antifa notes (december 19, 2013) : Australia First Party


According to media reports, the Australia First Party (AF) helped organise a small rally at the Greek consulate in Sydney on the weekend in support of comrades in the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) party. AF has previously issued declarations of support for GD and welcomed its rise in popularity. Locally, a Facebook page for Golden Dawn Melbourne was established in March 2010 but closed in 2012; it remains active in other areas.

Support for GD within Greece appears reasonably steady but it’s currently subject to state prosecution, with party leaders facing charges of belonging to a criminal association, state funding being suspended, and two members currently facing trial for the murder of a Pakistani migrant in January 2012.

In other news, in Penrith, Maurice Girotto, the second AF representative to be voted on to local council has, like the first, Bruce Preece in Adelaide, resigned from the party. In neither case is it clear how ZOG managed to convince them to leave party fuehrer James Saleam behind. Posting as ‘radnat’, Dr Jim keeps the world up to date on the party’s political progress on the White supremacist website Stormfront.

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10 Responses to antifa notes (december 19, 2013) : Australia First Party

  1. Vladimir Kunigin says:

    yes this is good news indeed, finally something taking place in Australia which is promising :’)

  2. @ndy says:

    Maurice leaving AF is good news?

    OK then …

  3. Allan Ritchie says:

    Surely if someone gets office under a party they should stay with that party till next election or just resign Maurice Girotto Id say just exploited Australia First to gain office and then cast them adrift I dont see why you are still so down on Australia First Im not a member of that party but I cant see how they are worse than the others as you say they are

  4. Allan Ritchie says:

    Nothing wrong with Australia First after all in reality all politicians in Australia are very mean

  5. Allan Ritchie says:

    A slight correction to my last comment as after looking at Dictionary I had incorrect meaning of word politician I meant politicians who hold office

  6. Victor long says:

    I say what’s in a name obviously the name Aust first is exactly that after all what sort of person votes for labor if you are a worker. Aust first is the only party standing up for Aussie jobs. This party is more left wing than the fake globalist labor party. Aust first gets my vote.

  7. @ndy says:

    Why did Bruce Preece and Maurice Girotto, the only two councillors to be elected as AF members, both resign the party after winning office?

  8. Maybe they never wanted a party in the first place but just went to Australia first as the only or best opportunity with no intention of staying on afterwards

  9. @ndy says:

    Maybe. Maybe not: I dunno. It’s curious but.

  10. Allan Ritchie says:

    Well it puzzles me too why Australia first draws distinctions between one foreign race over another but all parties have their inconsistencies I mean look at ALP they proudly proclaim how social justice they are yet support the extreme right wing Financial Ombudsman service to the hilt

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