antifa notes (october 28, 2009)

Following the police shooting on October 24 of a kind and caring neo-Nazi named Jeff Hughes in Nanaimo in Canada, John Kopko and Christopher Nachtman, two angry Aryans in attendance at one of nutzi historian David Irving’s speeches — delivered on October 26 at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, Florida — decided to clarify their political differences by stabbing one another.

This is not an uncommon practice among members of the far right.

Irving is currently on tour in the US, and his speaking engagements are apparently being booked by his publisher, ‘Focal Point Publications’ (or as ‘Focal Point Productions’). His current tour, taking him from Florida to South Carolina to North Carolina, then to Richmond, Virginia, Washington (DC), Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, New Haven (CT), Manchester (NH), Niagara Falls (NY) and Indianapolis is scheduled to end in Chicago on November 23.

Whether there will be any more stabbings remains to be seen.

In Germany: “An 88-year-old former Waffen SS fanatic went has gone on trial accused of the wartime execution of three civilians in the Netherlands during the Second World War”, while elsewhere a German woman is keeping Berlin clean of neo-Nazi propaganda, a mission inspired by her encountering a sticker 20 years ago: ‘”I was angry that I hadn’t scratched the sticker off,” she recalls. She returned that evening and it was still hanging there. She couldn’t understand why the many people who had waited at the bus stop that day hadn’t bothered to remove it. “So I decided to stop looking the other way,” she says.’

Which was, of course, her first mistake.

There’s a moral to this story, what it is I cannot say
Oh maybe it’s the ancient curse, crime it will not pay
If you ask Wee Willie McFadden, he’ll say “You’re kind, you know”
If you want to pinch a record player, do it up the Shankill Road
If you want to pinch a record player, do it up the Shankill Road

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4 Responses to antifa notes (october 28, 2009)

  1. Leading German nazi lawyer Jürgen Rieger died yesterday after suffering a stroke last weekend. Rieger was one of the most disgusting figures of the neo-nazi movement in germany, e.g., he claimed that the Warsaw Ghetto was necessary for “containing diseases” in a court case where he defended an SS bastard.

  2. Paul Justo says:

    Not just the Indians, now the white niggers are getting attacked.

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Luckily our true blue Aussie was only charged with manslaughter.

    Another great example of true blue Aussie justice in action.

  4. youthagainstfascism says:

    Speaking of antifa, your readers may be interested to know that there will be another community rally at 7pm on Friday 6 November, at Humanist House – 10 Shepherd St, Chippendale.

    This is the next scheduled KN gathering. The Humanist Society are being very cagey about whether or not they’re going to continue to support neo-nazis, and KN may or may not chose to meet where they know they will face collective opposition.

    If they turn up we will be there to tell them they are not welcome. If they don’t, we’ll have a street party to celebrate.

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