Oh noes!

After years of muck-raking on behalf of the ALP Right, Andrew Landeryou has finally decided to call it quits, publishing a TL;DR statement on his site which, as far as I can tell, boils down to the fact that his rather rudely-expressed opinions have become too burdensome for his better half in her own quest for political power. In any event, Landeryou “will be passing the torch to Leroy Lynch, Nick Mack, Christian Lyons and all the rest of the VEXNEWS team”: and while Leroy appears real, Nick and Christian are seemingly among Andrew’s many pen names; as for “the rest of the team”… who knows?

Game over.

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  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    I mean really…”Christian Lyons”?

    While we are in the arena “Glad Iator” would have been a welcome pseudonym for an online hack – a hybrid of Dame Edna and Michelle Grattan perhaps?

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