Aryan Strike Force : Teenage milkmen of terror!


April 2005. Spanish police arrest members of the RVF, or ‘Racial Volunteer Force’.

In April Spanish police officers arrested the founder of the Racial Volunteer Force (RVF), Mark Atkinson, in Benalmadena (Malaga) Spain. Atkinson’s detention followed the arrests of five men and a wom[a]n from the organisation in the UK in January in relation to material published on the RVF’s website and their magazine Stormer. Spanish police also arrested members of the Blood and Honour organisation within days of Atkinson’s arrest. The RVF is an offshoot from Combat 18 (C18) which collapsed after internal feuding in 1997-1998 that saw one of their founding members, Charlie Sargent, jailed for murder.

On C18 and its collapse — unsurprisingly, amid internecine violence — see Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour (April 12, 2009). Note that a local bonehead is working hard to keeping the terrormachine ticking over by sneaking about at night armed only with a knife, a spraycan and a seemingly-endless supply of stickers.


September 2008. The RVF has a competitor, the BFF, or ‘British Freedom Fighters’. The association between the RVF/BFF and the BPP (‘British Peoples Party’), like much else on the fringes of the far right, frequently assumes tragicomic status, and produces many lulz: see : Leeds Under Threat from ’90s Rap: BPP Takes Courageous Stand (to Popular Acclaim) (October 20, 2008). The BPP’s other claim to fame is having convicted pedophile and would-be bomber Martyn Gilleard as a member.


April 2010. The plans for world domination of a second-generation of Angry Aryans appears to have come unstuck, as the ‘Aryan Strike Force’ finds himself in trouble with the law…

White supremacist father and son plotted terror attacks, court hears
Martin Wainwright
April 14, 2010

A teenage milkman spent his spare time secretly preparing violent attacks against the government, a court heard today.

The case against 19-year-old Nicky Davison will be an interesting one to follow; perhaps even more interesting than that concerning the Proud Young Nazi Mark Collett and his alleged death threats aimed at BNP fuehrer Nick ‘Holocaust? More like Holohoax amirite?’ Griffin.

See also : Aryan Guard: Obituary (November 26, 2009) | Aryan Martyrs’ Brigade Are Go! (August 6, 2009).

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  1. Robert says:

    I enjoyed this one:

    Pc Neville Gordon, investigating the incident in Macclesfield, said: “It is believed that the seven male suspects we wish to speak to had been involved in an English Defence League demonstration at Bolton earlier that day. They began to make racist chants as they left the train, before taunting a member of rail staff. The suspects continued to make racist remarks and threatening behaviour towards the victim, a white male.” He added that the suspect had “made a major mistake of identity”…

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  3. Steve says:

    Good boys. Hail the new dawn. It’s coming.

  4. anon says:

    Racism is just wrong. People have a right to live where they want. I don’t understand why some people don’t realise it.

  5. david smith says:

    good work and well done to ASF the. fight. goes on

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