Seismic Shock ~versus~ Stephen Sizer

Computer says The Reverend Dr Stephen Robert Sizer (born 1953) is the incumbent at Christ Church, Virginia Water, an Anglican parish in Surrey, England. He has a website here.

Seismic Shock is a blog by a student from the UK named Joseph Wiseman.

Apparently, Sizer laid a complaint with UK police over some of the things Wiseman wrote on his blog, which apparently — inter alia — accused The Good Reverend of being anti-Semitic. Consequently, on November 29, 2009, Wiseman received a visit from police…

Rory Cellan-Jones provides a summary of the story thus far here: Seismic Shock: When blogging meets policing, BBC, January 26, 2010. Sizer has a personal blog here; a recent entry cites a Guardian review of Defamation. Dr. Cam and I saw the film at last year’s MIFF; I wrote some thoughts on the film then.

It’s a funny Olde Worlde.

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One Response to Seismic Shock ~versus~ Stephen Sizer

  1. modernity says:

    “some of the things Wiseman wrote on his blog, which apparently — inter alia — accused The Good Reverend of being anti-Semitic.”


    No, he doesn’t.

    That’s the whole point, specifically Seismic Shock didn’t accuse Sizer of being antisemitic.

    That’s what Sizer made out, but Seismic Shock didn’t.

    He critiques Sizer’s ideas, his questionable associations and how Sizer should be more careful, but he doesn’t accuse Sizer of being antisemitic.

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