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Go Pat!

‘Disgusting’ website urged offensive against Indians
Mark Schliebs
June 4, 2009

AN Australian website urging a “hate offensive” against Indians was condemned as “disgusting”, while fears grow that racial tensions will escalate.

For the past six months, Melbourne man Patrick O’Sullivan has posted comments onto a white supremacy forum about how “evil” Indians were and urged others to participate in a “Summer hate offensive” in the Victorian city.

In a post just before Christmas, he asked for people to call him if they wanted to participate.

“For those of you in or nearby Melbourne, contact me. This summer a lot of Race Hate is occurring! RAHOWA!”

RAHOWA is understood to stand for Racial Holy War.

Senior police and Indian students deplored the web comments but police said they doubted they had caused a spate of assaults on Indian students, despite members of the forum pledging to join in the “offensive”.

Mr O’Sullivan, who was jailed in 2002 for stabbing a man who accused him of not being a Nazi due to his Irish blood, told news.com.au that the posts were not intended to incite violence and that he was now a peaceful man.

He said his rallying call for a “Summer hate offensive” was a peaceful way to recruit people into the Creativity Movement, whose website describes itself as a “Progressive Pro-White Religion”.

In late November, Mr O’Sullivan posted a comment – using the name “RAWHOWA NOW” – on a neo-Nazi forum which said he was sick of “Dirty F**king Indians”.

“They infest the Melbourne area. I could write all day (about) how evil and putrid those scum are… one particularly infuriating thing about these curry n*ggers is their arrogance,” he said.

“I think this may seem (to have originated) from the apathy of Whites not putting tem (sic) in their place. Those browm (sic) maggots used to get spat on, tolchocked and on occasion even stabbed and/or hospitalised.

“I’m not saying to commit illegal acts, violence etc. This is merely and observation of mine.”

A few points:

Pat’s Summer Offensive was launched on Stormfront in December 2007 — not 2008. (He posts on that diseased forum using the handle ‘Rev.Patrick.-WCOTC’.)
Pat’s posts on SF may be divided into three categories: 1. Racial hatred. 2. Denunciations of other racists. 3. Appreciation of the talents of various blonde female TV personalities.
IRL, Pat spends his days wandering around Melbourne putting stickers up promoting his Church.
Late last year, a bonehead was filmed in Melbourne’s Chinatown, racially abusing random passers-by — including a small group of Koori children… More details to follow.

On the bizarro white supremacist religious kkkult known as ‘Creativity’, see : Creative (and c r e e p y) Australians (November 3, 2008) | Pat is also a vocal supporter of nutzi group ‘Combat 18’; C18 is closely associated with one of two major nutzi networks known as ‘Blood & Honour’, see : Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour (April 12, 2009).

Sue Bateman (One Nation Party WA / ex-Stormfront) & Paul Innes (Stormfront) | Martin Fletcher (Australian Protectionist Party / Downunder Newslinks) | Dr. James Saleam (Australia First Party / Stormfront) | Rhys McLean (ex-Stormfront) | New Zealand National Front, Wellington, October 2008 | NZNF several years prior | New Right/‘national anarchists’, Sydney, September 2007 | Welf Herfurth (ex-NPD, ex-ONP, New Right, Volksfront Australia) | 2006 ISD memorial gig flyer, Birmingham Hotel, Fitzroy | 2007 ISD memorial gig flyer, Melbourne Croatia Social Club, Sunshine | 2006 gig photo feat. Damien Ovchynik (Bail Up!) and some flag or other | Two average punters | Blood Red Eagle flyer, Hitler’s birthday gig (Satan’s Slaves, Wellington 2007) | BRE feat. Douglas Schott (Volksfront Australia) | Deaths Head | Gerald Fredrick Töben (Adelaide Institute) & Welf Herfurth | Martyn Gilleard | New Zealand Hammerskins | Blood Oath | More boneheads | “National anarchists”, Melbourne, 2008 | Hayden Brent McKenzie | Kyle Chapman (NZNF) | Murray Holmes (ex-Skrewdriver, Quick & The Dead) | Patrick O’Sullivan (Creativity) | 2009 neo-Nazi ANZAC Day gig flyer, Perth | Simon & Chumley (ex-White Lightning, T.H.U.G.)


Who is Patrick O’Sullivan and where does he come from?

Full name, Patrick John O’Sullivan. In 1988, O’Sullivan lived in Adelaide (South Australia), where as a sixteen year old self-proclaimed ‘Bonehead’ he made contact with the Nationalist political party, Australian National Action (ANA). By 1989, he had made the move to Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) where he was later expelled from the party along with several others after a failed attempted takeover. In 1995 in an attempt to shut down ANA operations, O’Sullivan swore out a complaint against the Chairman of ANA, Michael Brander, for assault (a complaint which he later withdrew).

Peter Coleman, David Palmer and Robert Leys: In the years 1998 – 2001, O’Sullivan worked for Peter Coleman as an assistant in his militaria business. On that basis he travelled the country with him. The 1999 campaign against the One Nation Party, designed by a Greg Roberts of the Sydney Morning Herald, had Peter Coleman, David Palmer and Patrick O’Sullivan pretending to represent the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), respectively. At no point was the reader or viewer of the shocking tales of a supposed “neo-Nazi” takover of One Nation Party told O’Sullivan was Coleman’s employee, let alone that the three were acting alone and had no connection to the American groups they claimed to represent. Robert Leys, who was also an associate of Coleman, Palmer and O’Sullivan, had earlier falsely claimed to represent the WCOTC in Australia as a reverend.

O’Sullivan did, however, eventually join the WCOTC; where he spent the next few years abusing WCOTC leader, Matt Hale, behind his back for refusing to expel those Australian WCOTC members whom O’Sullivan did not personally approve.

In 2002, O’Sullivan was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the stabbing of a Bonehead at a party. All of which he spent in protective custody where he proudly declared himself to be a ‘Political Prisoner’ and maintained a constant, if government monitored, dialogue with the marginalized gang elements within the WCOTC – who upon Matt Hale’s arrest, acted together in a coup to oust hundreds of members from the Church and gain control of it for themselves. Following his release from prison, O’Sullivan quickly siezed upon his reputation for martyrdom and used it to personally expel more than forty Church members within three months. These days, the group is known as The Creativity Movement (TCM). O’Sullivan is the leader and only remaining member from when the group was known as the WCOTC. Other than symbols and terminology, it has no association with the former World Church of the Creator.

Sauce : rahowanow.com/faq-trademark-australia.htm

Who is Peter John Coleman and where does he come from?

A resident of Merrylands, Sydney, Coleman owns a mail-order business selling military regalia. He has been the deputy leader of the West Australian-based neo-Nazi group, the Australian Nationalists Movement, and the deputy leader of David Palmer’s NSDAP group (see below). In 1999 Coleman was appointed Grand Titan (provincial head) or Exalted Cyclops (chapter president) of the Imperial Klans of America – Realm of Australia. Coleman has suggested that he recruited for his group at branch meetings of the One Nation Party, of which he was a member. He was later expelled by One Nation once his association with the klan became known.

In the September-October 1999 issue of the newsletter of the Imperial Klans of America, Imperial Wizard (national leader) Ron Edwards confirmed Coleman’s appointment as the head of the group’s Australian arm. Edwards stated that Coleman was in charge of three klaverns in Australia with a growing membership. Coleman has claimed that his Sydney klavern has 30 members.


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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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23 Responses to Herr Reverend in the news.com.au

  1. Social Retard says:

    The article refers to posts from the Australian section of the Combat 18 forum.

  2. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    You have no idea about what[‘]s going on do you Andy? Besides Schliebs’ took posts from two different threads and somehow concocted a whacky story, complete with ‘quotes’ that he just made up. Speaking of whacky stories, where did you find that drivel about ‘expelling 40 members’ etc? Which is all utter crap, then again that[‘]s your thing.
    Good to see you notice the stickers. More surprises for you all soon.
    PS. What[‘]s this about an incident in China Town?

  3. Jamie R says:

    Mr O’Sullivan, who was jailed in 2002 for stabbing a man who accused him of not being a Nazi due to his Irish blood

    Oh boy.

    You know… back in the day the Irish were content to sail over to continental Europe and build monasteries in France, Italy and Switzerland to bring the faith back to a wayward peoples. St. Goban (Martyr A.D. 670) built a church dedicated to St. Peter near Le Fere and Premontre. He was beheaded by German Barbarians.

    Fast forward! These days they want teh snappy uniforms while trolling Juden?

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m havin’ a few drinks and since my family name comes from County Cork I will go into the phone booth, come out with a Guinness and drive those snakes out the land again. Or just have another drink, whichever comes first.

    Oh look! Drink came first.

  4. Jamie R says:

    Off topic but since you’re the only anarchist I know since Darp no longer blogs did you see in the wake of the Chaser stunt the fallout? Yeah I know, two weeks off air and stuff that’s bad, anarchy brings controversy, but what’s more!

    Guy Sebastian on Twitter:

    “yep.. Im putting it out there, i would love to punch those chasers dudes square in the face. Cheap morons.”

    I’m not so impressed with neo-Nazi and Anarchist internet tough guys as I am with this BAD MOTHERFUCKER. I wonder whether the TAB is taking bets? I’ll put some money on Guy flexing that tattoo he posted on his profile on Twitter (lame) and then throwing money and running like he did during the mugging in LA.

    Born-again Christian Guy (my brother!) reminds me of that scene in Mallrats:

    “You fuckers think just because a guy reads comics he can’t start some shit!?”

  5. @ndy says:

    Jamie R,

    Darp is not an anarchist, and never has been. Afaik, he is a Greens supporter.

    As for The Chaser: I missed it. Here’s their apology:

    Also: don’t fuck w Guy. He sounds dangerous.

  6. Jamie R says:

    Oh. Well I was judging that based on his Chaser-like antics at times. Come to think of it I don’t know what he was apart from shit-stirrer. I didn’t know he was a Green more than just a Howard Hater. That was my take anyhow, if you didn’t like John Howard you picked the party that pissed him off the most.

  7. Jamie R says:

    As for The Chaser: I missed it. Here’s their apology

    They’ve taken the heat but the ABC knew what they were doing, and it’s not like you allow a show to go to air with War on Everything in the title and not think that might overstep the boundaries of mainstream taste at times. The simple fact is that many people don’t understand what Chaser is about, even I didn’t really until I started reading this blog, and it’s easy to rub people the wrong way.

  8. Antifa says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan’s views really don’t deserve to be on the National News. I don’t know what these ‘journalists’ are trying to achieve by repeating his illogical, unintelligent, racist hatred, except for a bit of cheap sensationalism.

  9. Lumpen says:

    As far as the good Reverend’s views go, I’d hazard a guess and say the journalist was attempting to draw a link between dedicated racists and the racist attacks on Indians. Drawing an unreasonably long bow, if you ask me; an eccentric man who spends his days wandering the streets, annoying young punks and putting up stickers has no influence on fuckwits who decide to roll Indians.

    Still, it was probably a good thing that the journalist was putting this news into some kind of context, even if they focused on the wielder of the shamrock swastika.

  10. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    Lumpen and Antifa sound as though they have sour grapes that no-one pays attention to lefty cyber warriors like yourselves.
    It sounds like the stickers really get up you for some reason.

  11. Lumpen says:

    Dear Reverend Patrick of the Creativity Movement,
    The kind of attention you receive is of the ‘holy crap look at this nut bar’ variety. I’m happy for you to have a monopoly on that one.
    The stickers serve the sole purpose of helping you to foster your fantasy of being some kind of racialist activist. You don’t have the ability to see that they look crazy and obscure. This pleases me, although I consider any racist material on the streets as an affront.

  12. Robby says:

    That nutty fuck Pat had the shit kicked out of him not long ago by a more well known neo-Nazi. As I hear it he was left unconscious on the steps of his squalid boarding house in Napier Street Fitzroy next to Alexandra Parade. He had apparently informed on this guy and made some comment about the guy’s wife being “his” girl. What a loser. I was a member but left after the shit talk and drinking became evident… from day one. As for his racial awareness, he has a 10 year old kid to a wog! He will not tell you that, what he will tell you is that there are White wogs. This is how he justifies his kind of race-mixing.

  13. Rev.O'Sullivan says:

    Perhaps ‘Robby’ why dont you say who you really are. If you [have] stories to tell about me. How about saying them to me in person?

  14. Rev.O'Sullivan-TCM says:

    As stated before say your off the wall lies to me in person [Robby] or whatever you call yourself, what drugs were you on when you made up that load of shit?! Interesting how you claim to be a ‘former member’, more rubbish from yet [another] internet shit talker.

  15. patrick? HAHA, You wanker

  16. Reverend Robert Leys says:


    You really should do some RESEARCH before you allege that I falsely claim to be a Reverend in The Creativity Movement. I was ordained by the Founder & Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen, on the 10th of March 1992 as a Reverend in the original Church of the Creator, BEFORE the SHIT FIGHT that ensued with the World Church Of The Creator and the eventual name change to The Creativity Movement.

    I have NEVER been an ASSOCIATE of Patrick O’Sullivan; I have met him on TWO occasions and was singularly UNIMPRESSED on both occasions. He is a VIOLENT NUTCASE & a CRIMINAL who has been to gaol for that STABBING in 2002 and as such should not be a member, let alone a Reverend, of The Creativity Movement because he has VIOLATED one of the TENETS of TCM about VIOLENCE.


  17. jayson says:

    Geez Pat nobody likes your drunken scummy ol’ arse. Pat you truly are a wanker.

  18. White Aussie says:

    Peter Coleman is not only a KKK idiot… he’s also a closet poofter who stalks people who don’t see his side of things. I witnessed him laughing at a man whose son was dying in hospital by saying things like… I wish he’d just bloody hurry up and die… he looks like a retard. He is a disgusting excuse for a human being and deserves nothing but a funeral pyre (perhaps after being beaten with a barbed iron pole first)!

  19. 80's Skin says:

    Ratprick O’Sullivan is the epitome of everything that society, a healthy society should avoid. He is an alcoholic, he goes to brothels, is proud to show you his “Frequent Fuckers Card” that he got from BaDaBings in Johnston Street, Collingwood. He smokes, smokes grass, is known to drop pills, he lives in squalor, a government funded doss house in Fitzroy for the poor, chases underage girls and has been known to standover young boys to join his one man sticker group and, is a known police informer.

    Dane Sweetman beat the hell out of him some years back because a statement made by Patrick was doing the rounds where he had spoken to police about Dane and Martin his co-accused. He had also slandered Dane’s woman. His mate Garry McDonald, EK Militaria, loves to talk and talk he does and just like Patrick in a jack shop it’s one slap to start him and ten to stop him.

    For someone so crazy about “White Pride” he hides the fact he has a brown child to an even browner woman who was very young when he had his way with her, a year or so prior to his stabbing conviction. He loves hearing about that, people should ask him. He is Hep-C positive, too.


    That sums him up, a deranged, inbred deluded wanker: Nature’s Greatest Retard!

  20. patrick says:

    @80`s skin, if you know Dane Sweetman, why dont you ask him why he put himself into the dogs yard at Pentridge prison. Patrick O`Sullivan is not the only skinhead that likes standing over young boys, although in Danes case it was for sex. Sweetman may or may not have punched out Rev Pat, but that does not change the fact that both of them are dogs
    As for White Pride, LOL. Considering the fact that Australias skins are either members of the Australia First Party or are allied to it and a number of them are members of Stormfront, it shows that all the neo nazi scum in this country are lying hypocritical scum with no pride in anything. They have no honour and are a disgrace to the White race

  21. Uschi says:

    Hey, Patrick get back in your kennel! You wouldn’t know the first thing about anyone and if you did and you were there when such things you say happened in Pentridge and did nothing to prevent those things from transpiring well that would make you a coward, even possibly an accomplice. Having a cry on a forum just makes you look as though […] you jaw-on like a sheila.

  22. Chezz says:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is no longer head of the Creativity Movement he has though moved on to C18 which I hear has been infiltrated by informant scum so he should fit right in.
    As for Patrick above, you are nothing but antifa trash, you use words like honour and pride like they are catch phrases I doubt you would actually know anything about the consequences that come with these words if they are not fought for. You need to run back home to mummy and daddy and sleep snug in your bed whilst the real fighters are out there fighting the good fight.

  23. Dean says:

    Ratprick is now living in Reservoir pushing his C18 sticker campaign, I have seen several around and they have been promptly torn down.

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