#Baiadastrike : 10 Days Later…

Beginning at 5pm tomorrow (Sunday, November 20) there will be another BBQ at the Baiada picket (17-19 Pipe Road, Laverton North (Melways map ref. 40, D10)), followed by a rock and/or roll concert featuring Legends of Motorsport / The Sweet Teens / Red Rockets of Borneo / Rei Mond and Jess Curruthers and moar. As an added BONUS!, always-outrageous comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet AS SEEN ON TV! will be running a face-painting tent for The Kids–so bring The Family.

In other news, Andrew Crook has exposed two of the Tories responsible for attempting to mount a counter-propaganda campaign (on behalf of the “People Power Group”) in response to the picket: Jason Aldworth and Hamish Jones (Liberals exposed as kingmakers in bitter chicken spat, Crikey, November 17, 2011).

Aldworth was the bRanes behind the “Alliance of Australian Retailers”, a tobacco industry-funded front formed just prior to the 2010 Federal election to campaign against the plain-packaging of tobacco products, while Jones apparently *s in the 2003 doco State of the Union re the downfall of the Melbourne University Student Union, got a bit of stick for publishing some unkind words on his blog in 2007, but has since graduated to become a Whirling Dervish in the world of social media (with just occasional forays into Politics).

Baiada has been kicking union ass in the courts, with Fair Work Australia ordering first union officials then union members to leave the picket–or else. Nonetheless, while industrial wreckers of one sort or another remain on-site chickens are becoming scarcer (see : Strike threatens chicken supply, Ben Schneiders, The Age, November 17, 2011). Meanwhile:

…the issue in dispute at Baiada, which centres on attempts to restrict the use of contractors, will be challenged in the Federal Court. The Australian Industry Group will ask for a judicial review of a Fair Work decision involving electrical contractors. That decision approved a workplace agreement in Victoria that ensured that temporary workers would be paid the same as in-house workers.


See also : Baiada and corporate predation (November 15, 2011).

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