FDB! Press Release: On Blood & Honour, neo-Nazism and The Birmingham Hotel

    Thursday, 28th September, 2006

    Australasian anti-fascist campaigners Fight Dem Back! [1] say The Birmingham Hotel [Cnr. Johnston & Smith Sts, Fitzroy; Tel (03) 9417 2706] has endangered the local community by hosting a large neo-Nazi skinhead gig.

    On Saturday the 23rd of September, neo-Nazis from around Australia and the world came to Melbourne for the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig. Ian Stuart, who died in a car crash in 1993, was the lead singer for neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver [2].

    The gig was held by the local branch of Blood & Honour – a global neo-Nazi network banned in Germany and considered a terrorist organisation by British and Belgian authorities – and the Southern Cross Hammerskins (SCHS), the local branch of another international neo-Nazi skinhead network. These two groups are responsible for numerous murders, bombings, arsons and assaults around the world.

    Fight Dem Back! discovered that the gig would be held at the Birmingham Hotel after an infiltrator expressed an interest in attending. To their surprise, they were informed that the concert would be held in Fitzroy, and not at the Jam Tin in Cheltenham – a venue which Blood & Honour had used in the past.

    Although the manager of the Birmingham has denied hosting the event, all three bands listed on the poster for the concert played at the Birmingham that night and approximately 50 members of Blood & Honour and SCHS were present.

    Fight Dem Back!’s Australian spokesperson, Cam Smith, says the matter must be taken seriously by the wider community and the authorities.

    “These are violent thugs who believe they not only have a right, but a duty, to harrass, intimidate and assault those who do not fit their bigoted ideal. If you are not white, not heterosexual, and if your politics are anywhere to the left of Adolf Hitler then you’re fair game as far as they’re concerned. The community needs to let The Birmingham know that they’re not happy with this element being brought into Fitzroy. This is a multicultural area and houses many vulnerable citizens – easy targets for neo-Nazis.”

    “We are sending a powerful message to The Birmingham Hotel to stop providing a venue for these people to spread their vile message. These are dangerous fanatics – we don’t want what is happening in Europe to happen here,” he continued, referring to the uncovering of a Blood & Honour plot to destablilise Belgian democracy by way of mass murder earlier this month [3].

    “As far as we are concerned, these scumbags are the real threat to Australian values.”



    [1] Fight Dem Back!, founded in 2004, is an Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand wide network of anti-fascist activists. Their website can be found [here].

    [2] Skrewdiver were a pioneer of the “white power” music scene. More information about them can be found [here].

    [3] For more, see articles in the International Herald Tribune and BBC News.

    Above : A patron enjoys the laid-back ambience at The Birmy

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11 Responses to FDB! Press Release: On Blood & Honour, neo-Nazism and The Birmingham Hotel

  1. Boof Head says:

    hahaha Fight dem back are such liars!

    That photo isnt even from the Birmingham hotel – it was taken about 3 or more years ago in Perth, Western Australia!

    Come on Andrew, get it together, tell everyone where the photo is from just to show us you are lying mate!

  2. @ndy says:


    I believe the correct expression to describe yr confused self is ‘too dumb to pound mud’.

    Yes, the photo of the ‘patron enjoying the laid-back ambience at The Birmy’ was not taken at The Birmy; it was taken at whichever shed yr gang — The White Devils — called HQ “about 3 or more years ago in Perth, Western Australia!”.

    Speaking of which, I hope Jack van Tongeren is of a forgiving nature. I mean, it was, after all, the antics of yr mob that’s responsible for the fact that he’s sitting in jail. While you, of course — unlike yr neo-Nazi comrades, Damon Paul Blaxall, Daniel Tyrone Klavins, Frank James Lemin and Shannon Mark Post — stayed free.

    Lucky, that.


    van Tongeren is facing charges of plotting to commit four arson attacks and 19 counts of criminal damage against four Chinese restaurants in Perth in June and July, 2004 (’Supremacist leader in court’, The Age, August 7, 2004). “[M]agistrate Robert Black… told the court the arson charges related to four separate alleged attacks, carried out with others, between June 1 and July 16 this year. Mr Black said van Tongeren was accused of plotting to cause criminal damage by fire to properties in the Perth suburbs of Willeton, Karrawarra, Ferndale and another unknown location.”

    Interestingly, police claim that ‘Operation Atlantic’ uncovered evidence for the alleged plot after five members of the ‘White Devils’ Social Club for Juvenile Delinquents (aka the Australian Nationalist Movement’s (ANM) youth wing) got busted for vandalism in mid-July 2004: “Detectives involved in Operation Atlantic, the investigation into the graffiti, raided van Tongeren’s house in Gingin, north of Perth, on July 29, where, they allege, they [also?] uncovered a plot to harm WA’s Attorney General Jim McGinty and other high profile community leaders.”

    With idiotic mates like the White Dickheads, who needs enemies?

  3. aketus says:

    Congrats Benny, at least you’ve learnt where Melbourne is in relation to Perth.. I’m still quivering from the fear of you hunting me down in that ‘small small place’.

    At this rate you might challenge Diane for the leadership of Australia First!

  4. Boof Head says:

    every DOG has its day red scum

  5. Aren’t you a police informant, Ben? Doesn’t that make you a dog?

  6. herman says:

    Hey Andy, heard your girlfriend dumped your ass because you can’t get it up? sexual frustration explains this website you silly little man. why don’t you take your medication like a good little schizo, no one gives a fuck about your vendettas, actually that’s not true, they are good for a laugh. your slut girlfriend is [?] coming back to you you fuckin[‘] loser, accept it you limp dicked coward[.]

  7. @ndy says:

    G’day herman,

    This is true. Well, partly. That is, I did have some minor problems with erectile dysfunction until such time as I had the good fortune to be watching SBS television late one evening, and was apprised of the adventures of Messrs. Stiff & Stiff. Now I enjoy not only semi-regular and largely satisfactory sexual intercourse with my partner, but I also enjoy tinkling the ivories in a way I’d never really thought possible.

    True story.

    Cheers and beers,


    PS. Is my girlfriend coming or going? Please advise.

  8. Great blog – just wanted to give credit where credit is due!

  9. mikey b says:

    what’s the story with the birmy these days, with the new ownership and the ‘not shit anymore’ tagline?

    they were putting some darn fine sounding shows on over the last few months like the diamond sea and scum system kill (from memory) last november, i think
    i know it got taken over a while ago but wasn’t sure if anything is much different

  10. @ndy says:

    mikey b,

    The story is that Gary K is no longer managing the pub. It also has new ownership and a new license. The new management understands that allowing boneheads to stage gigs, as Gary did, is very bad for business. From the few times I’ve been, it appears to be doing OK. Not being shit any more probably helps.

    The centre of gravity for most of the punk bands that played there during the boycott is now down the road @ the Barleycorn (which has featured punk gigs off and on for the last 30 years or so). Some also play @ the Arthouse, but word is the license will expire soon, and the current mob is moving on, so who knows?

    If a fraction of the $ that’s been spent on piss over the last 30 years had been devoted to establishing a punk-owned club, this mob would have a venue of their own. But that would require a long-term collective effort which most consumers aren’t able or willing to engage in.

  11. mikey b says:

    cheers andy,
    thanks for the clarification

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