RIP Dan & Spit

A brief note:

15 years ago today (July 4), two skinheads — Lin “Spit” Newborn, 24, and Dan Shersty, 20 — were murdered by boneheads in the rocky desert northwest of Las Vegas, USA. They were killed because they were outspoken anti-racists.

In 2001 one bonehead, John Edward Butler, was sentenced to death for the crime (in 2004 his sentence was commuted to life in prison). On March 1, 2012, three more boneheads — Melissa Hack, Ross Hack and Leland Jones — were charged with the murders. Melissa Hack was Butler’s boyfriend at the time of the murders and is accused of luring Dan and Spit into the desert where they were shot; her brother Ross fled the US shortly after the murders using a false passport. He remained overseas for six years. Upon his return he was charged with passport offences and sentenced to three years jail.

The Hacks and Jones have had their trial date set for November 1, 2013.

It pains [Dan’s father] that his son’s sacrifice is unheralded while the media obsesses on the cultural war between liberal and conservative values. It’s a war, he says, that demands no risk whatsoever from its TV-talking head combatants. “Dan died as a soldier who believed in his cause — anti-racism,” says Walter. His son’s ARA troops are still fighting for the cause, though police advised them to leave when rumors surfaced that the Nazis had created a hit list. The cause unites them with something valued in military custom: courage and a code of honor.

~ Death in the desert, Lynda Edwards, Orlando Weekly, June 17, 1999

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  1. I have met a vile girl that was involved in these murders…she bragged abut how she was “bait” to lure them to a “party”. I am not in no way a friend of SHARP skins but I see their side clear. She was young at the time, maybe 16 or 17, she gave details about going back to hide shell casings and bear bottles…I thought at the time it was BS talk…then when the new arrest happened, she panicked and covered her swastika tattoos and skinhead tats…even got an American Indian boyfriend to cover her tracks. She now thinks she will never get caught. I grew up as a keep your mouth shut type of guy but this is sick, I will put the information out there, you investigate the validity of it, I KNOW she did it, I just did not know her at the time or find out till I knew her for years. Very seldom do facts match up with stories as well as hers. She boasts that her father has enough money to keep her out of any trouble, and threatened my family if I come forward…so maybe some justice can be done by the right investigations?

    THIS IS NO JOKE…Do your research name is Laura Bell owns×225.jpg this is before she covered her white pride tat…you can see below her left sleeve boots and braces covered by guns on her back and swastika covered by a star between her breasts…claims to be in a family of Indians…therefore can not be racist, you do the math.

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  3. weston1975 says:

    I ran into Ross and his sister many times back in the 90’s. I was a SHARP skin and happened to live in Ross’ hood. These people are very violent and it’s great that they are finally being brought to justice. I remember an old Nazi named Roy that hung out with these guys. He told us all kinds of shit these people would be up to. Very shocking stuff.

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