collingwood


In a return to an earlier tradition, tonight’s Ian Stuart is Dead celebration — co-sponsored by the neo-Nazi Blood & Honour Australia and Southern Cross Hammerskins — is being held at The Birmingham Hotel.

Location :

    The Birmingham Hotel
    Cnr Johnston and Smith Streets
    (333 Smith Street)

    Phone 9417 2706

This is not the first time that such gigs have been held at “The Birmy”: the pub in question — and its fascist-sympathising proprietor — having previously enjoyed allowing the neo-Nazi Blood & Honour to hold organising meetings in its cosy surrounds.

In a nutshell, then, “The Birmy” is a fascist pub.

Interestingly, the pub also enjoys the patronage of local ‘punks’, who in the past have vociferously defended “The Birmy” as being one of supposedly few local venues willing to book punk gigs…

The Birmingham, or as regulars like to call it, “The Birmy”, is a great place to kick back and relax with the likes of the Melbourne alternative [sic/k] scene [read: violent neo-Nazi fucking skinheads]. With a free function room, Melbourne’s local punk bands are often seen playing here. It’s a relaxing night at “The Birmy” but be prepared for a crowd which is a little different.

Jett, Melbourne, 02/05

And tonight, “be prepared for a crowd which is [more than] a little different”: neo-Nazi fucking scum. Just four months ago, one of their Belgian comrades shot a (black) woman and a (white) baby to death on the streets of Antwerp.

And now Blood & Honour Australia — and the Southern Cross Hammerskins — have decided to “proudly present” a gig to mourn the death of their (other) Führer smack-bang in the middle of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, cosmopolitan Melbourne.

You’d have to wonder if they weren’t deliberately taking the piss.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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48 Responses to Blood & Honour ISD 2006 Memorial Gig : Tonight at The Birmingham Hotel, Collingwood

  1. Chaos 82 says:

    Its about time we find out where our friends really stand. This is something that can no longer be ignored. The annual punk pub crawl happens this Saturday (September 30), and it usually finishes at the Birmy. I cannot believe that punks will still go to the Birmy after something as significant as this. Hypocrisy seems no longer an issue in today’s ‘anything goes’ apathetic punk scene. If punks go to the Birmy, even the fundamentals that we all share become null & void. It would be nothing less than ridiculing ourselves.

    This is not the case of ‘oh shit, boneheads were at that pub last week, we better not go there’.

    This is much more than that. This is something well organised and deliberate. This is blatant support of Blood & Honour because it is providing a venue for their gigs and meetings. To all extents and purposes the Birmy can justifiably be called a Blood & Honour pub.

    I will not be going to the Birmy at the end of the pub crawl or at any other time in the future. I will also be reminding others of what happened there and asking them if they are still going. It will be interesting to hear what reasons punks give for still going to the Birmy. If the answer has anything to do with having no heart or no backbone, maybe I will ask myself ‘what is this all about then’.

    Jason Bastard

  2. Chaos 82 says:

    Just to make it clear what I mean by people having no heart or no backbone in regard to going to the Birmy, it is all about taking a stand. To say that we just want to have a drink, a good time and not care about anything else is no excuse. Any mindless yob would subscribe to that kind of apathy. If there is nothing beyond that, I cannot see the point in having a punk movement in the first place. It’s gotta mean more than just drinking and looking the part. Hundreds of people in the city late at night just drink and look the part. I don’t need to spell out why punks would not support Nazis. It is far too obvious. But if they do (directly or indirectly) support them, then we should carefully choose our definitions in the future, or even concede that original meanings have been lost and are no longer appropriate. You’ve gotta be careful, a mohawk or spiky hair could be a reflection of anything these days. It was never good to assume, but at least in the past we had reliability to some extent.

  3. V.B says:

    Yep, fuck the Birmy. Im going to the pubcrawl but Im not going there… Ill try to convince my friends but I feel that far too many punks in the Melbourne scene are fencesitters on issues like this, i.e Im not racist, but. This is something you cant be apathetic about.

  4. ProudToBeSkin says:

    fucking great gig.
    didnt see you and your queer mates, we were all ready for your apprences.

    Seig Heil!


  5. @ndy says:

    “great gig” eh?

    agent gerbil, for one, would beg to disagree. then again, stuck as he was in the enormous space between douglas schott’s ears — and with just an xbox for company — it’s no wonder!

    oh, and me and my “queer mates” are invisible.

    (wooo-OOO-ooo-000-ooo… run away little bonehead, run away! before we sprinkle you with fairy dust!)

    oh, and “apprences” eh?

    you mean, like… our apprentices? or like… our penises?

    mate, you’re weird.

    you’re also not very loyal: piss off and leave the birmy to face the consequences eh?

    still, if the birmy wants to play eva braun to your adolf hitler… sounds to me like you mob really DO deserve each other.

  6. fifty9 says:

    “ProudToBeSkin”, so…do you like reggae music?

  7. @ndy says:

    Hi Jason, VB and fifty9,

    Obviously, anyone’s free to colour their hair, wear a leather jacket, black boots, listen to ‘punk’ music, and call themselves a punk. But, as anyone who looks even a little bit deeper will find, there’s a lot more to punk culture — and to actually being ‘punk’ — than that.

    On the one hand, challenging fence-sitters can make you unpopular, but only among those with a consumer mentality: that is, among people who seriously think that punk is something you can buy, not something that you live (a perception encouraged by those, like The Birmy, whose only interest in ‘punk’ is monetary).

    Funny thing is, they need us, but we don’t need them.

    On the other hand, these sorts of tensions — between ‘punk as consumer’ and ‘punk as subversive’ — are not new, and — despite relentless assaults by the culture industry — people with minds, hearts and spirits continue to resist, and always will.

    Such people are the ones who keep the real spirit of punk alive.

    So to the fence-sitters: fuck ’em. For all the macho posturing, loud mouths and ganging up some, unfortunately all too many, wankers engage in, thinking it’s ‘punk’, truth is I’ve met little old grandmothers with more backbone.

    Speaking of which, this ain’t just a punk thing. Fact is, The Birmy has pissed off A LOT of people — and I really don’t think they have the vaguest idea just HOW many — by collaborating with neo-Nazis… making them possibly even less intelligent than the boneheads they sponsor.


  8. @ndy says:



    Something breaks inside of you
    With the spectacle of all the shows
    With fifteen fights, and your six bucks
    Has gone up some promoter’s nose

    Jaded eyes see clearly, but only half of what’s there
    Good old days are left behind, what’s left is boredom and despair

    But sometimes, every once in a while…

    Its beautiful, I would say, I wouldn’t have it any other way
    If I said different, it would be a lie

    What was once rebellion is now clearly just a social sect
    But are you just upset because your own social clique has left?
    Leave when you want, because I know that someday I will too
    But I won’t burn my bridges, and be just another jaded fool


    Do you have to force yourself with power and control?
    Do you feel the need to live your life playing up a role?
    Intimidating people with your wall of sight and sound
    You and your kind destroy our underground

    All the happiness that you have destroyed
    All the brutal tactics that you always employ
    All the fucking bullshit, when will it ever stop?
    The comparison is obvious: you’re just a fucking cop!

    Officer – you act like an animal, you’re out of control
    Officer – what the hell is wrong with you?!?

    Wear a tie if you want to wear a uniform!
    Join the army if you want to conform!
    Tough guy, big M.A.N., do what you can…

    Whatever you destroy, we’ll create it again

  9. aketus says:

    ‘didnt see you and your queer mates’

    We did a good job then, thanks for the compliment

  10. Nazis Shouldn't Drive says:

    Ok let me see if I understand this. You craftily uncovered the location of the ISD concert. Hardly an amazing sluething job, since it was in the same place last year. Well done Watson!

    We didn’t see you and your queer mates

    Something you seem to be very proud of but really only leads to 2 conclusions.

    1/ That since there was no protesting, violence before, during or after the gig, or any dramas at all really, you were too scared to do more than lurk outside gnashing your teeth and rending your garments. Maybe weeping with rage at your impotence. Maybe if you were really daring you got a telephoto lens and took a few photos, something you lot seem to regard as a great victory but which smacks of redundancy when your targets spend their lives walking around with their politics tattooed for all to see. Being outed to 4 uni students on a web blog is not something to be terribly fearful of. Unlike some we are not ashamed of who we are and do not feel the need to wear disguises.


    2/ You actually penetrated the vast security network in place, ie you plucked up your courage and came in, which is actually what we want because getting people in the door is the point. Since once again the gig was hassle free we thank you for your door money, we will spend it on hating things. Then again maybe you struck a real blow and snuck in without paying in which case we will concede you the victory.

    Anyhow, either way thanks for the attention, we actually had a couple of people outside our network who used your directions to find the show so that was very helpful. Maybe you can be so considerate next year.

    In the meantime have a nice day, please try not to die of a drug overdose or sodomy induced anal collapse.

  11. fifty9 says:


    “Unlike some we are not ashamed of who we are and do not feel the need to wear disguises.”

    Yeah sure. Don’t deny where skinhead comes from then.

  12. @ndy says:

    OK, let me see if I understand this.

    1) B&H and the Hammerskins organise a gig at a “secret” location.

    The location is discovered, and this fact publicised.

    An amazing “sluething [sic] job”, according to our anonymous boneheaded friend.

    Cheers: wasn’t hard. (Shannon isn’t the SHARPest knife in the drawer — arf arf.)

    2) There was no violence at the gig, and none promised.

    In fact, FDB has been remarkably successful in disrupting the organising abilities of local neo-Nazis and other fascists, all without touching a hair on yr tiny, pointed heads.

    Not that all neo-Nazis are that open about their beliefs.

    Hence the “secrecy”.

    And why monitoring such events is so interesting: ‘Oh look, it’s…’.

    3) Your cheap, tacky disguises fool no one, and are as convincing as Gary’s denials.

    4) You may not be ashamed, merely furtive.

    But Gary sure as hell is.

    And now you’ve dropped him in the shit.

    Well done.

    I’m sure he’ll be eternally grateful.

    Another victory for the White race.


    5) “Being outed to four uni students on a weblog is not something to be terribly fearful of… In the meantime have a nice day, please try not to die of a drug overdose or sodomy induced anal collapse.”

    Keep it up dickhead, keep it up.

    You’ve really no idea, do you?

  13. Ian Stuart As A Crash Test Dummy says:

    OK, a sterling piece of wit, what with changing my name on here but that aside.
    Heres the important question for all your crowing…
    What did you achieve?
    You stopped nothing, and now claim a victorious [assault] by harrassing an innocent businessman who has done more to support punk culture in the area than any other. A true non-bigot discriminates against no one.
    Here it is spelled out though, whether the proprietors of the Birmingham knew what sort of gig was happening there is not at issue. YOU and your cronies did know, and did nothing except post the details in the hope that others braver than you would act.
    Cowardice, gentlemen.

  14. @ndy says:

    What was stopped was, obviously, the secrecy surrounding the innocent event, not the innocent event itself. What was begun was the process of alerting others to this “innocent” fact.

    So what. You had a gig.


    (No need for secrecy in future then?)

    If the proprietor of The Birmy has supported punk culture in the past, good on him.

    I don’t have a problem with pubs putting on punk gigs.

    In fact, I think it’s good.

    What I have a problem with is neo-Nazis, and particularly violent groups such as Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins. Further, the willingness of proprietors to make money by allowing said groups to use their pubs to hold gigs and meetings.

    At the very least, I think that if there is such a presence in pubs, patrons ought to know. Hence discovering the fact that the gig was held at The Birmy was/is useful.

    “A true non-bigot discriminates against no one.”

    Any one with a brain will discover that neo-Nazis are true bigots. And be able to discriminate their friends from their enemies.

    Still, as you’re no longer concerned about keeping details of your gigs from the general public, maybe I’ll come along to the next gig? In any event, as soon as I do hear word of it, I’ll still be sure I let everybody know as soon as I do, OK?


    In Belgium the International Herald Tribune (September 8, 2006) reports that:

    “The Belgian police said they seized more than 100 weapons and detained two new suspects Friday in an investigation into a neo-Nazi network that they assert involves soldiers and might have been capable of mounting terror attacks…

    They also said they had seized illegal weapons during the raids, a homemade bomb, land mine detonators, large quantities of ammunition and neo-Nazi propaganda…

    The raids brought to public attention an undercover two-year investigation of a soldier who prosecutors said had brought together a group of far-right sympathizers to spread neo-Nazi ideology.”

    (A process which — according to a report issued earlier this year by the Southern Poverty Law Centre — has been repeated within the US armed forces and — according to members of Scumfront Down Under — is also a strategy being pursued by local, Australian neo-Nazis.)

    In addition, The Jerusalem Post (September 8, 2006) reports that:

    “Police said the suspects may have been members of the Flanders branch of the international neo-Nazi network Blood and Honour, and said the raids foiled a violent plot that was in the making. The ringleader, a soldier, is thought to have been planning to move the plot into action.”

    A story which is reinforced by another provided by Blokwatch.

    Earlier, in May, one courageous Belgian bonehead shot to death two people: a two year-old (white) child and her (pregnant, black) nanny.

    “A white 18 yo “Gothic” right-wing skin-head fanatic shot and killed a 2 yo white girl and her black pregnant nanny, almost in front of my door. I live near the Antwerp City riverbanks, the whole area is currently sealed off by police.

    When I was having late breakfast this morning (it was a superb sunny day, 25°C/80°F) I heard the wailing sound of countless police and ambulance vehicles. The 2 yo girl and her accompanying au pair were instantly killed by the 18 yo assailant, who carried a rifle [although firearms are controlled items in Belgium]. Police shot him just a couple of minutes later, 50 m from my front door.

    Newspaper coverage: (Dutch) –

    The whole city is in shock, with the Antwerp Mayor calling for serenity after this shocking racist act.

    I just walked by the crime scene – these are my pictures from flowers left on the sidewalk where the little girl was shot…”

    Blood and Honour was declared an illegal organisation by the German government in 2000 following a number of murders and bombings by members of the group.

    As for Blood and Honour in Poland…

    Police in the north-eastern city of Białystok are investigating an incident involving an assault on a teacher who lectures on the Holocaust by a group of Polish neo-Nazis. The woman was not hurt but was scared into hiding.

    Report by Bogdan Zaryn


    According to agency reports, the Polish branch of the notorious neo-Nazi group Blood and Honor, which has links to yet another fascist faction Combat 18, was behind the knife threat against a woman who teaches Polish children about the Holocaust in the city of Bialystok in the north-east. The group called the Holocaust lecturer ‘an enemy of the white race’ and threatened to put a knife in her back.

    Her photograph, telephone number and a list of threats were pasted on their web site. Jacek Purski from Never Again, a foundation that has launched many anti – fascist campaigns in Poland has been monitoring the Blood and Honor web site. Purski says that Blood and Honor have been pretty active pasting names and phone numbers of potential victims on their home page.

    “ In the very beginning it was just a few addresses and nothing serious. But later they started publishing a lot of lists of anti-fascist crusaders, gay and lesbian community members, so the page became more and more dangerous.’

    Photographs of the neo Nazi Blood and honor group have appeared in the Polish press. Last year the group was photographed taking part in a clandestine gathering in the north of the country. But eye witness reports have not managed to help authorities catch the group red handed. The neo-Nazis have somehow managed to keep one step ahead of the police. Jacek Purski again.

    ‘What the neo–Nazis want to achieve is to scare us. The web site is run from a US server, so it is in the United States and the site is considered legal”

    The Blood and Honor Group have already threatened Jacek Purski by phone but such threats have gone unnoticed.

    ‘I wasn’t scared and I expected such phone calls after they published by name and phone number on their web site……. Our never again anti – racism and anti-fascist campaigns are targeted against such groups.’

    For the time being the Holocaust lecturer from Białystok is keeping a low profile. She originally caught Blood and Honor members attention because the school where she is conducting Holocaust studies achieved top honors in a nation wide competition sponsored by Children of the Holocaust organization.

    …and then…

    No more ‘Blood and Honour’

    The neo-Nazi website called „Blood and Honor”, operated out of Poland and using a US server, has been closed down by the Polish and US police. Its administrators were publishing names and pictures of people described as “enemies of the race” mostly gay, communist, and feminist organizations activists.

    Our correspondent Jaroslaw Juszkiewicz reports from Katowice.

    The investigation wasn’t easy, cause the website was physically located in Arizona in the United States, so the Polish police needed some support from The Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI contacted the server owner’s lawyer and the owner decided to remove the website from his server. At the same time the police arrested the Polish administrator of the website – a 31 year old man who was responsible for updating information on the site. But this is not all – he was also cooperating with two other men who were arrested some time ago and accused of popularization of Nazi ideology and arousing racial hate. The three man would be probably also accused of violating the personal data protection act – cause they’ve published not only pictures and names of their enemies, but also in some cases their addresses and telephone numbers. The man who was arrested today was probably also organizing some neo-Nazi meetings in Bielsko Biała – a city located in southern Poland. He’s the owner of a small record company. In the past he published a number of records with some Nazi and Satanist content.

    The media started to talk abut the website after the brutal attack on a member of an anarchist organization. He was attacked by two men who sprayed nerve gas on his face and then stabbed him with a knife. His picture and name was published a few days earlier at the “Blood and Honor” website.

    The UK…

    Blood & Honour

    The cash cow of the international far-right. Rather like football hooliganism, Blood & Honour originated in England, but has gone on to bigger and better things elsewhere. An important player in the development of far-right ideas internationally, Blood & Honour has struggled to retain much of a profile in its homeland. In Europe an outright ban by the German government was an indication of its size and threat. Here B&H struggle to hold more than the odd gig in the sticks. Perhaps people in Britain have realised that the music is shit?

    Do say “Ian Stuart’s name will certainly live on with you guys about”
    Don’t say “Of course all the original Skinheads only listened to Jamaican music”
    Definitely don’t say “Everyone knows that most skinheads these days are gay”

  15. Sean says:

    You appear to be harping on alot about violence, murder and mayhem, but Blood & Honour has been operating in Australia for MANY years, and there has never been any reports of violence or destruction during or after these gigs. Trouble will only begin if twats like you turn up and provoke them (like thats going to happen anwyay).
    You dont agree with their views, but alot of people dont have time for you Communists either. The Communists are responsible for more murder and butchery than the “nazis” ever were. They also seem to have a recuring history of starving millions of their people, and you peddle that filthy ideology like its what the world needs. Communism is nothing more than pure evil.

  16. @ndy says:

    Hi Sean,

    1) On B&H:

    I make no apologies for relaying details of B&H’s activities in Belgium, Poland, Russia the UK, or any other country. The groups that form a part of this global network have a history of political violence / terrorism directed towards a range of targets, inc but not limited to the murder and assault of anarchists, leftists, gays, lesbians, blacks, Jews and other ethnic and sexual minorities. Each member of the network espouses the same ideology — neo-Nazism — and does so consciously and deliberately, just as did its founding member, Ian Stuart. Hence the tribute.

    Secondly, it is not true that “there has never been any reports of violence or destruction during or after these gigs”. There have been reports; these have simply not been relayed to the media (for various reasons). Like other violent assaults that have been committed by boneheads over recent years.

    Further, there is a history of bonehead violence in Australia:


    “He is a notorious neo-Nazi and axe murderer accused of headbutting a man for asking about his swastika tattoos in a Melbourne hotel.

    And yesterday, despite Dane Sweetman’s violent background, the authorities reacted by amending his parole conditions, to ban him from drinking alcohol…

    Sweetman, 36, was released from Fulham prison on parole last October after serving 15 years of a 20-year sentence for the 1990 murder of David Noble at a 1990 party to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday…

    Patrons at the Tote Hotel alleged Sweetman headbutted and punched a man in the hotel in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Collingwood earlier this month after the man questioned him about swastika tattoos on his neck. Hotel co-owner Bruce Milne said the incident was reported to police. “This person has been barred from the hotel,” Mr Milne said…

    Sweetman created a sensation at his trial when he pulled a knife from his boot as he was sentenced and plunged it into a wooden dock rail.

    He kept a diary in prison in which he boasted of having bashed two Asian men, a Caucasian woman with an Asian boyfriend and a homosexual, although he has a conviction for sexually abusing a boy under 16. His convictions include attempted murder, malicious wounding and assault with a weapon…”


    On 20 April 1991 [1990?] — Adolf’s bithday… — National Action member Perry Whitehouse gunned down fellow member Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith at the National Action headquarters. What Whitehouse didn’t know, as he closed the hand of his bullet-riddled former comrade around a knife to make it look like self-defence, was that ASIO had bugged the place, and the whole sorry affair was down on tape.

    Smith : What’s it say?
    Whitehouse: Ask him, mate. Just ask him. He’s…
    Smith : You’re the one that’s fuckin’ sayin’ this.
    Whitehouse : Just wait here. Footsteps. I’ll show what I got to say.
    Smith : All right.
    Music. Pause in conversation. Six sharp noises in succession. Distinct sound similar to a gun being fired. Crashing sounds. Music.
    Whitehouse : That’s what I got to fuckin’ say, you fuckin’ cunt.
    Another member, Gregory Jorgensen, then speaks. His words are inaudible.
    Whitehouse : I just killed the prick. You wanna know. Yeah, you wanna fuckin’ know. What’ya wanna know… to kill you too… I just shot the fuckin’ prick. Right. I just shot the cunt. Wanna know.
    Music stops.
    Whitehouse : Because he’s a fuckin’ arsehole, that’s why I shot him. Right. Do you think I’m fuckin’ scared of fuckin’ goin’ to jail. I don’t give a fuck. I’m not scared. Right. I shot the cunt dead. That’s what it’s all about boy, that’s what it’s all about, right. You ain’t got the guts to fuckin’ face up to that, you’re fuckin’ weak as piss. Right, he’s fuckin’ dead. Now we gotta get rid of that body or I’m gonna get rid of the fuckin’ body, right.
    A gasp is heard.
    Whitehouse : Shut up, ya fuckin’ prick.


    White supremacist guilty of knifing
    Herald Sun/August 16, 2002
    By Jeremy Kelly

    A white supremacist, who recently vowed nothing could stop him, was behind bars last night after being convicted of stabbing a man who challenged his views.

    Patrick John O’Sullivan, Victorian leader of the World Church of the Creator, was found guilty by a County Court jury of bashing and stabbing a man.

    O’Sullivan, 31, claims to have been ordained as a reverend by the church’s US affiliates, but the jury yesterday proved to be an even higher power when it found him guilty of two serious assault charges.

    The court heard he was chanting “white power” with a group of people at a Fitzroy house-warming in May 1999.

    Another guest at the party started talking to O’Sullivan about his white supremacist views.

    They then started to debate whether O’Sullivan could be considered a Nazi because he did not have German blood.

    The jury found he then either butted or punched the victim in the head before stabbing him in the abdomen. The victim received a 5cm-deep wound.

    O’Sullivan, unemployed, of North Melbourne, had pleaded not guilty to intentionally causing serious injury and intentionally causing injury.

    He told the Sunday Herald Sun his group did not condone violence, but “there’s no stopping us”.

    The four-day trial was before Judge Bill White, who is expected to sentence O’Sullivan today.


    [A partial summary:]

    Australia’s bloodiest [bonehead] violence of the 1990s has pitted [boneheads] against each other (a common occurrence in other countries as well). In 1991, [bonehead] Colin Irvine, whose bedroom was adorned with swastika flags and pictures of Hitler, allegedly murdered a fellow [bonehead], before being shot dead by police. On April 21, 1990, a National Action member in Sydney murdered a fellow [bonehead] at a Hitler’s birthday party. The victim, David Noble, of Adelaide, was killed by [bonehead] Dave Sweetman, with the aid of fellow neo-Nazis Martin Bayston and Sean Shilling. During Sweetman’s trial he shouted at journalists, “You Zionist maggots are going to get what you deserve. Sieg Heil!” Sweetman was convicted and [served 15 years of a 20 year sentence] in… prison.


    James Newman and Welf Herfurth, both members of James Saleam’s Australia First Party, are also involved in Blood & Honour; Newman having uploaded video of the Cronulla riot last December on to Scumfront (after having added a soundtrack by — guess who? — Skrewdriver). An example of another, Australian band’s lyrics:

    Legends of Eureka, turn over in their graves
    They can see what has happened to the Southern Cross today
    Laws made to put us down, laws are made to keep us quiet
    Jail all the racists who wanna keep this country white

    Reject an alien government, don’t recognise their laws
    It’s time to close the floodgates, it’s time to shut the door
    Repatriate, ship ’em out, send the bastards back
    If they don’t fucking like it, it’ll be in body bags

    Get out!

    — Fortress

    Fortress shared a PO Box address with the Southern Cross Hammerskins — one of the co-sponsors, along with B&H, of the ISD gig — in their early days. Speaking of which…


    “The various [bonehead] groups in Australia often try to hold racist music concerts, but happily, these seem to be pretty poorly attended. For instance, a Melbourne gig featuring Fortress, British-band Celtic Warrior and Blood Oath on the 13th of June 1999 reportedly attracted only around 30 [boneheads]. An earlier Sydney gathering featuring Fortress and Blood Oath only had just over 70, according to Blood and Honour which is more likely to over-estimate than under-estimate. This contrasts sharply with similar concerts in Britain and Germany, where these sorts of racist concerts can often attract hundreds of [boneheads].

    Various [neo-Nazi] bands from overseas, particularly Britain have also visited Australia on a number of occasions. Brutal Attack and Squadron have both visited to give concerts and cooperate with Fortress. Celtic Warrior have also visited in the past, but over the past year have repeatedly been denied visas, which is hardly surprising given that most band members have criminal convictions for various acts of violence.

    [Bonehead] organisers of these gatherings tend to be very secretive about them, refusing to publicly advertise them, and not even telling dedicated [boneheads] where the concerts will take place. Those interested typically meet organisers at another location and are only then brought to the concert site. The idea is to rule out any unwelcome visitors, but this extreme secrecy, along with Australia’s relative small population of dedicated neo-Nazis, almost certainly contributes to the low turnouts. However, the precautions are probably inevitable given that much of the music played at these concerts is almost certainly illegal.”


    More recently, in 2004, it was the Bully Boys turn to play. A bonehead fan writes on the B&H Australia site:

    “Next was the band that we had all been waiting to see and we weren’t disappointed!! The Bully Boys!! They played an awesome set, with tunes like Jigrun and Fire Up the Ovens. A few of the lads had gotten hold of some Jew[’]s yarmulke and took a light to it and handed it to Scott while he was singing Six Million More! Seeing that burn to the tune of that song was brilliant. What a showman!”

    As for the Bully Boys themselves:

    “A two decades old North Texas hate band. Founded in Florida in 1983, it was turned by band members into a racist band shortly thereafter. The Bully Boys are closely linked to the racist Hammerskins [bonehead] group. In 1990, drummer Sean Tarrant was one of several Confederate Hammerskins sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to civil rights convictions for involvement in the vandalization of a mosque and a Jewish community center in Dallas, and chasing and assaulting minorities in a park. Their current lead vocalist has also spent time in jail on assault charges. In their various incarnations, the Bully Boys have concentrated on playing at venues rather than recording albums.”

    And of course, you may have noticed a recent increase in attacks on mosques and synagogues…


    2) As for ‘Communism’… I’m not a Communist and never have been.

    As far as my own political perspective is concerned, I prefer the term ‘anarchist’ — a political philosophy far removed from both Communism and neo-Nazism.

    Anyway, in reality, anarchists have fought Communism since (its original inception as Bolshevism in Russia in) 1917, if not before, as well as Fascism (Italy 1920s), Francoism (Spain, 1930s) and Nazism (Germany, 1920s/30s). In fact, anarchists have fought against state tyranny — whether of the ‘left’ or of the ‘right’ — since the various movement’s beginnings in the mid- to late- 1800s.

    I’ve actually written about this stuff on my blog:

    Stop talking shit, racist or otherwise.

  17. @ndy says:

    “…These are violent thugs who believe they not only have a right, but a duty, to harrass, intimidate and assault those who do not fit their bigoted ideal. If you are not white, not heterosexual, and if your politics are anywhere to the left of Adolf Hitler then you’re fair game as far as they’re concerned. The community needs to let The Birmingham know that they’re not happy with this element being brought into Fitzroy. This is a multicultural area and houses many vulnerable citizens – easy targets for neo-Nazis.

    We are sending a powerful message to The Birmingham Hotel to stop providing a venue for these people to spread their vile message….”

  18. Sean says:

    Why bring Dane Sweetman and Patrick OSullivan into this particular discussion? Its common knowledge that Patrick is an outcast from within the bonehead scene and is not welcome to attend any gigs and im pretty sure the same goes for Dane Sweetman.

    If you believe these concerts are poorly attended then why worry about them? If they only attract around 30 people then thats hardly anything to worry about. Id be more concerned about people attending a show put on by a bikie group. After all, everyone knows they are involved in drug dealing, drug manufacturing, prostitution, murder, violence, weapons, extortion etc, the list goes on. They are more of a threat to society than 30 odd boneheads.

    As far as the synagogues and mosques being attacked goes, i doubt it was due to a B&H concert. It is well known that Jews and Moslems do not like each other and with all the tension in the Middle East id say its more likely that the attacks are related to this, so do not try and tell me that these fanatical religious groups are non violent. Their actions speak louder than words.

    If youre not a Communist, and you Anarchists have a history or fighting against them, why arent you making a stand against groups like the Socialist Alliance and the Communist Party, and certain unionists? These are dangerous people and the groups are much larger than the Nationalists [sic] in Australia. Its kind of ironic really, you dont like people or organisations discriminating against minorities, yet YOU discriminate against a minority section of Australia, ie [neo-Nazis].

  19. @ndy says:

    THE BUSINESS : Spirit of the Streets

    I’m coming at you with the spirit of the street
    From the ghettos with a hardcore beat
    It don’t matter if you’re black or white
    It’s not your colour that makes it right


    Oi you punk what’s wrong with you
    Hardcore kids are coming through
    Oi you skin how about you
    You must unite or we’ll be through

    We’ve done our best to get by
    Problems with this issue won’t subside
    One by one you can make a choice
    One beating heart and inner voice

    DEAD KENNEDYS : Nazi Punks Fuck Off

    Punk ain’t no religious cult
    Punk means thinking for yourself
    You ain’t hardcore cos you spike your hair
    When a jock still lives inside your head

    Nazi punks
    Nazi punks
    Nazi punks—Fuck Off!

    Nazi punks
    Nazi punks
    Nazi punks—Fuck Off!

    If you’ve come to fight, get outta here
    You ain’t no better than the bouncers
    We ain’t trying to be police
    When you are the cops it ain’t anarchy

    Repeat chorus

    Ten guys jump one, what a man
    You fight each other, the police state wins
    Stab your backs when you trash our halls
    Trash a bank if you’ve got real balls

    You still think swastikas look cool
    The real Nazis run your schools
    Teachers, businessmen and cops
    In a real fourth reich you’ll be the first to go

    Repeat chorus

    You’ll be the first to go
    You’ll be the first to go
    You’ll be the first to go
    Unless you think…

    Roddy Moreno of THE OPPRESSED :

    “Listen to scum and you become scum. I hate people who say they are not racist but they like the music.

    That’s just bullshit. At least the Nazis say what they mean…

    My Oi! Records label was based on Skin/Punk unity.

    To call it unity to hang with Nazis is SHITE.

    If you hang with Nazis you are no better than the Nazis yourself.”

  20. Wilbur says:

    To Jason aka “Mr Backbone”
    How was the pub crawl? Did you have fun drinking in the birmingham hotel and leaving your baby in the corner unattended while you drank piss all night? You are a fucking hypocrite.

  21. Chaos 82 says:

    Yes, I’ve been expecting a comment like this. If I could remember how I got to the Birmy I would have been conscious enough to remind myself not to go there. I still stand by what I said. Pity there were no Nazis around earlier in the day, coz as it turned out I attacked the ‘wrong fellas’. Mistaking ‘oi skins’ for Nazis, declaring that I wanted to kill all racists to non-racists, turning up at the Birmy and passing out there. I did have good intentions, just got things arse about. My perception was in order? I don’t think so. I could have easily turned up at a Nazi meeting without realising it. As if I would want to go to the Birmy after what I said. It wouldn’t make sense. By the way, my baby was being looked after by his mother.
    So what were you doing at the Birmy? You were obviously sober enough to know what was going on.

  22. Red P78 says:

    My son was at NO time left unattended in the corner at the Birmy. I missed all the good bits so can’t enter into discussion about Jason’s pub crawl antics. From what I hear, plenty of genuine wit could easily have been employed when commenting on aforementioned antics without resorting to propagating lies about my child’s welfare on the internet.

  23. Wilbur says:

    LOL, what a load of bullshit! Back peddle all you like yr a fucking idiot. Pity there were no Nazis around? Does this mean next time you see one yr going to kill one? Or is this just more dribble from a junkie loser?


    Selena the only \”genuine wit\” around here is a fuckwit. And thats Jason. Hes just trying to win popularity by acting like hes anti-racist, but the truth is he will talk to anyone that gives him the time of day, regardless of their political views. And thats a fact. Hes a hypocrite.

  24. @ndy says:

    September 24:

    “I will not be going to The Birmy at the end of the pub crawl or at any other time in the future. I will also be reminding others of what happened there and asking them if they are still going…”

    — versus —

    October 3:

    “If I could remember how I got to The Birmy I would have been conscious enough to remind myself not to go there…”

    People often do ‘stupid’ things when they’re drunk. But then, I assume yr big enough and ugly enough to know that already… Thus, I can only hope that, in future, you remember not to get so drunk you’ve no idea what yr doing.

    It’s dangerous.

  25. Red P78 says:

    Wilbur, you make some outlandish statements and appear to need work on mastering the ‘cheap shot’.
    Living with the subject of your derision for some years, I can quite confidently assert that you are wrong.
    Being a junkie requires use of drugs, being a loser implies lack of drive or intellect and hypocrisy would be something you could only ascertain by knowing the guy….( I would prolly be the only one qualified to make such a judgement, considering most complain he barely talks to anyone, few people would have a clue where he stands on most issues).
    Perhaps you are working on outdated information.
    Since you are failing in your endeavour at character assassination perhaps you could try to engage in the kind of topical debate this blog is intended for.

  26. @ndy says:

    Speaking of ‘topical debate’… there oughta be a comma in here: (Italy 1920s).


  27. @ndy says:

    Oh alright.

    Here’s a question:

    Did Welf the neo-Nazi (of the neo-Nazi B&H and the neo-Nazi Australia First Party — by way of the fascist Pauline Hanson’s One Notion and the neo-Nazi German NDP) dance with Fiona (of the ‘non-political’ aussieskins site and the “we’re just ordinary Aussie folk havin’ a laugh and havin’ a say” Deadset Music) at the gig?

    Enquiring minds demand to know!

  28. aketus says:

    ‘We’re not nazis!’

    ‘Oi – what about that swastika shirt dancing about, then. We can see it through the window.’

    ‘No no, that’s a crooked Eureka flag. The shirt was unironed. We’re just Aussie Patriots!’

  29. cj says:

    could someone please explain what the point of the war between racialists and commies is? neither side will win.
    meanwhile, in the real world, I work to put food on the table. I have no time to salute either hitler or marx.
    tell me andy, do you have a job? also, why do you never show your face at these events you condemn, choosing instead to hide behind your computer?

  30. aketus says:

    How about you begin by explaining why all the talk about commies? No commies here.

    I don’t salute anyone. You, on the other hand, can have the finger. Fuck off.

  31. aketus says:

    I also find it amusing that you in turn condemn a man for using a computer, and you do so by posting a comment on his blog.


  32. cj says:

    just using the old cliche, reds v nazis to describe life outside this site
    also not condemning him, just wondering when we will meet him finally

  33. cj says:

    by the way aketus
    [the writer of this message truly madly deeply appreciates your work combating the fascist scourge… or words to that effect.]

  34. aketus says:

    I’m not entirely sure it’s a war with the aim of winning. I myself am in the ‘war’ as you put it, not to win, but simply because I don’t want the other side to 🙂 I believe they did once and it wasn’t pretty. The ending was alright though, the guy killed himself. Still-living nazis haven’t learnt that important lesson yet. With our encouragement, maybe they will!

  35. @ndy says:


    my many devoted fans are constantly pestering me for my autograph; to the point where i’ve adopted a strict policy of not giving any.


    as for my employment…


    Who are you?
    Well, I’m everybody who’s nobody,
    I’m the nobody who’s everybody.
    What’s your racket?
    What do you do for a living?
    Well, I’m an engineer, musician,
    Streetcleaner, carpenter, teacher.
    How about a farmer?
    Office clerk?
    Yes ma’am!
    That’s right.
    Factory worker?
    You said it.
    Data entry operator?
    Union organiser?
    Truck driver?
    Writer, teacher, preacher?
    All of them.
    Are you an Australian?
    I’m just an Irish, Koori, Jewish,
    Italian, French and English,
    Spanish, Russian, Chinese,
    Polish, Scotch, Hungarian,
    Vietnamese, Swedish, Finnish,
    Canadian, Greek and Turk,
    And Czech and indigenous Australian:

    Out of the cheating, out of the shouting,
    Out of the greed and polluting,
    Out of the windbags, the patriotic spouting,
    Out of uncertainty and doubting and
    Out of the swag and the brass spittoon,

    It will come again–our marching songs will come again,
    Simple as a hit tune, deep as our valleys,
    High as our mountains, strong as the people who made it.

    Get it?

  36. cj says:

    thats great
    free speech till you hear something you can’t handle then block it out
    you’re a coward, simple as that

  37. @ndy says:

    “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”

    Two local neo-Nazi groups — Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins — hold a SECRET gig, at THE BIRMY, to commemorate the death of a foreign bonehead called Ian Stuart 13 yrs ago.

    [SKREWDRIVER : White Power

    “White Power! For England
    White Power! Today
    White Power! For Britain
    Before it gets too late

    Are we gonna sit and let them come?
    Have they got the White man on the run?
    Multi-racial society is a mess
    We ain’t gonna take much more of this
    What do we need?”]

    This fact is discovered, and publicised. When quizzed about the event by a journalist, the manager, Gary, LIES, and says it “never happened”.

    (Hmmm, where have I heard THAT line before?)


    Simple as that.

  38. cj says:

    Im not talking about that
    Im talking about you editing mine, and others, posts to suit your own agenda
    I support your right to voice your opinions, whether I agree or not
    To do that makes YOU a fascist which hardly puts you above blood and honour does it?
    Plus it makes you a hypocrite for all your antifascist talk
    You are a coward because you do not show yourself
    I know blood and honour people, I know most of the people who comment here, and they show themselves and express their views in public, as I do
    You dont
    Im not threatening you but you should face these people, to use The Oppressed to support your arguments is crap
    Roddy Moreno made his face public, created a whole group to fight for what he believed
    You hide behind a computer ruining gigs for the dedicated few that just want a night out

  39. @ndy says:

    hi cj!

    “Im talking about you editing mine, and others, posts to suit your own agenda”

    And I’ve got no idea what yr talking about. I’ve censored exactly two posts on this thread, a post by ‘Wilbur’ — indicated with a [snip] — and a previous post by yrself, in which you told aketus to ‘fuck off’. (So there ya go. I’ve included yr comment… happy? I doubt it. And if Jason wants to know what Wilbur wrote, he can ask: no prizes for guessing what it was in ref to.)

    Both actions have got bugger-all to do with advancing ‘my agenda’, evidence of which may be found not here, but through-out my blog.

    Further, as a matter of record I’ve censored other posts — maybe 5 or 6, I don’t remember — because they’ve been simply abusive. Such comments are extremely tiresome, and add nothing to discussion. If you don’t like my editing style, I suggest you start yr own blog and do whatever the hell YOU want with it, OK? I reserve the right to edit posts as I see fit.

    “I support your right to voice your opinions, whether I agree or not”

    And I don’t really care. I don’t know who you are, and I certainly don’t rely on you for token support to secure my ‘rights’. For that, I rely on my comrades, and the social movements which helped establish these ‘rights’ in the first fucking place.

    Like, the labour movement.

    “To do that makes YOU a fascist which hardly puts you above blood and honour does it?”

    Lemme get this straight: you reckon I’m a “fascist” ‘cos I’ve edited some comments on my blog? And this puts me in the same camp as the neo-Nazi B&H?

    Sweet Jesus.

    Anyways, I’m not ‘above’ B&H, I’m in opposition. That’s ‘cos baby, I’m an anarchist, and B&H are neo-fucking-Nazis.

    “Plus it makes you a hypocrite for all your antifascist talk”

    See above.

    “You are a coward because you do not show yourself”

    Meaning? ‘Show myself’? Huh? I’m not the one who organised a ‘secret’ gig. B&H did that.


    “I know blood and honour people, I know most of the people who comment here, and they show themselves and express their views in public, as I do”

    This blog IS public: anyone can read it, and anyone — like you, cj — can respond.

    (Btw, if you really do know B&H people, feel free to out them here… arf arf.)

    Anyway, what do you care?

    “Im not threatening you but you should face these people, to use The Oppressed to support your arguments is crap”

    I’m glad to know that an anonymous commenter isn’t ‘threatening’ me (with what? Dr. Violence, I presume). But why should I ‘face’ these people? Who are ‘these people’ anyway? You mean yr mates?

    (And what, exactly, would be the point of my introducing myself to, say, Damien Ovchynik? I REALLY don’t think we’ve got a lot in common, y’know?)

    As for The Oppressed…

    “Listen to scum and you become scum. I hate people who say they are not racist but they like the music. That’s just bullshit. At least the Nazis say what they mean… My Oi! Records label was based on Skin/Punk unity. To call it unity to hang with Nazis is SHITE. If you hang with Nazis you are no better than the Nazis yourself.”


    What’s yr point?

    The point, as I see it, is that ‘it’s bullshit to hang with Nazis’. You disagree, and think it’s fine.


    “Roddy Moreno made his face public, created a whole group to fight for what he believed”

    Yeah. He is/was the vocalist in a band… and it’s kinda hard to hide on stage. Especially when you’ve been playing thousands of gigs over decades.

    “You hide behind a computer ruining gigs for the dedicated few that just want a night out”

    You don’t know me, and you’ve got absolutely no idea what I do, with whom, when, where, or why. And that’s fine by me. For all YOU know, I could be a champion athlete or stuck in a fucking wheelchair. Either way, why not address what you DO know: what I write.

    As for “ruining gigs”… it went ahead, didn’t it?

    Were you there, cj?

    As for “the dedicated few”… fuck ’em. They’re fucking B O N E H E A D S. (I mean, in case you hadn’t noticed who yr ‘friends’ are.) And boneheads are no bloody mates of mine. Nor do they “just want a night out”. They’re vicious racist swine… a fact of which at least one innocent bystander was informed of on the night.

  40. aketus says:

    And unfortunately @ndy is not a fascist for managing the content of his blog. If you feel your speech isn’t allowed to be expressed freely on someone else’s blog, start your own.

    That shit about ‘ahh anti-fascists are actually another type of fascist, I don’t agree with you but support your right to say it’ thing has been tried before, boring boring boring. Think of something new. If you were that dedicated to the freedoms of others, you wouldn’t be defending an organisation dedicated to the removal of those freedoms of a particular segment of society.

    Boring, boring. And all too easily refuted.

  41. cj says:

    1. the oppressed went for years before the sharp movement, therefore moreno came public after having been in a band
    2. I actually put you below the Nazi movement, because they dont pretend or hide who they are, you do
    3. Id love to see you face to face, no not for dr. violence but to actually discuss you slagging off my mates, like doug who is a good decent man without a racist bone in his body
    4. are you on the dole? Im guessing so
    gee fuck the system but collect money off it at the same time
    5. yes I was there, I dont hide that
    I dont feel the need to follow any political movement because i shave my head
    I cant understand why i have to, so i can go to whatever gig I want

    anyway you prob wont be up for a few hours, it is 10am after all so ill leave you to your day of fucking the system

  42. @ndy says:

    Ha ha ha!

    Hey cj!

    1) Logic’s not yr best suit really is it?

    Roddy reckons he’s been a skin since ’69, and has known what it’s meant since then.

    That’s 37 yrs of no neo-Nazi bullshit.

    Skinhead opposition to boneheads has been around since the cult first had to respond to neo-Nazi infiltration in the late 70s. Oppressed formed ’81, and Roddy (and the band) has been explicit about saying ‘fuck fascism’ since then.

    SHARP formed ’87 in the States (New Yawk).

    2) But yr pretty good at talking shit!

    3) What’s to discuss? He may not be a racist, but he’s certainly a fence-sitter.

    4) Ouch! That hurts mate, it really does.

    5) Of course you can go to whatever gig you want. So can I. It’s a choice, and you’ve made yrs: to support B&H and the SCHS.


    Oh dear, is that the time? Better have another bong eh?

  43. gordon piper says:

    I think I’m beginning to like you

  44. Red P78 says:

    Why did the skinhead cross the road?
    To beat up the chicken.
    Why did 100 skinheads cross the road?
    The chicken was winning.


  45. slaughter77 says:

    G’day everyone

    even though this is many years late (my post) i decided to have a say myself

    in truth i’m probably what most would consider an old school or old fashioned metal fan

    but of course through many years of growing up in west suburbs and close to inner city gigs as a kid i was exposed to many forms of extreme music punk and oi music where no exceptions nor was gangster rap or reggae etc for that matter

    at now 32 yrs of age i still love all aspects of underground music and culture ,and i also enjoy the fact i grew up in a multi cultural society i love many different foods, films, literature, history, mythos from all sides

    the main thing i find disturbing is that any hate group whether it is white pride or islamic extremists or “black power” or the myriad of bikie gangs etc seem to always get away with their crimes

    if i murder a person of any race or creed it should be murder and i should in turn be murdered if we are to look at this mathematically correct?

    of course i hold dear the ethos of innocent until proven guilty as much as the next bloke in the dock but think of it like this folks

    some of us don’t give a crap which side of the fence you sit on and believe without any of you groups anarchists, white pride etc etc it would be a happier safer and saner place!

    when i started going to metal and h/c shows when i was 12 some 20 years ago

    the only boneheads around where like a dozen guys who used to beat up us “white” skaters and metal heads

    were there any big tough oi skins or punks or homies to back us up?

    fuck no!

    any commies or jews or blacks or asians to rally to our [side]?

    forget it

    i am living proof that you can protest and blog and march and fight all you want no-one gives a fat flying fuck what some jack boot cropped haired kid is yelling out in a drunken stupor to passers by

    seriously everyone acts the part talks the talk on both sides

    if the nazis really had all these guns etc they would have done somrthing significant by now and not just the random murders and bashings, rapes etc

    that kind of shit is the act of low criminal vermin nothing more or less

    i have even read some had thought of dane sweetman as a “political prisoner”?

    right now fuck up!

    he is a pedo plain and simple a low down low rent glorified old out and out faggot

    and if we read between the lies like most smart people do we will discover that the head of skrewdriver’s security in the early days nicky whatever his last name is was also ousted as a gay man!

    not to mention almost all of the original nazi party were all sexual deviants and opium fiends

    now think for a second … how the hell does a bunch of low rent criminals get zillions of pounds of smack through our “security” every year?

    why? why you ask how?

    because of the right wing secret police

    there are at least several high profile nazis within our system of parliament and that is just the tip of the iceberg

    the hells angels etc are outlawed in the states and in germany you can’t even wear a screwdriver t shirt ok?

    are you with me?

    if our government really gave a fuck about who gets called a “n%&$*&R” and what hate group does to what minority… they would make real laws and serious ones at that

    the current pc bullshit laws are useless obviously if b&h can waddle in to some bloke’s pub and hold a gig there in broad day light

    that shit is nothing

    shit melb footy club, tonnes of sports clubs in the “eastern” suburbs

    funny how many skins nazi oi or otherwise same as punks crusties often act the part and make out they are working class or poor etc yet they have the tendency to slag off people who are on the dole or who smoke weed or do art or happen to be a guy and prefer fucking guys… yet they all come from seriously affluent backgrounds

    you’re all fakes and you know it

    for the record i don’t wave the union jack cos i have irish blood and besides which if people woke up they would hate the monarchy properly too

    it is the brits who started slavery and drove out the indians (tried)

    it is the brits who enslaved africa, and also the brits who maintain bullshit anti drug programs such as methadone etc and free aids tests etc for junkies when you and i and anyone else who has a genuine desire/need to get help or assistance or blood tests usually is put on a waiting list and will incur huge bills whether on a hcc or not

    if they wanna help junkies stay off smack send them to antarctica for fuck’s sake!

    i tried to help a dear friend kick the habit once and upon visiting them at a “rehab clinic” funded by british gov funds only to be horrified that slimy fucks were walking in and out of the clinic all afternoon dealing as much smack and fuck knows what else they like

    see the bigger picture here?

    methadone rarely works

    it is like me saying man i have a weed habit i need to kick it can you give me some medical mull so i can just use it on a strict time table?

    or a pisshead saying i need to kick the booze ok here have a free bottle of scotch and a goon every week

    it is nonsense policies like this that the new world order aka the 4th reich which is by the way made of just as much jewish bankers and arab oil conglomerates as it is gun toting nra hitler loving klan members!

    the us is often always to blame why? cos they print the money ok?

    it is true they fucked it up when ronnie came out in the mid 80s and described army uniforms as “costumes” and carried on like he was in a movie… robin williams does it best…

    ronnie pressing big red button… BAM MEGADETH FOR ALL! “that’s a wrap ” people

    nth korea, china, britain they are the real fuckin enemies of the people not the people who live there the sick freaks with the big toys…

    they are the real worry

    not one person has mentioned the fact of b&h and the like gaining rising popularity since the rise of norwegian black metal and its followers

    not every kid who wears a darkthrone t shirt is a nazi but it is a jolly good bet they know a few

    i hate the fuckers but even i know plenty on a first name basis

    and i have learnt through trial and error it is usually best to nod and smile and walk away

    the only [way] to do anything about any group is militant violent pacification

    mobilize, strategize, and with the right minds and hearts and yes indeed as jase said “back bone”

    we can annihilate any threat locally

    food for thought

    cos any time i have stood up for myself or the rights of others at a gig or anywhere else it has always fallen on deaf ears and shivering jellyfish!

    metalheads and punks included

    basically if you’re gonna say your bit in this day n age be prepared to defend yourself from any from of assault from anywhere

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  47. dinosaur of the future says:

    is jason bastard dead yet?
    if you google jason bastard, there’s a photo of him in a skrewdriver t-shirt, which would’ve been taken before he went to gaol …

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