Greek police detain 60 ‘persons of interest’

Greek police detain 60 people after arson attack on central Athens bank
International Herald Tribune
February 12, 2007

ATHENS, Greece: Greek police detained some 60 people in Athens after suspected anarchists burnt a bank ATM late Monday, authorities said.

Nobody was injured in the petrol bomb attack in central Athens, which caused minor damage.

Police responded by raiding cafeterias frequented by suspected anarchists in the city center, detaining around 60 people. Nobody was arrested or formally accused of involvement in the fire-bombing, which was the latest of a string of similar attacks.

A number of small anarchist groups have claimed responsibility for the attacks, in which petrol bombs and homemade gas-canister bombs were used against banks and government buildings and vehicles in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city.

Anarchists throwing stones and petrol bombs have repeatedly clashed with police this year, during a series of student protests against government plans to end a state monopoly on university education.

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2 Responses to Greek police detain 60 ‘persons of interest’

  1. Ben W says:

    Good to see that anarcho-communist scum are proving themselves to be violent criminal dregs as per usual.

    It\’s interesting to see how scumbags like yourself like to jump up and down when people you consider to be [fascists] mention the word \’black\’, but anarcho-communist scum like yourself go on violent rampages all the time…

    See your hypocrisy yet Andrew Moran?

    Nah, you never will.

  2. @ndy says:


    How are you boofhead?

    What prompted this outburst?

    Feeling starved of attention or something?

    Your comments are, as ever, much appreciated — bearing little relation to the post, but generating much amusement regarding the (obviously unruly) contents of your (blue! not white! crack your skull open and take a look if you don’t believe me!) brain.

    How are the English remedial classes going?

    Don’t give up yet tiger!

    Big fat wet kisses,


    PS. I thought my surname was Morgan? Please make up your mind: it’s creating enormous problems for me in dealing with government and other bureaucracy.

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