Trot Guide to Victorian State election (November 25)

Exciting times at Trot Guide!

1) The DSP-dominated Socialist Alliance is fielding a grand total of four candidates this election: Margarita Windisch in Footscray; Vannessa Hearman in Brunswick; and Sue Bull and Rowan Stewart in the Western Victoria (Upper House) region. All four are members of the DSP. NB. In 1998, Hearman ran for the Victorian Senate on a joint ticket with Jo Williams; Williams got 2,264 votes, Hearman 30 | Sue Bull is a veteran campaigner: in 1993 she received 763 votes (01.1%) for the Federal seat of Prospect in NSW; in 1996, 1,508 votes (02.3%) for the Federal seat of Canberra in the ACT; and in 1998, 1,214 votes (01.3%) for the Federal seat of Fraser, also in the ACT.

2) The Socialist Party is only half as good as the Socialist Alliance, and is therefore only (allegedly) standing two candidates: Steve Jolly in Richmond and Andrew Calleja in the Northern Metropolitan (Upper House) region. NB. Calleja does not appear to appear on the ballot… Jolly stood for the Federal seat of Melbourne in 2001, gaining 1,260 votes (01.5%); and in 2005, the State seat of Richmond, gaining 544 votes (02.0%).

3) Jorge Jorquera (ex-DSP, es-MSN, DA // W&CF) is standing for the seat of Derrimut. NB. In 1999, Jorquera stood for the seat of Melbourne and gained 1,986 votes (05.7%), coming third of three candidates; while in 1998, Jorquera contested the Federal seat of Gellibrand, receiving 963 votes (01.3%).

4) The Socialist Equality Party also has a candidate: Will Marshall for the Melbourne electorate of Broadmeadows. NB. In 1998, Will stood for the Victorian Senate alongside his comrade Sue Phillips. Phillips got 1,368 votes and Will… 24. Making a grand total of 0.0034%.


And in good news for the fascist Australia First Party, its candidate in local council elections for the St Johns Wood Ward of Prospect in Adelaide, South Australia, Bruce Preece, obtained 341 votes this weekend, and appears to have won a seat on the local council. A tremendous boost in his and the AFP’s quest to help keep Australia White, one local council at a time.

Congratulations church-going citizens of Adelaide! Two Wongs don’t make a White!

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