Unrepresentative swill still violating property rights in London


I am angry.

Angry and disgusted.

In London, some dirty, filthy squatters — fuckwits, bums, lowlifes and almost certainly anarchist faggots — are continuing to get away with murder by occupying an empty property legally belonging to someone else! Even The Age has been forced to sit up and take notice of this scandal:

Britons’ protest over MP expenses scandal hits home
Karla Adam
The Age [The Washington Post]
July 7, 2009

Squatters have taken over a house at the centre of rort revelations, Karla Adam reports from London.

Of course, the very worst aspect of this attack upon one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization has been the response of locals. According to Karla:

Far from shunning them as trespassers and troublemakers, neighbours appear to have greeted the squatters as white knights who aren’t afraid to shake a fist at a system many people contend has failed.

More than 150 local people have visited the house, the squatters say, offering not just moral support, but also a barbecue, a camper stove, mugs of tea, balloons, blankets, boxes of Chinese food, two deckchairs, trays of beer, a bottle of whisky, a small table and space in nearby heated houses should Britain’s current heatwave recede.

“Take this,” said Rod de St Croix, thrusting a bottle of wine at Mr Baker. “I can’t squat. I’ve got a family and kids and a job, but you’re doing it for me. Good on you.”

Ian Speed, a 46-year-old accountant, sauntered over with a tray of chocolate biscuits.

“I originally voted for Ann Keen,” he says. “But now I’m just appalled by all this second-house stuff.”

Has the world gone mad?

Obviously, Great Britain isn’t so great anymore (especially with all them foreign scum taking British jobs). In which case it could do a lot worse than follow the example of the former British penal colony known as Australia, and abolish any legal status for squatters. This would make the job of evicting the sub-humans from their so-called ‘homes’ a lot easier; it would have the added advantage of warehousing the poors in forms of accommodation befitting their social status — slums — while at the same time allow hardworking businessman to better enjoy the fruits of their back-breaking labour — say, by buying a luxury powerboat, or something. This expenditure would, in turn, greatly assist The Economy, which from all accounts has been feeling a little down recently. Even better, a serious crackdown on squatting in Great Britain would not require the genocidal conquest of an entire continent — a task which, despite over two centuries of hard yakka, is still not complete. (Although recent reports provide much encouragement.)

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4 Responses to Unrepresentative swill still violating property rights in London

  1. Liam says:

    This story is great. In all the places I’ve squatted so far (5 different places), I’ve never had any trouble with neighbours. The neighbour at the first place invited us around for drinks one night, I’ve had long chats with an elderly woman i lived next to, another has invited us around for dinner with their kids and during one eviction a couple from two doors down visited us with their child to say they thought we were doing the right thing and even suggested coming back in a couple of days to re-squat the joint.
    In my experience the only people to have had a problem with us are slumlords and cops.

  2. Red Ensign says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way @ndy but have you ever heard of adverse possession laws? These laws were introduced back in the days when it was common for people to just abandon their properties and leave, they where introduced to protect the new dwellers from previous claimers who could come back decades later and demand the property back. The laws are still highly relevant in regards to property boundary disputes and in cases where people die without a will or any close relatives, meaning the property can be on sold to a new owner without them having to worry about some relative of the deceased suddenly popping up and demanding the property. Historically there is no legal precedent for deliberate adverse possession to be treated any differently from accidental, the laws have been tightened up in the UK but remain very lax in many places, like Australia, because our squatters have historically been extremely wealthy…vast tracks of grazing land, not run down old abandoned ware houses.

    I feel that your view on squatters is unfair, property prices had been rising for ages, along with rental costs, i have never squatted but i wouldn’t object to it if i had to, also your idea for slums is hypocritical since slums inherently involve squatting crown land…though i don’t object to that either.

    Cheers, Red Ensign.

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