November 2013 episode of Floating Anarchy // The SUWA Show w Dave K

FYI, this month’s episode of Floating Anarchy on The SUWA Show on Melbourne community radio station 3CR features an interview with Dave K, who writes:

Wow, culture shock and jetlag, huh?

Anyway, I did a prerec with Cam and Andy of the Floating Anarchy segment of the Squatters Unwaged Workers Airwaves (SUWA) show on 3CR today. We talked about Andy’s favourite topic – neonazis – and my fun experiences in Istanbul. I discuss my views (already expounded here in depth, as long time readers know) on #Occupygezi, Mayday in Turkey and anarchism in Istanbul.

The show goes to air at 5:30pm Friday 22nd of November. 3CR is 855am in Melbourne, or is broadcast here online, or turned into a podcast available after the fact here.

More information about Turkish anarchism can be found here:

DAFMeydanKolektif 26A (English)- The DAF’s An anarchist criticism to Occupy

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