OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

Crazy kids and their intarwebs!

The Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) finally make it into the papers.

(See below.)

They’re just like real soldiers (only not quite as well paid).

“Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” Darrin Hodges wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots. Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”. Darrin also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which [FightDemBack!] believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla.

In his article (Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’) Liam makes reference to a Cronulla vid (Videos on [SCS] websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”), which is presumably a reference to the vid Australian Protectionist Party (APP) members Darrin Hodges and Martin Fletcher helped to produce and distribute on Stormfront in the riot’s immediate aftermath. Hodges & Co. maintain that the ‘riot’ was in fact a ‘White Civil Uprising’, an opening shot fired in a civil war in which their side seeks to return Australia to its natural status as a 100% White outpost in Asia. While Hodges & Co. are based in Sydney, at the same time, in Melbourne, another APP member, Luke Connors, in his then capacity as spokesperson for the now-defunct ‘Patriotik Yoof League’:

…predicted further outbreaks.

“‘When you have areas which are majority Muslim, because they don’t tend to adapt that well, or majority African or Middle Eastern extraction, and right next door you have an area which is 90 per cent Anglo-Saxon, or Anglo-Celtic, there is going to be friction,” he said.

“West Heidelberg is a big one because you have a very large black working-class community next to a white middle-working-class community. That would be my best guess actually if it was going to start up in Melbourne.

“Also, out past Springvale, along the train line, there is that same sort of segregation going on, in working-class areas where they are competing for the same jobs and there is a high unemployment rate.”

~ Ewin Hannan and Richard Baker, Nationalists boast of their role on the beach, The Age, December 13, 2005

In the meantime, the silly boys manly Aryan worriers of the APP are currently trying to arrange for BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin to pop over for a cup of tea and a chat about strategies for making Australia a wog-free zone averting the demographic genocide that is threatening his Fatherland and the Mother Country (“caused by the large-scale immigration of people from the Third World”). As things stand, however, and especially given what appears to be widespread opposition on the part of VIPs, it appears that Gub’mint authorities are unlikely to approve Nick’s visa application.

    Above: one of numerous racist images available on APP member Martin Fletcher’s webshite, ‘Downunder News Links’. The imgs were originally produced by the US-based neo-Nazi organisation ‘White Aryan Resistance’.

Earlier this year, spokesperson for the NSW APP, Darrin Hodges, described Third World immigrants as sub-human: “Australia was a beautiful place once, before it was flooded with third-world sewerage from African [sic] and Asia.” Adds, a Major-General in the Southern Cross Soldier Army, echoes this sentiment: “All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

Anyway, here’s an article about angry white teens.

Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’
Sunday Herald Sun
Liam Houlihan
November 23, 2008

POLICE will use roadblocks, mounted coast patrols and fines for swearing to protect Melbourne beaches from a Cronulla-style anti-immigrant gang.

The crackdown follows boasts by the 200-strong Melbourne chapter of the Southern Cross Soldiers, who admit having criminals and neo-Nazis in their ranks, that they will converge on bayside beaches this summer.

Police in bayside suburbs will implement Operation Beachsafe, which shares the name given to NSW police’s post-Cronulla riots crackdown.

Inspector Neil Patterson, of Moorabbin police, said: “There’s one group in particular that has indicated they intend to hold parties on beach locations.

“The message is if you’re coming to the beach areas . . . to drink or cause problems, we’re going to be there ready to target you.”

Melbourne SCS co-leader Adds said members included criminals and self-described neo-Nazi skinheads, and some had relatives in the Hell’s Angels.

“All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

“We’re just trying to put the word out that we don’t like it.”

The radical police plan to protect beaches from December to March includes:

ROADBLOCKS and car checks to stop troublemakers heading to the beach.

A ZERO-TOLERANCE blitz, including on-the-spot $130 fines for swearing on the beach, to stop trouble before it starts.

MOUNTED horse patrols in troublespots and undercover beach officers.

PHONING parents of drunk and violent youths to pick up their children from police stations.

POSSIBLE referral to the Department of Human Services if parents of young offenders cannot be contacted.

Masked soldiers in the posse call themselves “SCS defenders” and “SCS enforcers” and pose in front of patriotic paraphernalia wearing matching hoodies and wielding weapons including a machete, jemmy and spanner.

Videos on their websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”.

Insp Patterson said the police blitz aimed to keep beaches safe for families.

“If we can stop anti-social behaviour in its starting forms, then it won’t increase into forms of violence,” he said.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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226 Responses to OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

  1. @ndy says:


    The exact circumstances surrounding Tyler’s death have yet to be established, and are the subject of a coronial investigation. According to published accounts, however, he was not literally “running around with knives, threatening and attacking innocent people and screaming his fool head off”. As far as I’m aware, he attacked nobody — police claim he attempted to attack them, which is why they shot him dead.

    The reaction of Tyler’s family to his death may be found in the statement they released to the public. They claim police were heavy-handed and that Tyler’s death could have been avoided had they adopted another approach. This argument has also been put forward by Father Peter Norden of the the Victorian Criminal Justice Coalition, “which represents more than 50 legal, academic and community service groups, [and] has called for an independent investigation”:

    The coalition, which has campaigned for specialist response teams to be used to deal with disturbed people, warned against a “closed shop” probe.

    “The use of capsicum spray and a violent confrontation is often the worst possible response to a young person displaying emotional or psychiatric symptoms,” convenor Father Peter Norden said.

    “The Victorian community calls for a more sophisticated response in dealing with disturbed individuals, particularly very young people.”

  2. Scotty says:

    Guys im looking at starting a SCS crew in WA i have 12 good mates all bouncers in perth and are keen to start a chapter over here i want to put a stop to our Sovereignty getting diluted any further someone contact me asap [email protected]

  3. Aussie chick :) says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the SCS.. I wanna join 🙂

  4. Scotty says:

    SCS all the way!!!!!1

  5. Digger says:

    I reckon the SCS contains a lot of losers, underachievers and lazy do-nothing layabouts who value little but themselves, their beer drinking and their cowardly gang bashing of non-whites. They Rah RAh RAH but achieve nothing but notoriety. Problems now surfacing from single mothers dragging up kids with a succession of fuck partners, lack of discipline at home and in school, and no real self respect.

    And the courts are a joke as far as suitable sentencing is concerned.

    I reckon that if kids have trouble with the cops twice they should go in for a month of real boot camp army workover, and the do-gooders should shut up if some little shit or shitess gets the crap knocked of them in a police cell. And if they have drugs on or in them, then it should be army boot camp for two months, second time six months real shit tropics boot camp army in a very isolated area so if they piss off they cark it through starvation and thirst. And they have to grow some of their food to exist; work hard in the garden, eat well. Slack arse and go hungry.

  6. Rolls says:

    “patriots” – because you wrap yourselves in a couple of flags you obviously don’t understand the significance or history of? Because you confuse symbols with what they stand for?

    “patriots” – because you have been suckered to act in the interests of exactly those people who would be happy to see you deprived of your freedoms and banged up for insurrection/terrorism the moment you have served their needs? (The Hun is going to have a field day jumping up and down on you lot, calling for tougher laws, banning SCS as terrorists, more police, and better guns)

    “patriots” – because one of your number goes mental in my local shopping center and park against police (agents of the State you claim to be “patriotic” to)?

    “patriots” – who can’t see that the G-20 and “globalisation” is a real cause of worldwide “Sovereignty getting diluted” (@Scotty)?

    “patriots” – because you seem to think that mindless street thuggery is going to somehow “unite” Australians?

    What this tragic incident with Tyler shows is that the so-called Southern Cross Soldiers are simply a bunch of totally clueless and easily manipulated drongos who are more of a danger to themselves than anything else.

    The only difference between Tyler Cassidy and Julian Knight is that Tyler was stopped before he could kill a bunch of innocent bystanders.

    Rebels without a cause. Thick as two short planks. While real Aussie patriots will be out fighting bushfires this summer, putting their lives on the line with no expectation of reward to save the homes of people they haven’t even met, you guys will be too busy playing video war games and tagging the local station.

    It takes a lot more than getting pissed, wrapping yourself in a flag, and yelling “oi, oi, oi” to be a real Aussie patriot.

    As @ndy says, “harden the fuck up” – and grow a brain and get a life while you’re at it.

  7. Tyler says:

    Tyler Cassidy is six foot under. Worms eating his now green shriveled body, Eyes and brain melting out of his head.

    OBEY THE LAW you stupid pricks and quit this bullshit White pride contest. Or you to can expect 45. bullets punching holes through your lungs.

  8. Helen says:

    PS. We know exactly who you are: middle class white boys with too much testosterone and not enough brain cells who think a draft is a type of beer and live off mummy and daddy’s paychecks whilst you go off partying every night hoping to score as many “roots” as possible.

    Sounds like a cult of racist Corey Worthingtons minus the glasses.

    A cursory look at TC’s MySpace page suggests that his circle were mainly under-achievers. The Gazzas are more dangerous, since they don’t have the extreme difficulties with the english language that TC’s commenters appear to have (and isn’t that ironic, since “speak English can’t yer” is one of the ideas dear to the racist heart.) The Tylers crash and burn and do damage in a small circle. Gazzas propagate the ideology further before their frothing wingnuttery brings their career down.

  9. John says:

    The majority of you have no idea, And of those trying to correspond with us SCS, You come across as twits with no clue.

  10. SKOT says:

    If there is no real meaning to Australia, “uni twat”, if this place is just some lines on a map (even though the coast does constitute a natural border), abitrarily drawn by “some colonialist” (ie, the people who discovered, and built, this country). then why are so many people falling over themselves to come here?

    No-one is migrating to Somalia, no-one is migrating to India, precious few are migrating to China.

    And no-one is migrating here to live in a humpy with Aboriginals and go hunting wallabies either.

    They are pouring in to a country, built throughout it’s most crucial time since foundation, and throughout the vital struggle of the first century and a half by British people…by Celts – Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, and the English.

    Though there were foreigners here going back quite some time…the Chinese, for example, they were always ultra-minorities, who were a part of Australian society.

    Australia was from the start a British colony, was throughout the better part of it’s history, and still is!

    No-one who has since come here built the country, and in the absence of these migrants, and/or refugees, the true character of Australia would not change one jot.

    And for the few trite benefits brought by foreigners, the vast amount of problems outweigh any advantages brought about by a tidal wave of smug, inconsiderate, greedy people into our country…the country that our forefathers ACTUALLY BUILT.

    It’s very easy for trendy, trouble-making, university “educated” types…devoid of any actual ideas, creativity, or integrity…to piss around calling anyone who speaks up for Australia “racist”, while kowtowing to all these foreigners, who…perish the thought…could never actually do anything bad to anyone.

    Go hang around Footscray, or many other spoiled neighbourhoods, and see just how bad these people can be…and they make no bones about it.

    “Funny” as well, that all these self deprecating, traitorous, “politically correct” “liberals” go to great pains to hold up these shining, can’t do a thing wrong, foreigners…on the internet…which was invented and developed by white men.

    Australia has become, or to be more truly correct, been forced to become, “multi-cultural”…when for the greater, and better, part of it’s history it was NOT.

    And anyway, the true issue is race (even though that is now a taboo subject), not culture, or ethnicity. All culture is essentially identical…it is what unites the bulk of humanity.

    I’ve heard people say through barely comprehensible accents…”doesn’t matter now, Australia…all the same”.

    Well…NO…not “all the same”…some people actually BUILT this country.

    Go catch a train on the Sydenham line (or any other line for that matter)…and try and actually spot a white face, try and actually find a true Australian.
    Herein is the awful harbinger of this nation’s future destruction.

    Every other race/nationality who comes here…are coming here to live with the white Australians…in the old Australia…they are NOT coming here with the intention of competing with other races or nationalites (who they unabashedly hate!) in a messy “multi-cultural” “melting pot”…yet, with each boat and plane load, and with each generation who grow up here, and fill up the private schools…they actually destroy the country they intended to come and be a part of/use up…and if, or when, one of these nationalities gets the upper hand…watch out!

    Australia was, and should still be…a white, British, country.
    That is who BUILT this country…that is who MADE this country.
    That cannot be forgotten.


  11. Kadet says:

    Don’t listen to their politics or employ their bullshit laws
    You never ask why
    Don’t get caught up in the civil war which your rulers hope to cause
    Don’t listen to these bastards, don’t listen to their lies
    Take your fucking race war and shove it up your ass
    It’s fucking propaganda dispensed by the ruling class
    Don’t listen to these bastards, don’t listen to their lies
    In spite of everything you know, you’re still playing their game
    When you support these fucking bastards the results remain the same
    The starving are still hungry
    The suffering in pain
    The poor still have no money
    While the rich drink their champagne

    ‘When you support these fucking bastards’ by Aus-Rotten

  12. tomx says:

    SCS = scared. using race as a cover for all their little insecurities and fears.

    Australian flag = nothing to be proud of, just a cloth forced upon us by a racist empire.

    I’m white… I’m Australian… and I’m sure as hell not proud to be associated with you morons.

  13. shawno says:

    Aussie fucken pride that is what [it] is all about. Every time you hear the national anthem you choke up and swell with pride, every time you look at the flag hanging in your garage or bar, fuck yeah. i support you boys all the way, fuck the lebo shit or anyone who doesnt want to be an aussie. we didnt invite you, you came here. if you dont like it … FUCK OFF!!!

  14. SKOT says:

    [SKOT : thanx v much for yr superlative contributions on the hot-button topic of the virtues of empire loyalism c.1900. i suggest that you now join one of the many other internet forums dedicated to discussing this intriguing and highly relevant subject. xthanxbye]

    Racist Empire?

    And the first ‘race’ to suffer under this Empire was the Celtic people of Britain.
    We suffered, and can’t get out of it…why should all these selfish, obnoxious masses get out of it, and make what they can out of Australia, sand [ie, sans] any effort, or actual right to?!

    The Celtic Britons then became many of the prime movers, the explorers, the thinkers, the meat and potatoes, and the crack troops, of this Empire.

    The British Empire then brought much to the world.

    Most of the ‘modern’ world[‘]s education, political and legal system is based upon the British model, and the former colonies of the Empire are ALL still in the Commonwealth.

    If you don’t like the fruits of this “racist” Empire “tomx”…then leave, go to a less racist nation, like India, China, Sudan, or Japan, for instance…see if you get past the front door…and if so, how long you last.

    Great Britain actually should re-take direct control of her former Empire, it would solve a lot of the strife troubling the world today.

    How could the Australian flag be “foistered” on us BY the British Empire???

    Australia was STARTED by the British Empire, was an integral part of the Empire, and settled by Imperial British people!

    Our insecurities and fears are NOT “little”…and let’s talk about the weaknesses of those little “liberals”, who lack intellect, emotion, integrity and purpose…and cover it with the monotonal parrotting of “liberal” “PC” diatribe…

    Things were much better when Britain ruled the world.

    The British Empire will rise again!


  15. shawno says:

    hey rolls and everyone else who doesn’t agree with any of us supporting our flag. i don’t have a southern cross tattoo or any tattoo for that matter, i just love the country i live in and my grandfather and my father didn’t put their lives on the line (and i’m waiting for my turn) for a minority to silence us just because of OUR beliefs. they have their turn, but as soon as we have ours, we get shut down. think about it…

  16. A Proud Aussie (of Anglo-Celtic Mediterranean Koori Extraction) says:

    One of the most amusing things about these comments is the way the SCS boys have claimed that @ndy’s blogging is a waste of time, that no-one wants to read his work, yet for two weeks they’ve been coming back to talk to him.

    I’ve had some dealings with the SCS boys in the past. Mostly it involved them telling me to “Go back to your own country” and getting pissed off and throwing beer bottles at me when I point out that all but two of the non-Koori members of my family have been citizens of Australia since the 1850s.

  17. @ndy says:

    Union Jack? Thall’s Cac!

    I see the colours – red, white and blue
    I’m not proud of them – I’m fuckin’ ashamed
    Imperialism and racism – that’s what they symbolise
    The Butcher’s Apron – I’m gonna puke
    I see this flag and I’m filled with anger
    There’s only one flag we need – the black and red flag!
    The only flag we need is black and red
    The black and red flag! The black and red flag!

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

    The London government keeping us under control
    With laws and regulations choking us like asthma
    The bastards in Westminster treating us like shit
    Freedom for Scotland! Freedom for Iraq!
    Let’s pour Santorum over the Union Jack
    The Butcher’s Apron covered in shite
    Let’s pour Santorum all over the Union Jack
    Let’s pour Santorum – let’s pour Santorum all over the –

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!
    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

    Oi Polloi

    ‘S e còmhlan-ciùil punc a th’ annain, stèidhichte ann an Dùn Eideann ann an Alba. Tha an ceathrar againn a tha a’ cluich anns a’ chòmhlan an-dràsta air a bhith còmhla airson barrachd na ceithir bliadha a-nis ach thòisich an còmhlan ann an 1981. Tha sinn air iomadh clàr’s turas a dhèanamh bhon uair sin agus tha sinn fhathast a’ rocadh gu cruaidh – cùm sùil a-mach air ar son san sgìre agad fhèin agus thig gar faicinn aig na cuirmean-ciùil. Sìth’s saorsa!

  18. Jamie R says:

    Australian flag = nothing to be proud of, just a cloth forced upon us by a racist empire.

    I’m white… I’m Australian… and I’m sure as hell not proud to be associated with you morons.

    You’re the people I want to ship off. White liberal guilt has wrought all the wrongs. As far as I’m concerned the ethnics can stay but you gotta go.

  19. uni twat says:

    OK, so I said I wouldn’t comment on this post again but seriously, ‘SKOT’, you are batshit insane. Your ideas about Australian society are stuck back in the 18th century. I’m not even going to address most of your claims, because the sheer ignorance and bigotry of your words speak for themselves. The ‘British Empire’ will not ‘rise again’. You are seriously delusional.

    And your comment about the border – sure, the coast of the mainland of Australia does “constitute a natural border”, but what about Tasmania and the other 8221 islands that fall within Australia’s maritime borders? Clearly the territory which is labeled as Australia has borders which were arbitrarily inscribed on a map by British colonialists. They didn’t just appear out of thin air. And furthermore, I don’t really agree with your whole narrative of “discovery”. Firstly, how can you be the first to ‘discover’ a region which is already inhabited by humans? Secondly, if you are referring to European ‘discovery’, it was the Dutch and not the British who were the first Europeans to ‘discover’ Australia, so you are wrong anyway.

    Furthermore, to characterise non-white immigrants as “a tidal wave of smug, inconsiderate, greedy people” is just disgusting.

    And to claim that “All culture is essentially identical” – what the fuck are you on about?

    The history of European imperialism is a history of the systematic destruction of numerous cultures, the enslavement of millions, violence, genocide and arrogance. It is nothing to be celebrated.

    Seriously, I don’t even know why I am engaging in dialogue with you.

    Your chauvinism and xenophobic bigotry makes me feel physically ill, and is devoid of all logic or reason. Fuck off.

  20. @ndy says:

    Jamie R: “As far as I’m concerned the ethnics can stay but you gotta go.”

    Pfft. ‘ave a go ya mug.

  21. @ndy says:

    Aussie chick :):

    “…I love my country and hate seeing trash ruin it.”

    You mean, like, you’re opposed to the new mill Gunns wanna build in Tassie? Or, like, you’re concerned about the lack of action on the part of the Government and corporate sector? Regarding reducing emissions of carbon dioxide? In order to avert the absolutely disastrous effects global warming? Will have? And is having? On the natural environment?


    Pig’s arse.

  22. Jamie R says:

    Pfft. ‘ave a go ya mug.

    If Carl Williams has taught us anything…. figure the rest of the quote out from the Godfather films yourself. Anyways, the media and the politicians would love to see ‘whites’ attacking ‘ethnics’ because it puts them right in the driver’s seat in the shitfight for the Moral High-Ground. But if you w[a]nt to bring back the biff on them… Time to change those underpants self-appointed elites.

    And for further measure, modern racism was invented by none other than Charles Darwin for you science-loving Church haters. It’s curious they discarded the title of his landmark book that spurred forward the Richard Dawkins’ of this era: ‘The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’. Hmm, and here I thought White Christian Males – particularly in America but here too – were the racists, all along it’s been the heathens!

    And oh yeah, if you decide to read the bible for laughs I suggest checking out the story of the Tower of Babylon. It’s a good take on multi-culturalism methinks.

  23. @ndy says:

    You’re about 100 years behind the times Jamie. Check Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid.

    You’ve been listening to the rong radio.

    And we will stop you. Because we are everywhere.

  24. Dr. Cam says:

    Where the fuck do you find these nutjobs, Andrew?

  25. @ndy says:

    From the Department of Applied Stoopidity, Faculty of the Yartz, David Duke University, Out-the-Back-of-Don-Black’s-Place, Florida.

  26. Jamie R says:

    And we will stop you. Because we are everywhere.

    It’s okay Indy, in this world the way it is I’m sure you will. You can be rest-assured that I don’t give a DAMN about your fate or the kingdom of Australia’s fate. Someone out there does but it’s not me. Like all kingdoms throughout history there is a strong likelihood that one day Australia, too, will disappear into history. The kingdom I chose to be a part of, is not of this world.

    So now you can go back to building your tower of unity and love and stuff, in one part of the world. I’ll slink off into the night before you Romans decide it’s time to feed me to the lions.

  27. @ndy says:

    Jamie is a recent graduate from the Religious Studies (Christianity) Department.

  28. Jamie R says:

    Jamie is a recent graduate from the Religious Studies (Christianity) Department.

    Well if you’re going to try to do funny this wanker can stick around a bit longer – famous last words of…someone I dunno. So yeah, I’m the Taliban of the West, and you’ve got your George W Bush hat on, fire away! You know you guys wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t think you weren’t behaving exactly like your enemies. What goes around comes around and that’s why life sucks sometimes, a better philosopher um, Jesus? Said picking up the sword will get you more sword action your way, but it’s funny cause you’re too stupid to know how stupid you are!

  29. @ndy says:

    Jamie: Do not think that I came to send peace upon the blogosphere: I came not to send peace, but the sword.

  30. Jamie R says:

    I came not to send peace, but the sword.

    You know he meant dividing his followers from the riff raff when he said that? Why I get to sit back and watch you lefties go at the righties munching the popcorn. Bit of a shame, we don’t get to hang out! You don’t CALL you don’t VISIT I got the BLUES. But! It’s pretty cool when I get folks quoting the bible, someone should have placed a bet with me I would have won $5, then I could have gave it to the Leave David Hicks Alone charity, hmm, I think I just got an idea for ripping off the Leave Britney Alone vid hope no one’s done it… (And I can call you Indy can’t I? I can’t be stuffed doing the shift thing to get the at thing going. You fancy internets kings with your fancy handles.)

  31. A Proud Aussie (of Anglo-Celtic Mediterranean Koori Extraction) says:

    Jamie R: “And for further measure, modern racism was invented by none other than Charles Darwin for you science-loving Church haters. ”

    Hahahahaha! I was wondering when a nutter like you would appear! It’s always funny to see fundies spreading that old chestnut of “Darwin was racist!” Especially when you read his writings and notice that he was often ridiculed in his day for making the outlandish suggestion that black people the world over deserve freedom, that an end to slavery would be a great thing for Britain to achieve, and that (in his own words) “It may be doubted whether any character can be named which is distinctive of a race and is constant.” (The Descent of Man, 1871)

  32. Jamie R says:

    Especially when you read his writings

    Um, like the title of his FREAKIN LANDMARK BOOK? How many ways can you slice ‘the preservation of the favoured races’ before you go well hey, the initial reaction is wrong, this is not about racism OBVIOUSLY.

    It’s also funny how you’re quick to just call Christians what is it? ‘Fundies’ and ‘Loons’ and all manner of insults, and you know, if I dressed the Lebanese or Asians up as Christians, you’d be behaving exactly like those people you want to stop, you know the intolerant bigots!

    Your mask can be seen through once you present some double standards for them to make fools of themselves with. It is no surprise that Race as a term and a movement begun growing exponentially after Darwin’s poisonous ideas became apparent to all and sundry in Europe, and allowed them to drop the bible and believe in Race and Evolution to save people(s) rather than God. Someone warned us that by their fruits you’ll know them, well you keep trying to polish up that rotten apple. I’ll go check myself into the mental hospital okay?

  33. Jamie R says:

    Hey Indy, I decided to play that song you put up, and I just have to say, you listen to some really shit music. But lucky for you like Rick James I have the remedy bitches.

  34. SKOT says:

    Hello again,

    And, expressly, hello again to “uni twat”.


  35. WHAT THE FCUK DO YOU WANT??? says:

    White Aussies are good. But when people ask me “what’s the difference between [a] white aussie and FUCKING WHITE TRASH” then I have a fairly different answer for them.

    You SCS fuckwads trying to “unite” this nation by stripping away multiculturalism only unites your own WHITE TRASH COCKS.

    Don’t forget that most P-platers, drink drivers, dumb fucks who wanna get themselves killed (and breed themselves out of existence) belong to the category of FUCKING WHITE TRASH (which is a separate category from the cool White Aussies).

    Here’s the bottom line: Don’t bother calling yourself Australian (“Oh, look I’m a patriot coz I’m discriminating against other humans”) until you can accept all ethnic minorities as equal to you.

  36. Jamie R says:

    Why did Indy get to post his You Tube video and my New Jack Swing vid didn’t go through. I was starting to enjoy it here. And I’ve been doing plenty of reading, amazing what you find out when you go into the Aussie uni section of the internets, I mean how are you supposed to understand how every bastard is living? Well you Victorians continue to be esteemed as the Frenchmen of Australia with the bloody thousands of branches of culture going in every direction possible. I’m surprised the entire city hasn’t collapsed under its own weight of idiocy. And here I thought it was simply the sporting capital of Australia with a huge drug habit. I’ll have to check out this Melbourne Anarchist Club when I’m in town, makes me wonder what I should wear though? I mean you don’t wear a suit to a goth party so what the heck would I wear to an Anarchy club, nothing?

  37. @ndy says:

    “Why did Indy get to post his You Tube video and my New Jack Swing vid didn’t go through.”

    No vids get posted. It’s how the software works.

    “…so what the heck would I wear to an Anarchy club, nothing?”

    Nothing up your sleeve.

  38. Jamie R says:

    Nothing up your sleeve.

    I jumped into the fray after TGI Friday beers, I didn’t know this joint was in the middle of a supposed anarchist/neo-nazi internets battle, which reminded me of the Wing Kong/Chang Sings battle from Big Trouble In Little China, except retarded. After further study I think both sides have demonstrated public displays of batshit crazy antics which are prone to sporadic bouts of violence and dirty tactics. But I think I get the foundations behind the Chaser crew now. I consider myself close to the anarcho-capitalist view of libertarianism, so anarchists intrigue me, even if anarcho-communism is arguably the most schizophrenic idea to attempt to put into economic practice of all things.

  39. Dr. Cam says:

    As David Letterman once said, “There is no off position on the genius switch.”

  40. Ana says:

    i don’t understand why these “southern cross soldiers” claim that they own australia just because they are fully ‘australian’.

    i think they need to go through their family history because every person (except for the aborigines and those who have aboriginal blood in them) don’t have any TRUE australian blood.

    Patriotism and Racism are two different things so let me explain.

    Patriotism: I love Australia!

    Racism: I Love Australia when I don’t see any other people that don’t speak my language or look different or have a sense of culture!

    the only people that truly own the beautiful land we live on are the aborigines, and they didn’t speak english and they definitely aren’t white.

    please re-educate yourselves and stop giving white aussies a bad name.

    soon you’ll make the rest of the world think we are a bunch of Racist Bogans that all dropped out of school.

  41. SA Born and Brewed says:

    i wrote the same thing here before and on the facebook site, i dont however after reading this entire con[ver]sation for 2 hours disagree with them. i will join SCS, if the[y] will accept [me] and i will … become a soldier of my nation, supporting patriots. however the SCS must understand that i am supporting them because they are pat[r]iots not because they will be racist and/or push the borderlines between the nazi party and the “i[‘]m a pat[r]iot of australia” party. if they do not push this line … i will accept an email from anybody in their group… Scotty

  42. Lumpen says:

    Ah, Scotty? Mate? The arguments about the absolute stupidity of patriotism aside, the racist “border lines” have already been pushed, if you include racially-based assaults. TIP: Normal people consider picking fights and bashing someone because of their race as pretty racist – even if you’re wearing a flag like a cape at the time.

  43. SKOT says:

    I wrote quite a long, detailed, and impassioned piece last night… yet I now find it drastically, to say the least, edited.

    Seems there are in fact very stringent limits to “free” speech amongst the self appointed liberal “elite”?

    Anything actually intelligently written, that doesn’t fit the current status quo, is very quickly swept under the rug.

    Always “funny” that those who claim “nothing matters”, and that there is “no right and no wrong”…come up with some fabricated notions of what is “wrong”.

    It would be really good if you could in fact post my most recent comments, for the sake of decent discussion, and so “uni twat”‘s vulgar comments aren’t left to colour the interpretation, or misinterpretation, of mine.

    Malcolm X said, “they take one little thing you say, blow it all out of proportion, ignore all the rest…to make you look like what you, in fact, are not…”

    Australia IS Australia…there were people who started and built Australia, that is the truth.

    The legacy to be inherited by those people’s, who went through many troubled times, descendents, cannot be allowed to be so easily spoilt.

    The question must be asked…WHY do so many people now wish to come to Australia?…WHAT is the Australia that they actually intend to come to?

    And the realisation arrived at…that those people coming here will actually destroy that Australia…and that’s already under way…but it is not yet too late to stem the tide.


  44. Ana says:

    that Ana that posted that comment above is not me @ndy, reads like a pig

  45. @ndy says:

    yep. same name, different person.

  46. Jamie R says:

    push the border lines between the nazi party and the “Im a patiot of australia” party

    You can’t be a Modern Nazi and also be an Australian. It’s as simple as that. It’s a German nationalist and imperialist movement, it’s like Russians coming here and claiming the roots of Australia are theirs, it makes no sense, it ignores our military history, it’s simply, retarded. Also, my father fought Communists and my grandfather fought the Nazis, anyone who thinks we should be either of those two ideologies is unzipping their fly and pissing on the tens of thousands of diggers that died at their hands. So, if this SCS is ‘Patriotic’ it first needs to clarify and/or openly go to war with any Neo-Nazi elements inside it, dropping the ‘Soldier’ part might I suggest would also drop the eyebrows of those claiming you’re some sort of Aussie Blackshirts, and if you don’t know what calling you ‘blackshirts’ means, pick up a book before a weapon, please. You really need to be educated in our history and key events in world history to make a real difference. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon you just have to be passionate to want to learn on your own.

  47. Jamie R says:

    the racist “border lines” have already been pushed, if you include racially-based assaults.

    I’m sure there are plenty of ‘Mental Giants’ doing it in the name of Race out there, but this isn’t actually about race, it is about culture and what foreign cultural elements are successfully merging with an Australian cultural identity to enrich it. If teenagers of different backgrounds are fighting over that shit do we really need to take rebellious teenage activities seriously, when the hell did that happen?

    Aside from the fact that I highly doubt anyone in the neo-nazi movement has a degree in evolutionary biology, there are plenty of people who are not of Anglo background that have merged and therefore assimilated, and by assimilated I mean end result is culturally Australian – like, random examples, Nick Giannopoulos and Hung Le. Which means it’s possible for anyone. Although I argue harder and take much more time (sometimes too long for the patience of locals including mine, and a view held by some of our former leaders such as first Prime Minister Edmund Barton), because of highly disparate laws (or basically no laws), language, culture, and customs they are adjusting from.

    There are definitely real and ongoing cultural clashes continuing out there, perceptions of being antagonistic – whichever side – is what can create issues. Obviously the example of the Lebanese in Sydney is at the forefront. Aussies need to realise that it’s not actually about a scientific racial genetic lineage of ‘Arab’ or the culture of ‘terrorists’, and young Lebanese need to learn that it’s not about ‘Aussie racism’ but rather how would they feel as a community back in Lebanon if they witnessed, or the media was reporting, about brash Aussie ethnics who beat up a kebab shop owner and told the locals to shove it while scheming on young Lebanese women.

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