Free Jock Palfreeman! (July 2013 Update) #freejock

Jock Palfreeman is a young Australian currently serving a 20-year sentence for murder in Sofia, Bulgaria. I’ve been following Jock’s case since December 2007 when he was first accused. His account of the events surrounding Andrei Monov’s tragic death has not changed and nothing has been revealed since which has caused me to alter my opinion: Jock is a man unjustly convicted of a crime he did not commit. Recently, I’ve begun reading the book Every Parent’s Nightmare (Allen & Unwin, 2013) by ABC journalist Belinda Hawkins: I would urge anyone with an interest in the case to read it. (I’ll publish a review some time in the next few weeks.)

On Wednesday, July 10, Bulgaria’s chief prosecutor announced that Jock’s bid to serve the rest of his sentence in Australia had been denied on the basis of alleged ‘bad behaviour’ (See : Father urges Kevin Rudd to help Jock Palfreeman secure transfer from Bulgaria to Australian prison, July 10, 2013.) For anyone who’s followed Jock’s case, this announcement was not very surprising: Jock has found himself pitted against the judicial and political system from the start; his ‘bad behaviour’ in prison consisting of attempts to defend the lawful rights of prisoners against abuses by prison authorities. To put it another way, Jock has continued to fight injustice wherever he’s found it, over the last six years from the streets of Sofia to its prison cells.

He needs our support.

You can write to Jock at the following address:

Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Central Prison
21 General Stoletov Boulevard
Sofia 1309

See also :

POSITION: The refusal of the Prosecutor General to authorize a transfer of the prisoner Jock Palfreeman in Australia is puzzling
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
July 11, 2013

BHC addresses a letter to Sotir Tzatzarov, in which the organization expresses surprise by the arbitrary motives of the refusal and suspicion about undue external influences on the decision

‘At the mercy of psychopaths’: Palfreeman interviewed
Gabriel Hershman
Sofia Globe
April 8, 2013

I’m still Jock Nobody to the Australian authorities, complains Jock Palfreeman, despite the recent publication of a book documenting his case and growing civil support

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  2. @ndy says:

    To whom it may concern, my email address is chummyfleming[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au

  3. evapercy says:

    i am so sorry for this young [man] and his family. i will pray that god will do something. stay strong jock.

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