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Prominent local scholars from the Australian punk community have expressed shock and surprise at what they allege are the lies and hypocrisy of Australian journalists. The outraged reaction follows the broadcast of a number of stories concerning contemporary Russia. “Anarchy is a fag!” exclaimed one concerned Melbourne scholar upon learning that SBS had broadcast Letter to Anna (Winner of the Vaclav Havel Award at One World Filmfestival, Prague 2008). “They think they’re getting to Putin, but they’re clearly not”, commented Chunga. “Their shitty little film is probably better off being a film about me! But seriously, all they’re doing is bringing more hate into Russia. People hate them, because they go to Russia expecting a fun time, not repression, and they show up to a cold place because some loser is trying to undermine patriotic feeling.”

In a second, allegedly unpatriotic report by the ABC, “Life for many minority groups in Russia has become increasingly difficult as the incidence of hate crimes rises…” claims Scott Bevan (Russian hate crime increases, ABC Lateline, October 6, 2008). Doug Smith, spokesperson for the lobby group Skin Heads Neither For Nor Against Racial Prejudice (SHNFNARP), said “You would have to call that a pretty unsuccessful piece of reportage. Scott Bevan thinks his identity is secret but he has a shop called 1+4=88 on Sydney Road in Brunswick that prints leftist t-shirts with spelling errors and stuff. I fronted him about the shit that he talks on the ABC but he denied it”. Upon viewing the broadcast, Mark Bastard, a member of the Brisbane-based group Keyboard Warriors, issued a challenge to Scott: “Give me your address, daytime and nighttime contact phone numbers, and I promise you I will beat the fucking shit out of you and then make a black man take a shit in your face.”

In other news, in a case with parallels to that of Unkle Frederick Toben, Denmark is to extradite two men over neo-Nazi music. According to Associated Press (October 7, 2008): “Danish authorities say two men arrested for producing and distributing neo-Nazi music in Germany will be extradited to Germany. The Justice Ministry has decided that the men — a Dane and a German — can be extradited under Danish law. The Ministry Tuesday said the men have the right to test the case before a Danish court before being extradited. The pair were arrested August 27 north of Copenhagen on a German extradition request. German investigators say the pair produced as many as 100,000 copies of neo-Nazi music under the label Celtic Moon.” Another report by Deutsche Welle states: “They are presumed to have had contact to a partner in Australia, who allegedly copied the CDs and sent them to Denmark for distribution in Europe.”

An earlier report (Frankfurt prosecutors arrest neo-Nazi music producers, The Local, August 27, 2008), states that German national Stephan G., 33, and Dane Flemming C, 32, are “also allegedly connected to the banned Werwolf Records company, which [Thorsten Heise of the German NPD] used to produce the equally illegal two-part sampler “The Germans are Coming”. The searches in Finland were targeted at managers of Werwolf, which is a reference to the Nazi underground that continued fighting after the end of WWII”.

The identity of the partner in Australia has yet to be disclosed, although there are a number of links between Werwolf and local neo-Nazis. For example, Newcastle band Blood Red Eagle is on sale at the Werwolf website, as is the band Deaths Head, Kilgore and Shatter Pattern. Blood Red Eagle and Ravenous — whose lead shouter Jesse also strained his vocal chords for the band Deaths Head — both performed at this year’s Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Beaconsfield in September. The third band on the bill was Belgian band Kill Baby Kill, who most recently achieved notoriety prancing about on stage in Redhill.

Locally, neo-Nazi titles — Blood Red Eagle (AUS), Bound For Glory (UK not US), Fortress (AUS), Legion of St. George (UK), Retaliator (UK), Skrewdriver (UK) and the incomparable Southern Storm (”Niggers, Jews and Communists / Look out scum, you’re on our list!”) — are available through Snapshot Records in Sydney. (Oddly, Snapshot also endorses Class War — and, presumably, Class War endorses Snapshot; or at least, the use of its logo.) Other distributors include Scythian Sevices (which deals exclusively in neo-Nazi muzak) and Deadset Music, which stocks a small range of fascist / neo-Nazi / RAC and white power music — including but not limited to Bakers Dozen, Battle Scarred, Combat 84, Condemned 84, Hateful, Kampfzone, Knockdown, Les Villains, Marching On, Retaliator, Scum, Tattooed Motherfuckers, The Gits and Unit Lost.

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