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Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

A close reading of the text of Marx’s Capital, Volume I.

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Bonehead remanded in custody
Wanganui Chronicle
July 1, 2008

THE NAZI skinhead who was the victim of last month’s Cornfoot St shooting will be off Wanganui streets for at least a week. William George Mosen, 26, yesterday appeared in Wanganui District Court, where he was remanded in custody after he was arrested on Sunday and charged with a number of offences. The charges included kidnapping a woman on June 28-29, physically abusing her while a protection order was in place, damaging her property while a protection order was in place, threatening to injure another woman in order to intimidate her and intentionally damaging a swipe card reader and wiring, the property of the New Zealand Police. Mosen has also been charged with possession of a knife and drinking alcohol in a liquor ban area at 3.55am on June 24. Mosen, who was on bail when charged, will appear in court on July 8. Yesterday, Police Prosecutor Stephen Butler opposed further bail for Mosen and asked that he be held in custody for a week. However, Mosen declined to apply for bail, on grounds he thought it might be “safer”. Nevertheless, shortly afterwards Mosen appeared to be in two minds on the matter: “I just don’t think my gunshot wound will heal that well in jail. It probably won’t save my life being locked up in prison, but so be it,” he told Judge Michael Radford. Wanganui Police have yet to make an arrest in connection with Mosen’s shooting.

Self-proclaimed bonehead faces murder charges
Devona Walker
The Oklahoman
June 20, 2008

A self-proclaimed general of an Oklahoma bonehead gang is facing two murder charges, and prosecutors say the death penalty is a distinct possibility in both deaths. Darrel Madden is charged with murder and kidnapping in the October death of Steven Domer, 62. Domer was last seen Oct. 26 near NW 39 and Pennsylvania Avenue, and the next day his car was found burned in McClain County. A few days later, Domer’s body was found in a ravine about three miles away from the vehicle. “This crime is completely odious to us that they would come, hunt someone down and kill them because of their race or sexual orientation,” said Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland. “I don’t think there will be a plea.” Though Madden has asked for a plea agreement in the case, Rowland said the district attorney’s office has little motivation to offer him one. Rowland said the death penalty is very much on the table. Madden is accused in Domer’s death, and also the death of Bradley Qualls, who authorities said quarreled with him while hiding from law authorities after Domer’s body was discovered. Madden faces a murder charge in Carter County in connection with Qualls’ death. District Attorney Craig Ladd said Madden also will likely face the death penalty in the killing of Qualls, who may have been Madden’s accomplice in the killing of Domer. Madden has court dates scheduled next month in both cases.

t h r e e

The Woiworung had a religious relationship to their land, participating in corroborees and sacred ceremonies on Merri Creek. They played games too – wrestling, throwing boomerangs and playing ‘Marngrook’. Two sides played this ball game. A round ball made of rolled possum skin tied up with kangaroo sinew was kicked high in the air.

Merri Creek was a meeting place for the Woiworung and three other cultural language groups. There was enough food for up to a thousand people for several weeks. The meetings were for social contact, ceremonies, marriage, deciding issues in tribal law and trading axe heads, reed spears and possum skin cloaks.

The settlement of the area around Melbourne in the 1830s was a disaster for the Woiworung. The Aborigines died from western diseases – small pox, fever, ulcers, syphilis and dysentery. The growth of the white population and building of houses and towns meant that bird and animal life moved north because the land was taken over by sheep and cattle. Sheep ate the plants and trampled food and water resources. Lack of food, accidents, alcohol and violent incidents with white people killed many. Fewer babies were born because Woiworung were so fearful – their country was theirs no longer.

f o u r

An old stone quarry was filled in and became Fleming Park, the home of the East Brunswick cricket and football clubs in 1919. In 1916 the tram along Lygon Street was electrified, putting the site of Brunswick’s first textile factory, Prestige Hosiery (1922), within easier reach of its workforce. A returned servicemen’s housing area was begun in 1923, identifiable by the Maori street names, probably in acknowledgment of the Anzac War tradition.

f i v e

Best memory was playing a gig in Melbourne, in some pub, can’t remember which, full swing into it and about 30 Maoris drinking in the front bar… I’m sure you can picture what happened. Bedlam. We managed to protect all our gear however. Mic stands make magnificent clubs…

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SHAM 69 (UK) with Bastard Squad, Sin City and T.H.U.G., Saturday July 19, 2008, for a scorching show at the East!

s e v e n

What do you think those who care about this issue should do?

I would say boycott, boycott, boycott. Don’t buy the fucking records. Just leave it alone… This goes to promoters too. Hell, you make enough money. Show some integrity. Stop these people from coming in and infesting the scene. If you think it is any good for the scene, then think again. It is just going to cause all kinds of problems.

e i g h t

Aside from blind, brute nationalistic pride, what is the point of all this lying about history? Emory University Jewish and Holocaust Studies Professor Deborah Lipstadt put it well in her 1993 book Denying the Holocaust: “Denial aims to reshape history to rehabilitate the persecutors and demonize the victims.”

That is true across the board. Some semi-official Turkish narratives now claim, in effect, that the Armenians actually carried out genocidal attacks on the Turks. Neo-Nazis and their scholarly enablers say that “the Jews” manufactured tall tales of the Holocaust in order to extort money and other concessions from postwar Germany. Neo-Confederates like Doug Wilson, a far-right pastor in Moscow, Idaho, tell their listeners with a straight face that the Civil War was nothing less than a defense of righteous Christian civilization and that blacks really didn’t mind slavery.

These lies all serve current agendas — to demonize and minimize the historical claims of Armenians, Jews, and African Americans. That is why, at the end of her book, Lipstadt called on scholars to act: “We must do so in order to expose falsehood and hate. We will remain ever vigilant so that the most precious tools of our trade and our society — truth and reason — can prevail. The still, small voices of millions cry out to us from the ground demanding that we do no less.”

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  1. THR says:

    I’m enjoying the David Harvey lectures. They’re possibly a bit more introductory than a ‘close reading’, but he’s pretty schematic, and is able to discuss Marx without obscurity.

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