No Glitter For Nazis : Defend Queer Rights in St Kilda, December 8, 2022

[Update : Organisers cancelled/rescheduled ‘Glitter Nova’ /// Many score rocked up to support the event/oppose fascism /// While a handful of Proud Boys also went to St Kilda, it seems none of the Balwyn Boy’s mob bothered. See : Glitter Nova youth pride celebration postponed due to safety concerns after protest threat, Madi Chwasta, ABC Radio Melbourne, December 8, 2022.]

NB. Organisers have postponed the Glitter Nova event however there will still be a gathering in solidarity.

According to conrads at The White Rose Society, nazis belonging to the European Australian Movement/National Socialist Network (& Co.) have threatened to disrupt an event at the Victorian Pride Centre this evening. As a result, an emergency call to action has been made, requesting queer-friendly people attend the event in solidarity and to demonstrate that nazi threats won’t be tolerated by the general public.

Please note that the EAM/NSN have form, having picketed (while under police protection) a family-friendly queer event (YouthFest 2022) in Moonee Ponds at the beginning of October. Prior to this, the boys played a game at the Irish Times Pub in Melbourne, and later won some stupid prizes. Curiously, their efforts won the support of Christian nationalists in the United States, along with Sarah Ferguson’s sometime fren, Steve Bannon.

See also : Neo-Nazis Discuss Plans To Target Drag Event At Melbourne’s Victorian Pride Centre, Shibu Thomas, Star Observer, December 8, 2022.

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