antifa notes (january 1, 2015)


Declassified Cabinet papers reveal that racist violence by the Australian Nationalists Movement and National Action was a matter of some concern in 1988-1989. See : Cabinet papers 1988-89: racism alive and violent, Damien Murphy, The Sydney Morning Herald, January 1, 2015. The former leader of the ANM, Jack van Tongeren, appears to have retired from politics to dedicate himself to painting. The former leader of National Action, (Dr) James Saleam, carries on as the leader of the Australia First Party.


A few years later, NA was active in Melbourne. I’m going to try and upload various material from this period in the coming days and weeks. Below is a sample:



The self-proclaimed “President” of the Australian Defence League, Ralph Cerminara, and his teenybopper sidekick, Zane Commins, appear to have enjoyed both Christmas and New Years’ behind bars. Zane also appears to have enjoyed taking photos and video of anti-fascists and anti-racists at the December 8 protests in Penrith — material shared among his far right colleagues.


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  1. Scott says:

    Problem is Alts, the media these days are mostly left leaning metrosexual urbanites themselves. Even the ABC have been described recently as the cheer squad for labour the greens and IMHO you could add just about any other dipshit hippy crowd to that list. They are in my view usually ignorant of anything beyond the city limits or their own exclusionist chai latte lifestyles. Their ignorance in many subject matters they so often display in their slanted and usually sensationalised stories has sadly become almost the norm.

    It’s also no surprise to me that the greens only get traction in inner city hippy zones, like Brunswick in Melbourne etc, that feature a high proportion of hippy or student voters with little experience in the natural environment and who often reveal, in my contacts with them, a lack of knowledge of the realities of outdoor life or the real world. They are IMHO often just the looney fringe looking for a post 60’s home, or dizzy kids hanging on to a PC fairy story. In-between smoking their bongs or holding a collective on some other weirdo cause that is.

    Journalist’s views IMHO are predominantly anti white male, anti firearms, anti Christian, anti farmer, anti military etc, and pro any minority, left wing, anti establishment, PC thing they can think of.

    In my view the days of the old BBC style objective, professional journalist are sadly long gone. Their university lecturers have seen to that. I witnessed that kind of brainwashing in my own uni days, luckily I had a mind of my own…

    The only hope we have us to corner them in a live public forum where they cannot avoid the facts and hopefully expose them as the BS artists so many of us know they are.

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