“Come get it!” Security guard assaults student at La Trobe

Starring ‘Shirty, The Slightly Aggressive Security Guard’:

La Trobe has a contract with Diamond Protection to protect the preciousss.

Why Diamond Protection?

Integrity and value in every facet of our service

With a refreshing approach in which integrity is paramount, Diamond Protection provides a comprehensive range of Security and Emergency Services. These are available individually or can be integrated to deliver far-reaching benefits to your organisation.

They’re currently hiring goons, so if any fat blokes feels like pushing kids around and getting away with it, Diamond Protection is the place to be.

See also : Latrobe University Dispute @ unileaks.org | Occupy La Trobe | Dear La Trobe student, Protest is baaad. Get it? (August 22, 2012).

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  2. stephen says:

    A leftwing tribute to Shirty the Slightly Aggressive Bear


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