G20 (and other professional foreign agitators)

Ask and ye shall receive: Rich businessmen and politicians have succeeded where poor environmentalists have failed, Government authorities yesterday (November 14) declaring — in preparation for the G20 meeting this weekend — the Melbourne CBD off-limits to (parked) cars (ABC; The Australian). Yet another reason to applaud the G20 — which, according to Peter Costello, seeks to eradicate poverty. On this subject, Costello (and Abbott) would do well to give serious consideration to the WTO’s recent proposals with regards grossly inefficient African workers. The new industrial relations regime — yesterday, as expected, given the official stamp of approval by the High Court — is certainly a step in the right direction, but it would be mistaken for The Man Who Will Never Be PM to rest on his WASP laurels, and making Australian workers more productive is — let’s face it — a never-ending and largely thankless task.

Well, apart from the large sums of filthy lucre.

A typical example of the dull, routine analysis which serves to obscure both fabulous wealth and the grinding poverty it depends on for its generation is provided by technocrat Tim Harcourt, ‘New world order comes to Melbourne’, The Age, November 15, 2006; some token acknowledgement of the death and destruction being crafted by neo-liberal forums such as the G20 may be found in a ‘Call for debt relief, financier [?] reform’, Andra Jackson, The Age, November 15, 2006.

Another party which cannot afford to rest on its laurels is Dr. James Saleam‘s Australia First Party. Following its success in Adelaide, the party party party has announced its candidate for the NSW state electorate of Cronulla: John Moffat. Like Bruce Preece, this is the second time Moffat has stood for the AFP, the last occasion being in March 2003. Then Moffat got 814 votes.

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