Iron. Lyin’. Zion.

According to Shua Garfield, writing in the DSP‘s Green Left Weakly (#678, August 9, 2006), members of another Leninist group, Socialist Alternative, were confronted at a stall at the University of Melbourne on July 24 by Zionist students, angry over the party’s opposition to Israel’s invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon and Palestine.

So angry, in fact, that they tipped over the stall.

Ted Lapkin (a former ‘combat intelligence officer’ in the Israeli army and shill for the US pharmaceutical industry, among other things) of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), is also angry. At Crikey, he critiques Antony Loewenstein’s new book My Israel Question and says it’s riddled with errors. Elsewhere, Ted also maintains that Australian academia is riddled with anti-Zionists: “Evan Jones, Amin Saikal and Andrew Vincent [serving] as typical exemplars of this breed”.

And here was me thinking that they were all raving Communists.

Oh wait…

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