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  1. He’s hardly the vanguard of an advancing proletariat, or any ariat. This is surprising though, as the last thing I imagined happening was a Stalinist (I assume he’s a Stalinist, given he’s a member of the unashamedly Stalinist CPA) getting elected to anything anywhere in Australia. I thought those times were long gone (I’ve been reading the biography of Nick Origlass, the long time Aussie Trot/cooperative commonwealth/participatory democracy advocate, and the extent of bureaucratic manipulation, intimidation, and even physical threats that occasionally escalated into violence against Nick by the Stalinists is truly something to behold – rigging of union elections, fights, siding with right wing ALP bureaucrats against workers and union democracy, etc). Though I suppose running on a community ticket is the only way he could have been elected. It’s just a shame that he’s the representative, and that someone with much better politics was not the representative of the community activist group he’s a part of. I would have liked to have seen Joseph Toscano win in the elections in Melbourne. Who knows, maybe we’d all be living in a voluntary federation of communes and free municipalities by now!

  2. I’m not so sure about the CPA being “unashamedly Stalinist”; rather, the party disavows any such description, claiming instead to be simply Communist (while also engaging in apologetics for Uncle Joe).

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