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Green sparks in Melbourne

The ETU (Victoria) has put its money where its mouth is, and donated a heap ’em big sum of $ to The Greens in order to support their election campaign (Union bankrolls Greens, Ben Schneiders, The Age, August 18, 2010). … Continue reading

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Adam Bandt ~versus~ Cath Bowtell

Or: 2010 Australian Federal election notes (August 13, 2010). Well, brief notes, anyway, and relating only to the seat of Melbourne. So, last time I checked (July 19), in the race between Adam Bandt (Greens) and Cath Bowtell (Labor), Bandt … Continue reading

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“Dead, buried, cremated, that’s my signature,’’ Mr Abbott said.

LOL. The Mad Monk tries and fails to kill the albatross that is/was ‘WorkChoices’, bravely battling the reality that it won’t be until after Labor’s next term in office that the ill-will the scheme generated will dissipate — by which … Continue reading

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