Truth, for example, pontificated on May Day 1892: ‘All ignorant and vicious people are Anarchists … [most] prisoners in gaol are Anarchists and most Anarchists who are not in gaol ought to be’.


…The extent of such complicity, even duplicity, can be gauged by the open military training undertaken by the Croatian fascist front, the Ustashi, near Wodonga in 1963. Not only did the Ustashi members have the use of Citizen’s Military Forces’ armoured cars, but they also sported Army issue Owen sub-machine guns. Their political leaders, Srecko Rover and Ljenko Urbancic, found support at the highest levels of government to carry out such training displays. It is perhaps doubly ironic if not perverse that with the political malaise and fragmentation from which contemporary Yugoslavia suffers, Urbancic can pose before his Kurrajong fort as an honorary consul for Slovenia (see The Sydney Morning Herald, July 17, 1990). Can his Nazi past be so easily overlooked?


@ndy: The drummer for Bulldog Spirit, “Joel, is a bonehead — a neo-Nazi “skinhead” — who’s played, recorded and toured with neo-Nazi bands such as Deaths Head, Fortress and Ravenous, [which] make me wonder exactly what BS is on about.”

Doug Smith: “and for the record, before you keep running around calling people nazi, i think you’ll find that joel is not a “neo-nazi skinhead”. yes, he has drummed in those bands in the past but does not any more.”

~, Off Your Chest Forum, December 7, 2007


Neo-Nazi Acquittal: Dismay over Release of Extremist Attackers
Spiegel Online
December 7, 2007

The trial of four neo-Nazis charged of attacking a group of actors took an unexpected turn on Wednesday, when a district court released them from custody on the basis of [insufficient] evidence. Two of the victims have decided to move out of town.

The victims of a summer neo-Nazi attack were dealt a shocking blow on Wednesday, when those charged with the offense were released from custody. On the ninth day of hearings, all four of the accused men between the ages of 22 and 29, were allowed to walk free from the district court in Magdeburg…


Pro-Nazi band to tour Melbourne
Naomi Levin
Australian Jewish News
December 6, 2007

A REPRESENTATIVE from Festival Hall has confirmed that pro-Nazi Croatian singer Marko Perkovic, together with his band Thompson, will play in Melbourne on December 29. Thompson has publicly expressed its support for the Ustashe, a pro-Nazi regime that was responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people during World War II, and was known for singing nationalistic songs in support of Croatia…

Finally… It’s the End of the World As We Know It And I Feel Fine:

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