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The Spartacists rejected the claim.

Awesome! Courtesy of AA, I’ve discovered that one of my favourite Tory ex-student politicians/Victorian Liberal Party powerbroker, Michael Kroger, is a leftist trainspotter! The Man About Town has been gracing the pages of Uncle Rupert‘s UnAustralian zine and the ratings #1 smash hit The What’s a Few Aboriginal Children Between Friends?, Anthropogenic Climate Change is A Plot Hatched by Communists to Take Away Our Guns & Phrenology Hour with Dr Andrew Bolt on Aunty Gina‘s TV channel, calling Abbott critic (BOO! HISS!) Barbara Ramjan a liar and stuff (Abbott accuser sues Liberal Party powerbroker, October 24, 2012):

In the ensuing ruckus, Mr Kroger, who was defending Mr Abbott, accused Ms Ramjan of lying about the alleged punching incident, and also another incident which happened on campus in 1978. On the Bolt Report, hosted by conservative pundit Andrew Bolt, and the next day for The Australian, Mr Kroger produced a Trotskyist student political newsletter which he said showed that Ms Ramjan had claimed that members of the rival far-left Spartacists on the University of Sydney campus had threatened to kill her.

The Spartacists rejected the claim.

Then again, The Spartacists reject the claim that Lenin was an arsehole.

See also : “OK well that’s a strongly-held opinion on your part Greg but…” WE ALL HATE CATHOLICS AMIRITE (September 14, 2012).

The Young Need Discipline

In a much more contemporary vein, three students at La Trobe (once a Spartacist stronghold, supposedly), are being prosecuted by University authorities for being all uppity ‘n’ shit. One revolting student writes: “you thought you could forget about the la trobe university vice chancellor [Paul Dewar], didn’t you? BUT HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU. he’s charged three student protesters with general misconduct and is going to try to expel them before next semester starts.”

I’m not sure precisely what the three students are being accused of, but FYI La Trobe has a colourful history in this regard, one detailed in Barry York’s book Student Revolt: La Trobe University 1967–1973 (Nicholas Press, 1989). In any case, Dewar appears to think that fat blokes pushing kids around is educational; presumably, he’s also trying to kick-start a backfiring student movement by selecting — seemingly at random — a handful to punish for some monkey business back in August. Anyways, if youse wanna find out moar, there’s a meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, December 18 at Trades Hall to discuss how best to respond to Dewar’s latest bRanes storm. Fingers xed a Sparticist will attend — and the cosmic ballet will go on…

NB. Defend North Korean Deformed Workers State!

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  1. Con Oilseed says:

    Funnily enough, on Tuesday 18th of December, John Dewar, the Vice Chancellor of La Trobe University, walked past the meeting on the outside lawns of Trades Hall regarding organising against the political repression of student protest and the cuts on the University more broadly. There were a number of pointed questions asked, with one confrontation available here:


    The meeting was followed by a report in The Australian that La Trobe protestors were now being investigated by Victoria Police (not just La Trobe bureaucracy).

    Next meeting is on the 4th of January, 6PM Trades Hall.

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