Commie chief inherits £20.5m

The Sun
November 11, 2006

The leader of Britain’s Communist Party has become a multi-millionaire — inheriting a £20.5 million painting that had been stolen by the Nazis.

Anita Halpin’s huge windfall came when Berlin Street Scene, by German artist Ernst Kirchner, was sold at auction.

It was snatched from the home of her German grandparents in 1936, but was returned to her as sole surviving heir under Nazi restitution laws.

Ms Halpin, 62, lives in Bow, East London. Asked how she would spend the cash, Ms Halpin, whose party believe in spreading wealth equally, said: “It’s too early to call — let’s leave it at that”.

The picture sold to New York’s Neue Galerie after frenzied bidding at Christie’s in Manhattan.

See also : ‘Communist chief joins the rich list with £20.5m for masterpiece’, The Times, November 10, 2006; ‘Comrades, fellow tankies, let’s not fall out over £20m’, The Sunday Times, November 12, 2006

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