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A week prior to the debut of the Australian Defence League in Melbourne on Friday April 9, in Dudley the English Defence League has staged another rally. See : Seven arrested over rival protests in Dudley, BBC.

Seemingly chastened by the previous counter-rally in Bolton, at which several score counter-protesters were arrested, on this occasion the UAF/SWP has organised a rally — ‘One Dudley Many Cultures’ celebration rejects the hatred and division of the EDL — well away from the EDL’s, with speeches (by all the usual suspects) supplemented with entertainment provided courtesy of the SWP’s musical front LMHR. At the same time as this tactical shift has occurred, the SWP/UAF has also altered its rhetoric, from SMASH THE EDL (Smash the racist EDL in Bolton) to STOP THE EDL RIOTING (Stop the EDL thugs rioting in Dudley).

In both cases, most observers appear to agree that the police have a definite advantage over the UAF/SWP in this area.

What the shift from confrontation to competition on the part of the SWP/UAF means for the EDL is a good question. Insofar as what attracts the moar apolitical hools to the cause is the potential for some violent fun and games, the UAF/SWP’s absence may serve to dampen their enthusiasm. The same applies to the hool’s desire for notoriety, which would seem to require at least some imgs of League members clashing with their Muslim and leftist opposition. Still, something like 1,000 EDL are reported to have stood around in a car park surrounded by police in Dudley, and something like that number did much the same in Bolton a few weeks earlier, so maybe they’ve reached a certain threshold already. As for Australia, it’s difficult to imagine a mob consisting of even 1/10th that number taking to the streets to ‘defend’ the country from Muslims. On the other hand, no Australian city has experienced the equivalent of London’s 7/7, so it’s perhaps not all that surprising.

As for the BNP, its leadership is going through troubled times, only a few weeks away from the next UK general election. Thus Mark ‘Young, Nazi & Proud’ Collett is one of several senior figures to have been dismissed from the party in recent days. Supposedly, Collett had been discovered to have been using his position to his own financial advantage. MEP for North West England and Führer Chairman of the British National Party Nick Gri££in, who would never do such a thing, is pitting himself against millionaire Labor MP Margaret Hodges in the seat of Barking.

On the BNP ~versus~ Labour, see : Too late for Labour to stop the BNP (IWCA, February 4, 2010). Also relevant is National Equality Panel confirms that class is the main issue (IWCA, March 16, 2010). UKfightback has republished a BBC radio documentary about the EDL, BNP, and other far right groups here. It dates from October 2009, but provides good background material.

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  1. The cracKer jacK Kid says:

    Meanwhile in the ‘Midlands’

    EDL Dudley march: Protesters fight among themselves as 2,000 descend on town

  2. mark ism says:

    Mark Collett was held by the police on Thursday over a plot to kill Nick Griffin. Also see the “Scottish Sun” and indymedia scotland for LOLZ over the BNP billboard in Aberdeen.

  3. @ndy says:

    People Like You Make Nick Gri££in Cry.

  4. @ndy says:

    ROFLMAO! Gri££in’s Empire Strikes Back against the Proud Young Nazi!

    BNP official Mark Collett questioned over alleged threat to kill Nick Griffin
    Adam Gabbatt and Matthew Taylor
    April 4, 2010

    The BNP has been thrown into turmoil weeks ahead of the general election after a senior party member was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Nick Griffin.

    Key party officials have been summoned to a meeting tomorrow to discuss “urgent organisational matters” after Griffin and colleagues made statements to police resulting in the BNP’s publicity director, Mark Collett, being detained on Thursday.

    Collett, 29, had been due to contest Labour MP David Blunkett’s Sheffield Brightside seat in the election but has been stripped of his position within the party which accused him of conspiring to launch a “palace coup” against Griffin.

    The BNP alerted members to the crisis on Wednesday. In a message to party organisers, the party said its internal security team had been investigating “alleged financial irregularities” relating to leaflets and publications, the “leaking on to the internet of sensitive party information” and “feeding lies to certain anti-BNP blog sites” for several months…

  5. @ndy says:

    Oh yeah.

    Apparently, the ex-BNP member has a YouTube account. He (FIFAPLYR1) writes:

    Please leave comments of support.Nick Griffin and others(i will not name at the moment due to legal reasons)Have been skimming large amounts of cash from the money allocated to the party for their own personal bank accounts.
    I am being victimized because i had the guts to stand up for the BNP members who are all asking the same question.(where is the money)Yes i was arrested but soon released without charge because i am innocent and the police know this.
    Show me support do not attend the meeting tomorrow and send e mails of support for me to the normal BNP e mail address.

    Seems pretty unlikely but whatever.

    Mark Collett to Fight David Blunkett for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Seat
    BNP News
    January 27, 2010

    The British National Party has nominated Mark Collett, the party’s Head of Publicity, to contest the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough seat currently held by David Blunkett.

    Mr Collett is responsible for the production of the BNP’s printed publicity material including the party magazine Identity, national leaflets, billboards and newspaper adverts. He also edits the party newspaper Voice of Freedom.

    He was born in Leicester and was brought up in the village of Rothley in Charnwood where his mother, Carol Collett, is now a BNP councillor. Mr Collett was educated at Loughborough Grammar School where he earned four straight As at A-level and was awarded the Wallace Prize for Scholarship for the highest academic achievement.

    He moved to Leeds to study Business and Economics at Leeds University where he graduated with an honours degree. During his time at Leeds University he joined the BNP and became actively involved in local politics, standing for election to Leeds City Council in 2002 whilst still at university.

    After graduating, Mr Collett took up a full-time role working for the party and started developing and revamping the party’s local leaflets as well as working on other projects.

    His leaflets were part of the campaigns that won the BNP its first council seats in Blackburn in 2002 and Halifax in 2003. Since then he has produced winning election material for the Barking and Dagenham council elections in 2006, for the London Assembly election in 2008, and he designed all the publicity material for the massive breakthrough victories at last year’s European elections.

    In late 2004, Mr Collett was arrested along with Nick Griffin for speeches they made in the run-up to the 2004 European elections. This lead to the biggest and most high profile political show trial in modern British history. Both accused were acquitted of all charges after a nearly two year long ordeal. This generated huge publicity for the party and helped set the party on its way to becoming a household name.

    On Russell Brand’s 2002 TV show RE:Brand, Collett described homosexuals as “AIDS Monkeys”, “bum bandits” and “faggots”. On Young, Nazi and Proud, Collett said that he considered AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it”.

    Who wouldn’t want him as an MP?

  6. mark ism says:

    The BNP billboard has been defaced (and even set on fire) so much, they hired “security” to guard it. Of course the “security” were BNP thugs. When they caught a student defacing the billboard, they tried to do a citizen’s arrest and were charged with assault by the po po. It costs them £600 every time they have to replace the poster.

  7. @ndy says:

    £600 eh? What’s the BNP’s publicity budget for their campaigning in Aberdeen? It would be awfully sad if it were absorbed in this manner.

    Oh and this:

    “Nick Griffin is constantly claiming he is the leader of a moderate, non-violent organisation,” the Searchlight spokesman said. “It is difficult to see how he can square that assertion with his statement to the police that his own head of publicity has been plotting to kill him.”


  8. @ndy says:

    Looks like the BNP has reached if not surpassed the heights that the NF reached in the 1970s as far as electoral contest is concerned, only they have the further advantage of two MEPs and a lot moar local councillors…

    BNP News
    April 5, 2010

    The British National Party will contest 326 parliamentary seats at the general election, over 120 key party officials and organisers were told today as they united unanimously behind Nick Griffin at a special meeting called to discuss recent events in the party.

    The special meeting was given details — including a tape recording — of serious potential offenses committed by the former publicity director of the party, Mark Collett.

    Amongst the details revealed were serious issues with regard to the pricing of leaflets and a series of front companies which appear to have been set up with the intention of skimming off printing bills, and a short snippet of a recorded conversation with Mr Collett.

    The meeting decided unanimously to appoint a four man strong subcommittee to listen to the entire tape recording and report to the crowd on its full contents and implications.

    Councillor Michael Simpkins, a former RAF police officer, then reported back after a break that the tape was genuine and was of a conversation between Mr Collett and party treasurer David Hannam.

    Mr Simpkins said it was clear from the tape that the police would be able to investigate a number of potential crimes including threats to murder, assault, fraud and falsification of accounts.

    The meeting was informed that the police were in possession of a copy of the tape which had formed the basis of the arrest and subsequent questioning of Mr Collett last Thursday.

    The meeting agreed unanimously to leave the matter in the hands of the police.

    A message from former party manager Emma Colgate was read out by Mr Griffin in which she warned that fake Facebook and YouTube accounts were being set up in her name with the obvious intention of sowing confusion.

    All of these fake accounts should be reported as fraudulent so that they can be closed down, Ms Colgate said.

    It was also announced that former national elections officer Eddy Butler was still very much with the BNP and is set to play a leading role in the party’s attempt to take control of the Barking and Dagenham council.

    Newly-appointed national elections officer Clive Jefferson paid tribute to Mr Butler’s work and then outlined some new strategies he would be introducing for boosting the BNP’s vote in coming electoral contests.

    Mr Jefferson also assured the delegates that there was no interruption to the leaflet production process and that a new graphic designer had already been sourced and had started work.

    Mr Griffin then announced that the party would be contesting a grand total of 326 seats in the coming election.

    “This is the greatest effort in the history of British nationalism,” Mr Griffin said. “This is a tribute to how far this party has come and of the tremendous dedication of all its activists. Now, let’s put this latest business behind us and concentrate on getting the nation-wreckers out of office,” he said to loud applause.

  9. @ndy says:

    Also, Jonathan Warren has the best report I’ve read so far of the EDL rally (tho’ admittedly I haven’t read many) here:

    EDL rampage as journalists attacked in Dudley
    Jonathan Warren
    Expose the BNP
    April 5, 2010

    He estimates that there were 3,000 on the EDL rally, which would make it the largest thus far, and draws attention to the successful attempt by some to break through the police cordon and approach the UAF rally, only to retreat when confronted. Further, that the EDL stewards had a difficult time making sure rally-goers behaved, and that media was not witness to some internal rumblings.

    Police in riot gear follow English Defence League protesters as they run through Dudley town centre after breaking out of their protest area. Image © Jonathan Warren/ 2010

  10. Fascist Troll says:

    I am a White, working class male living in London. Can you please provide reasons to why those in my position should display opposition to the BNP. And will doing so bring about positive changes in relation to us?

  11. @ndy says:

    I am a White, working class male living in London.

    In reality, you’re a troll from Melbourne.

  12. lest we forget says:

    hey andy, is the left’s support of multiculturalism a conspiracy. i mean, are you guys covertly encouraging racial unrest in the hope that society will break down, giving you the basis of the revolution you so eagerly seek. or maybe you are subconsciously sabotaging your own moral principals to that end. it all seems a bit freudian to me, you should see a doctor:)

  13. @ndy says:

    Only your tinfoil helmet prevents the satellites from destroying such thought-patterns developing as you tap-tap away on your keyboard.

    Thanks for playing.

  14. lest we forget says:


  15. @ndy says:


  16. lest we forget says:

    try not taking yourself so seriously mate. you’re stooping a bit low now. first you dig up the old tin foil joke, now an exercise in pedantry. i can picture you stamping your feet when you throw a tantrum. i think i will call you ‘rick’ when you act this way. now..hands up who likes me?

  17. @ndy says:


  18. lest we forget says:

    i forgot about this one… and, no rick, you weren’t joking. what’s funny is your various reactions. [you’re] more like your new namesake than you realise.

  19. @ndy says:


  20. lest we forget says:

    this’ll shake ’em up at the anarchist society

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