Crazy White Boys Go To Jail

Briefly, some Fourth Reich Fighting Men have gone to jail:

Young men jailed for ‘deplorable’ race-hate bashing
Andrea Petrie
The Age
December 12, 2012

Neo-Nazis jailed for attack on Vietnamese student
December 12, 2012

More later.

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  1. Doug says:

    Justice Betty King:
    “The increasing anger being displayed by young members of our community is one that is hard to fathom,” she said.
    “I am of the view that a lot of your discussions and talk about skinheads and white supremacy, and your Heil Hitler signs, were not really understood by either of you.
    “It is my view that this attack would in all likelihood have occurred irrespective of the nationality of the person walking down the street.”

    Some kids dress and act like characters out of “Boyz n The Hood”, some dress and act like characters out of “Glee”, a very small number dress and act like characters out of “American History X”.
    I wonder how many White kids they’ve put in hospital over the last few years?

  2. @ndy says:

    There’s a few grps like the CWB around Melbourne, mostly it seems in the northern suburbs: the bastard children of SCS and bonehead culture. A few get into trouble w robbing and bashing cunts; all seem to thrive on the idea of being street warriors, abusing Others, and posing. Mostly it’s just boys being boys, but it’s true that they’re sometimes viewed by older boneheads and local nazis as potential recruits. Some, of course, take it a bit too far, and end up doing serious physical and mental harm to others. I dunno if I could be arsed updating the post w further details about these crews, as until some poor bastard ends up like this student did, nobody really gives a fuck.

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  4. Shockadelic says:

    “…our society needs to work out why there are so many angry and unhappy young people, particularly males…the increasing anger being displayed by young members of our community was hard to fathom”

    Try harder, Your Honour.
    I think the nature of the crime itself should tell you why they’re so angry.

    Of course, Your Honour lives in an expensive gated community with other rich white people like herself, and either agrees with or is oblivious to the displacement of our people by alien ethnicities.

    And this mass immigration continues even during the worst financial crisis since the 1930s.
    Male unemployment and youth unemployment increase significantly, yet the immigration bulldozer just keeps going and going and going.

    Expect more “unprovoked” violence by angry young males in future.

  5. Grumpy Cat says:

    “Male unemployment and youth unemployment increase significantly” actually unemployment is 5.2% which is effective full employment for bourgeois economists and skilled blue collar labour (mostly done by men) is in high demand.

  6. Doug says:

    So why are there so many angry, violent, unemployed immigrant youths and men getting about?
    The overall unemployment rate at the moment is about 5.1, for skilled migrants it’s about 7.5, for migrant and refugee youth it’s 85% in some ethnic groups.
    Alien ethnicities? You mean the masses of Irish and English immigrants with whom I now have to compete for building and maintenance work? Mate the “Aliens”, by which I guess you mean Indians and Chinese are not competition, they are mostly fly by nighters and scammers, at least in my experience, if you can’t convince an employer or client to hire you over one of them the fault lies with yourself.

  7. Shockadelic says:

    Grumpy Cat “skilled blue collar labour” has been in decline for decades. Of course, there’s still plenty around, but much less than before most manufacturing was offshored.

    Doug, you’re hardly helping the pro-immigration lobby!
    Why is unemployment so high in “some” ethnic groups?
    Maybe their arrogant, resentful attitude? Their lack of English or basic education? Yet, despite the known issues, we keep bringing in *more* of the same, because we couldn’t possibly exclude anyone. That would be “evil”, not sensible.

    And the “official” figures are a joke. They exclude anyone doing even a smidgen of work (I think it’s one hour a week) and those who’ve given up looking.

    “alien” adj. not contained in or deriving from the essential nature of something.
    Our essential nature as a people/culture is a derivation/evolution of the peoples/cultures of the British Isles, and more broadly Europe-in-general.

  8. Doug says:

    And another thing Shockadelic,
    “Expect more “unprovoked” violence by angry young males in future.”
    This is the logic of a child, a child will say “You make me yell at you” or “She made me hit her!”, so to follow that line of reasoning and the sentiments allegedly expressed by one of the accused “We’re Neo Nazis because we don’t like Blacks and Jews” or “Expect more violence by young White men because they will be provoked by another person’s race”.
    The real world doesn’t work that way, real men don’t behave that way and the judge pointed out that the victim’s race in this case wasn’t even the trigger for the assault. These guys are criminals, just because a criminal says something doesn’t make it true, both an anti racist and a neo Nazi are going to latch onto the “Skinhead” element for obvious reasons but the ringleader and primary perpetrator didn’t give a statement to the cops and his co accused testified against him. Just as O’Brien would have been at at pains to point out to the cops that he tried to end the assault and played only an accessory role so he would make a big deal out of Hudson’s alleged “Nazism” in order to try and diminish his own culpability and paint the ringleader in the worst possible light, wouldn’t he?
    That’s how these people operate, they don’t think like the rest of us, they’ll steal from their mates, dob on them and bash them for no reason and they’ll pulverise an innocent and defenceless young man on a whim, to a crim these things “just happen”.

  9. Shockadelic says:

    It is our immigration policy that’s childish. Naively thinking you can just mix-and-match anything-and-everything and it’ll all be peachy keen!

    “The real world doesn’t work that way”

    The real world doesn’t work with 6000 different ethnicities living in the same city.

    Dismissing these people as just “criminals”, their actions unconnected to their socio-political environment, is a cop-out.
    But if so, expect a lot more “crime” in the future. With inexplicably “coloured” victims.

  10. Doug says:

    Shannon Hudson IS just a thug, there’s no other word to describe him, he comes from a family of hoods, did you know that his uncle is Chris Hudson? You might remember Chris Hudson, the Hell’s Angel who, in a meth induced rage shot two brave men and his own girlfriend in the CBD when they tried to stop him from bashing her, one man died, the other is disabled and his girlfriend was critically injured.

  11. Kevin W says:

    These thugs will have proud parents… don’t be surprised if their fathers are not ex Broady Boys and Thomastown Sharps – lifetime losers. The apple does not fall far from the tree. The punishment they received was weak, and Betty King is known to be soft on criminals. I would have them put into harm’s way where survival is unlikely and their lives would be miserable to the extreme. As a result of them not receiving justice, people will be waiting for them on the outside, ready to provide them plenty of contact counseling. Their parents should have used frangers.

  12. Kevin W says:

    The Broady Boy skinhead and Thomastown Sharps should have been castrated to stop them breeding. Then there would be a lot less crime on the streets. The government should have paid for the victim’s expenses, because it failed to stop the generational violence from Broady skinheads and Thomastown thugs.

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