Adam Bandt ~versus~ Cath Bowtell

Or: 2010 Australian Federal election notes (August 13, 2010). Well, brief notes, anyway, and relating only to the seat of Melbourne.

So, last time I checked (July 19), in the race between Adam Bandt (Greens) and Cath Bowtell (Labor), Bandt had 895 followers on Twitter, while Cath Bowtell had 162; 2,540 people liked Adam Bandt on Facebook, while 265 people liked Cath Bowtell. A month later, Bandt has 1,475 followers on Twitter, while Bowtell has 370. 3,299 people like Bandt on Facebook, while 493 people like Bowtell.

More worryingly, for Labor, are the odds on Centrebet:

On the other hand, Greens candidate’s old law firm backs Labor’s Bowtell (David Rood, The Age, August 13, 2010). And if the law-talking guys put their money where their mouth is, the odds are sure to shift decisively in the ALP’s favour.


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10 Responses to Adam Bandt ~versus~ Cath Bowtell

  1. Alex White says:

    In the battle for Twitter followers and Facebook fans, it is far more important how many of them actually live in the electorate of Melbourne. From a quick look at the people following Adam Bandt (who has had a year of campaigning compared to only 4 weeks for Cath Bowtell) many seem to come from overseas and interstate.

    Also, individual seat betting is notoriously inaccurate compared to the more accurate “who will win the election” betting.

  2. @ndy says:

    For fandom, yeah: location location location. It’s important, but, to the extent such numbers have any real meaning or significance, I think that, more generally, they reflect the relative profile of the candidate. In which context, as a Green, Bandt has been around for some time; Bowtell, otoh, is relatively unknown: this is part of the problem Labor confronts in Melbourne (and was always going to, to one degree or another, following Tanner’s resignation). With regards betting, again, yeah: you’re right. Much depends on the actual volume of the betting, and I’ve obviously no idea how much has been bet on Melbourne.

  3. @ndy says:


    Bandt 1.50
    Bowtell 2.10


    Bandt 1.50
    Bowtell 2.40

    Sportsbet Australia:

    Bandt 1.60
    Bowtell 2.25

  4. Scrooge McDuck says:

    It’s the backbone of the Greens, those old “doctors’ wives”, betting the money set aside for a new kitchen. If Adam comes through, I dare say we can afford marble on both kitchen benches.

    Reminds me of the absurd odds being offered in the UK for England at the World Cup.

  5. Lumpen says:

    Cath “Who?” Bowtell got heckled at the pro-marriage rally on Saturday 14/8/2010. See 4:57.

  6. Dr. Cam says:

    For Bandt to win Melbourne, he only has to beat Simon Whatshisname, the barely visible Liberal candidate and small business owner/arms manufacturer.

    He may just pull that off.

  7. @ndy says:


    Bandt 1.55
    Bowtell 2.20

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