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It ain’t no Mystery, Herald Sun trollumnist Andrew Bolt‘s making History. On February 24, to be exact, when he launched the new book by former Trotskyist Maoist Keith Windschuttle at a glittering forum sponsored by Quadrant (The Magazine Formerly Sponsored By The CIA). Windschuttle’s book is titled The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Three, The Stolen Generations 1881–2008. A renowned humourist, the publication of Windschuttle’s third volume on Aboriginal historical fabrics comes prior to the second (the rumoured title of which is The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume Two, Writing, Researching And Communicating How the Unemployed, Literary Critics and Social Theorists Working in the Arts And The Media in Van Diemen’s Land Are Fixing the News And Killing White Australian Local Employment Initiatives: A New Social and Political Analysis of the Economic Crisis in Australian Press, Television, Radio and Advertising).

Incidentally, Quadrant would also like to welcome you to the History Wars:

Quadrant and the History Wars seem synonymous.

So, we are adding a new page to Quadrant Online called History Wars.

History Wars is both an online archive for writing that has appeared in the magazine and elsewhere and a platform for voices that challenge the established Left stranglehold on our past.

Stolen Generations! Holocausts! Bullies! Pygmies! ANZACs! Terra Nulliuses! Postmodernism! It’s all here, and neither The Aboriginal Industry or The Pink Mafia — nor, indeed, the Leftist Media And Political Establishment — can stop Quadrant from unveiling The Truth.

See also : The Return of the Son of Windschuttle & Bolt ~versus~ Manne (February 5, 2010) | Windschuttle & Bolt ~versus~ Manne (February 2, 2010).

Speaking of History, The Jew and ‘Holocaust? More like Holohoax amirite?’, Canadian/German UFOlogist and Holocaust denialist Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel is to be freed from prison in Germany today (March 1, 2010), after having spent the last five years behind bars. Poor old Uncle Ernst was convicted in 2007 of 14 counts of inciting hatred for The Jew, including contributing to a Web site devoted to denying the Holocaust. On a related note, good old Uncle Fred Töben — himself no stranger to either Holocaust denial or prison — has been busy trying to keep up the spirits of Perth-based Brendon O’Connell in his battle with ZOG.

But the less said about that, the better, apparently.

See also : The Broadcasting Standards Authority’s Christmas gift to anti-semites, Reading the Maps, December 24, 2009 | The Google Three, Italy and Silvio Berlusconi, John Naughton, The Observer, February 28, 2010. “The web may be global but sovereign states still make up the rules”.

Also on trial for some of the things he’s said is Freedom-loving (and much-beloved) Dutch politician Geert Wilders. His Freedom-loving party party party is not keen on Muslims (see : Short Cuts, Thomas Jones, London Review of Books, Vol.27, No.20, October 20, 2005), and neither is a large segment of the Dutch public it seems, with many expected to vote for Wilder & Co. at local council elections (Intolerant kingmaker defies Dutch clichés, Michael Steen in Amsterdam, Financial Times, February 26, 2010). Also in Amsterdam, as in Europe as a whole (see: Rozbrat), Government authorities are kraak-ing down on squatting.

    In Marvellous Melbourne, squatting is an extremely marginal phenomenon, confined to fuckwits, bums, and lowlifes, and without even the often token legal protections afforded by the state in Dead Europe. This is despite the fact that squatting in the nineteenth century embiggened many of the families which now constitute the country’s elite, that the land as a whole was stolen wholesale from indigenous peoples, and that housing affordability in the major cities is at an historic low. For the poor, slums — whether private or public — befit their status, a condition unlikely to change until such time as the political costs increase.

Another Cultural Warrior fighting out of the blue corner is Mervyn F. Bendle. He’s written a series of truly extraordinary essays on teh gheys teh Left, Warmingism and more, of which the following are a sample:

I didn’t realise it until quite recently, but in late 2008 Bendle was at the centre of The Bendle Affair. “Some of Australia’s top thinkers on national security have opened a new front in the culture wars – over whether a postmodernist interpretation of terrorism is brainwashing our next generation of military leaders…” (Culture wars bomb hits the military, Jamie Walker, The Australian, September 20, 2008). In essence, Bendle surprised The Academy by volunteering to act as an intellectual bouncer.

For Bendle, the shift from pondering The Mystery of Gaia, psychoanalysis and postmetaphysics to the fitness of the ADFA’s Tony Burke to be teaching The Kids about terrorism began with the essay Hijacking Terrorism Studies (Quadrant, Vol.52, No.9, September 2008). I dunno if the ‘affair’ gained much publicity: torrid as it was, it seems to have ended fairly quickly. Bendle’s previous essay on ‘America as the New Rome’, published in the May issue of the magazine, despite being “superb, erudite, and sophisticated”, doesn’t appear to have generated any heat at all; a fact possibly not unrelated to the further fact that, unlike his military assault upon Burke, it didn’t come to the attention of The Australian. Anyway, the subject of his essay writing (and, moreover, blogging) is fringe, left-wing politics, so moaron that later.

Bonus Maps & Barricades!

Reading the Maps

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