Deströyer 666 Australian Tour (November 2016)

Update (October 15) : I haven’t linked to the many online discussions re D666 or to anecdotal accounts of their shows attracting nazis. But I will post this extract from an interview with local comedian Aamer Rahman about his experience at a D666 show back in 2003.


Black/death/thrash heavy metal band Deströyer 666, which originally formed in Australia over two decades ago, are touring the country in November. The tour comes on the heels of the release of their new album Wildfire (on French label Season of Mist — you can read a hostile review here); their first since 2009’s Defiance (also on Season). The band is playing the following dates and venues:

Friday, Nov 4: Brisbane – Crowbar
Saturday, Nov 5: Sydney – Manning Bar
Sunday, Nov 6: Canberra – The Basement
Friday, Nov 11: Melbourne – Max Watts
Saturday, Nov 12: Adelaide – Enigma
Sunday, Nov 13: Perth – The Rosemount Hotel

Back in July, the band copped some heavy criticism on the Metal Sucks website, which called them ‘racist douchebags’, and in a series of three articles — since removed from the MS site — made various claims about the band and in particular its lead singer, KK Warslut (AKA Keith Bemrose), concluding that, inter alia, Keith is a ‘proven racist, misogynist and asshole’ who has ‘alarmingly racist, misogynistic and violent tendencies’. (The deleted articles were titled ‘Deströyer 666’s Set at Denmark’s Metal Magic Fest Marred by Fight Between the Audience and the Band’, July 11, 2016; ‘Deströyer 666: Officially Racist D-Bags’, July 12, 2016; ‘Deströyer 666 Frontman K.K. Warslut Digs in on Racist Comments at NYC Show’, July 15, 2016). On July 18, the site published an ‘apology’ to the band — this too has been deleted.

At the time, I made the mistake of sharing one of the articles on my Facebook page. This apparently triggered two of the band’s local fanboys.


(Note: Ryan Marauder formerly played gits with Melbourne heavy metal band Gospel of the Horns (1997-2005; 2007-2011) and bass with neo-Nazi rockers Deaths Head (2003-2011); the neo-Nazis are assembling again this weekend in Melbourne for the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig.)

So what’s all the fuss?

The publication of the articles sparked a virtual storm in a verymetal teacup, and mostly assumed the forms you’d expect, ie, HAILS! from fans, tut-tutting from critics, and bemusement on the part of the rest. The fact that Keith and D666 have a deliberately kvltivated reputation for being meanies seems to have escaped most commentators, as has the fact that his shtick forms an important part of his appeal (among the band’s fanbase, at least). One site that attempted to provide a more nuanced response was ToiletOvHELL: On Threats, Censorship, and Destroyer 666 (July 19, 2016).

I’ll try my best to lay out a timeline here: On July 9th, a drunk KK spent a good amount of time on stage at Metal Magic festival in Denmark expressing his hatred for the audience. He was particularly “sick of” the men, who had descended from Vikings, but were now living in a “matriarchal” society. He also became outraged at a concertgoer in an Antifa mask, but in fairness, that outburst was far more understandable due to the militant nature of the Australian left-wing extremist group, who tends to default to immediate violence themselves. Several fans jumped on stage at different times in an attempt to fight KK, who had to be held back himself. Luckily, their set ended without violence. This unprompted display of misogyny resulted in perplexed coverage from a few metal websites; Metalsucks paired it with a discussion of KK’s Nazi-associated tattoos, his identification of the white wolf (which is standing over its mutilated brown prey) on their Unchain The Wolves album as “the spirit of the white man,” and his former membership in the openly racist band The Raven’s Wing.

In which context, a few things:

• Keith’s concerns about The Emasculation Of Danish Society are kinda silly, while his drunken antics can be read in at least one of two ways: a) he acted in ways he wouldn’t when sober; b) in his inebriated state, the filter that would normally separate his bRanes from his mouth wasn’t working very well, and so he expressed himself more crudely than he would otherwise. In either case, his views about the threat posed to Men by Feminisms is reasonably widely-shared, and not only among metalheads …

• According to Keith, speaking in another interview (Bardo Methodology, July 27, 2016), the so-called ‘antifa’ who jumped on stage to pick a fight was just Some Guy in a mask: ‘As it turns out, this clown was no left-wing extremist at all; just an idiot who thought it would be cool to wear a mask to a show. I believe the common term for such types is twat.’

• It seems a bit odd to link this incident to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald on Those Mysterious Antifa, especially as D666 is now based in Europe. A more relevant link would be to the ambush of Polish NSBM band Tormentia … but that’s another story.

• Keith does have a ‘Nazi’ tattoo on his tummy — the Wolfsangel or Wolf’s Hook. In his interview with Bardo Methodology (cited above), Keith reckons he got it because he likes wolves ‘n’ shit — and besides, it’s an ancient rune.

• Keith’s quip about the wolf on the cover of the band’s 1997 album Unchain The Wolves occurred during a radio interview on 3RRR’s The Hard Report in June of the same year. You can read more about that interview here.

• Asked about Raven’s Wing, Keith (Bardo Methodology) says: ‘What a fuckin’ joke. I challenge anyone to find a single phrase on that album (“Through the Looking Glass”, 1997) that denigrates any race’, adding that ‘I respect all ethnicities, my own included. I believe that all peoples deserve respect and access to live as they wish in their own homelands – without outside influence or coercion.’ For the record, the Raven’s Wing album Through The Looking Glass was recorded for German neo-Nazi label Destiny Records. Originally released in 1997, it was re-released by Rock-O-Rama in 2008, and featured the talents of Keith, ‘Aussie’ Nigel Brown and Mark Costello (AKA ‘Coz’ and ‘Howitzer’) on drums. The chief vocalist on the projekt was Scott McGuinness, better known as the singer for neo-Nazi reich ‘n’ roll band Fortress. Leaving aside the lyric content — mawkish laments for a better, Whiter Australia and tributes to The White Man’s Struggle, for the most part — it beggars belief that Keith was unaware of the nature of the recording. In any case, while Fortress is defunct, Brown apparently now resides in the Netherlands and occasionally performs live at ‘Rac’n’Roll Place’ in Veendam:

Veendam is about an old gym just outside the center, where a portion from July 2014 was opened as a tavern. Martin pivotal figure of the grind (1969) from Winschoten has been running for over thirty years around in the extreme right scene and this gym has been converted into ‘Rac’n’Roll Place’. Here is sold as in Ravenstein drink and far-right propaganda material distributed. As the southern Nationalist Flemish guests also pulling know, so Rac’n’Roll Place focuses successfully on German sympathizers. The difference between these spots is that there are gatherings take place more often in Veendam, where significantly more visitors coming. There is also a space where archery, strength training and kickboxing can be practiced. Furthermore they occasionally musicians, such as the Australian guitarist Nigel Brown (1967). Brown has played in a number of imaginative Nazi bands and was sentenced in Australia to nine months’ imprisonment for ‘gay bashing’. In 1995 he takes in the North Holland village Zwaag a CD with his band Celtic Warrior. During this recording, the band members were arrested by police. Two years later, Brown was sentenced to a fine of 1500,- for insulting Jews. In the old&new party which 2014 ended the visitors could admire Rac’n’Roll Brown a fee of € 15,- entree.

• While Keith’s status as a ‘neo-Nazi’ is questionable, and it seems he rejects the term, it appears equally obvious that he shares at least some of their views regarding the natural *cough* order of things, and provides at least tacit support for the concept of a Safe European Home for Whites. That said, the recordings he’s made and the associations he’s had over the last two decades seem just as much social as they are political. Partly, this is a product of sharing common origins with the Whyalla thrashers of the 1980s, with Keith doing time in Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust and D666; Rob ‘Death Dealer’ Currie in Vomitor and Spear of Longinus; Mark ‘Howitzer’ Costello in D666 and Gospel of the Horns; Brad ‘B.C.’ Chung in Corpse Molestation, Vomitor and Razor of Occam; and Matt ‘Razor’ Schneemilch in D666 and Razor. In other words, it’s a close circle of Happy Metal Friends (which happens to include neo-Nazis).

Back to ToiletOvHell:

This brings us to July 17th. Destroyer 666 posted a long tour wrap-up on Facebook, and spent most of it calling out metal blogs and SJW culture (ah yes, the old standby attack). In a truly deplorable display, KK railed against Blair Hopkins, calling her a “little lying dishonest whore.” He accused her of being “more intent on advertising her attractiveness to drunks than she was in writing an honest review.” Then, switching to a second person narrative (while drastically upping his typo-per-sentence rate), he finished with “Clearly your insecure about your looks woman and felt a burning desire to advertise just how irresistible you are.To drunks.Sad desperate bitch.”

These are not very nice things to say in response to a review, but do seem to accurately reflect Keith’s approach to critics.

ToiletOvHell again:

Next, and most deplorably (although finding new lows seems difficult at this point), he targets the editors of Metalsucks. Like several other metal blogs (and grown men who call themselves KK Warslut), each contributor writes under a pseudonym … KK took great offense to [their articles], and posted the real names of both editors, and a picture, the home address, and personal phone number of the site’s founder in their rambling nonsense.

In other words, Keith d0xxed the site’s eds.

Finally, Stockhausen decries Keith’s misogynist response to Blair Hopkin’s review, but I would suggest that the lyrics to the song ‘Raped’ (from 2002’s Cold Steel … For An Iron Age) are relevant:


So too, his response to a question (Bardo Mythology) regarding the incident in Denmark:

[BM] KK once lived in Denmark for a few years, and I’m curious if this is where his resentment stems from. — On the contrary, he proclaims, of all the Scandinavians I’ve found Danes to be the least emasculated. Sweden on the other hand, I’d say is the first real matriarchal society we’ve seen in the West – famous also for their staggering rape statistics. How’s that working out for ya’s, ladies?

In introducing the song to the DeathKult Open Air Festival 2012, Keith states: This one’s for all the Muslim immigrants who are invading — who are invited to invade our fucking continent. Fuck you Allah. Yeah everyone’s busy being anti-Christian. Fuck being anti-Christian, let’s be fucking anti-Muslim for once. This is our fucking land …

Top Bloke.

See also : Deströyer 666, Bordo Methodology, March 14, 2016 | A Brief History Of Neo-Nazi Music In Australia (December 2, 2010) | Reichsrock: The International Web of White-Power and Neo-Nazi Hate Music, Kirsten Dyck (Rutgers University Press, 2016).

2011 Sydney Forum ~versus~ 2011 Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Concert

Choices choices.

The 2011 Sydney Forum — since the late scratching of the Inverell Forum, now Australia’s #1 annual fascist gathering — will be held in Sydney on October 8/9. The 2011 Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Concert — “a younger persons’ music gig” aka the largest annual gathering of neo-Nazi skinheads in Australia — will be held in Melbourne on October 8. The unfortunate clash between the two events, following several years of separate scheduling, may be a result of the simmering tension between the two neo-Nazi skinhead groups Blood & Honour/Southern Cross Hammerskins (B&H/SCHS) and Volksfront Australia (VF).

VF leader Welf Herfurth is Sydney Forum MC and Chris Smith (VF, Creatard* and blogger) another of its more enthusiastic and prominent organisers. According to a former B&H/SCHS supporter, VF’s rivals in B&H/SCHS have given VF permission to operate in NSW but in no other states, while close relations between VF and the scattered remnants of ‘Combat 18’ has done little to endear the Sydney-based cousin to the national body. Fortunately, the rivalry between the two tendencies has not reached the stage it has in the United States (the birthplace of both the Hammerskins and Volksfront), where members of the two groups have been known to clash violently with one another.

As for the Forum itself, thus far it features Melbourne-based Australia First organiser Alex Norwick on why the ‘Australianist Ethos Is The Most Contemporary Manifestation Of The Eternal Indo-European Idea’, Benedikt Osváth on ‘Persecution against artistic freedom’ and Dr Jim will be talking about how important it is for people like him to write the history of the far right.

While Norwick’s speech sounds like a load of old balls, the Benedikt Osváth case AS SEEN ON THE BOLT REPORT! is actually quite interesting, the artist apparently violating Aboriginal lore by creating Wanjina Watchers in the Whispering Stone (see : The Wandjina case demonstrates the lack of protection for Indigenous culture, Robyn Ayres, ART+law, September 2010). Curiously, Osváth & Co have gained the support of another ‘controversial’ artist named Sergio Redegalli, whose ‘ban the burqa’ mural in Newtown was recently redecorated in support of Osváth.

With regards the ISD gig, there’s not a great deal to add. It’s expected to * Melbourne-based nazis Deaths Head, Ravenous and new kids on the block Waffenbruder, while a bunch of boofheads from Brisbane called Open Season will also be jackbooting on stage, the stage itself likely to be located in some scout hall or other in the outer ‘burbs.

Business as usual, in other words.

See also : A Brief History Of Neo-Nazi Music In Australia (December 2, 2010) | 2010 Sydney Forum.

2010 Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig…

A road safety announcement.

Fnarr fnarr.

Nazis… shouldn’t drive (their cars)

They shouldn’t be driving day or night
They can’t think left, they can only think right
The sun reflects off their bald head
Like Ian Stuart they’re going to wind up dead

They should’ve paid attention in driver’s ed
Instead of hating foreigners, queers and reds
Keep your eyes on the highway you loser thug
Now you’re squished on the highway like a bug

Ian, Ian, King of the Pit, no friend to you or me
Aaaaaaaaaah! Watch out for that tree

antifa notes (july 18, 2010) : elections, forums and muzak


A handful of white nationalists, namely Tony Pettitt in Greenway and Mick Saunders in Lindsay, will be losing at the upcoming Federal election, yesterday announced as taking place on Saturday, August 21. Both Pettitt and Saunders are members of veteran fascist militant Dr James Saleam‘s ‘Australia First Party’. According to AF, the pair will be bravely battling the combined forces of “big money, Chinese imperialism, Zionism and so on”, but as the final list of candidates is yet to be confirmed, I’m unable to confirm if these rather unusual names will also be on the ballot. Otherwise, AF’s arch-rivals in the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ earlier made some noises about standing a candidate — a rather cranky racist named Nicholas Hunter Folkes — for the seat of Sydney, but this is also yet to be confirmed. Finally, the botched abortion that is (or rather was) Pauline Hanson‘s ‘One Nation Party’ will presumably be wheeling out a few dozen more losing candidates in various seats across the country — moaron ON later. Given major party commitment to Fortress Australia, the already-existing political marginality of the far right is unlikely to be remedied at the ballot box; on the other hand, xenophobic elements within the micro-parties, and among the population in general, can only find encouragement in the race to demonstrate who’s toughest on asylum seekers / ‘illegal non-citizens’.

But that’s another story.


In September, there are two major scheduled events on the fascist calendar: the Sydney Forum in Sydney on the weekend of September 18/19 and the Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Melbourne on September 25. The Forum is being organised by AF and a small number of allies (including local neo-Nazis Nicole Hanley and Welf Herfurth), while the gig is being organised by ‘Blood & Honour Australia’ and the ‘Southern Cross Hammerskins’. This year’s special guest at the Sydney Forum is Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm; last year, the US white supremacist Andrew Yeoman spoke, while local neo-Nazi skinheads have promised two foreign bands will be appearing at this year’s memorial. As for location, last year’s Forum was held at the Petersham RSL; the memorial gig was held at an undisclosed venue.

2009 Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Gig : Melbourne


Encounter with Nazis – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

White men! White women! The swastika is calling you. The sacred and ancient symbol of your race, since the beginning of time. The Jew is using The Black, as muscle, against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, Whitey? Just sit there? Of course not! You, are going to join, with us. The members of The Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood & Honour Australia. Two organizations of decent, law-abiding, white folk. Just like you!

The Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood & Honour Australia are more than pleased to announce the line-up and date for this year’s Ian Stuart (ISD) Memorial Concert.

The legendary Open Season, for those that don’t know, were, back in the ’80s, one of the most infamous National Socialist bands worldwide… To say that these guys were not afraid to state their beliefs loud and proud is somewhat of an understatement.

Ravenous are one of the hardest-hitting RAC [‘Rock Against Communism’, another term for neo-Nazi and White supremacist muzak] bands still playing on the world scene these days and The Commieknockers are a sing-along band playing covers of everyone’s favorite pro-White classics…

As the flyer says, the gig will be in Melbourne and will be held on the 12th of September…

As indeed it will, and just as it has for the last 15 years or so: in 2008, at The Beaconsfield Hotel in Beaconsfield; in 2007, at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine; in 2006 and 2005 at The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy; and in 2004 at The Jam Tin in Cheltenham.

Rebel Hell

In addition to Open Season, Ravenous and The Commieknockers, it also appears possible that the Detroit-based reich ‘n’ roll band ‘Rebel Hell’ may be coming Down Under to spread their message of peace, love and understanding. A member of the rebellious Hell-raisers writes the following message to Jesse (Ravenous) on YouTube:

rebelEddie8 : Cheers brother, love the vids, lookin foward to jammin with you. Hopefully we will have a good turnout for the show. We have been practicing the tunes and we are getting pretty tight, I hav’nt had to play this fast in a while, feels good to shred again. Keep up the good work & we’ll see ya soon. Eddie8-Rebel Hell. 14/88

Rebel Hell are closely aligned with the Hammerskins, and one of only two bands listed on the Hammerskins site as being kosher. In 2007, the Detroit rockers played Hammerfest in Portland — along with Blood Red Eagle (What a voice!), Downright Hateful, Frontline and Rolling Sevens — although not without some difficulties. The boys also featured on the 2004 release by Panzerfaust Records titled ‘Project Schoolyard USA’, an attempt to freely distribute nutzi muzak to white high skool kids.

Panzerfaust Records

The story of the decline and fall of Panzerfaust Records is both amusing and strangely typical of the nutzi milieu. In 2005, one of its founders, Anthony Pierpoint, was discovered to be — gasp! — less than 100% ‘White’. The label, founded in 1997/8, collapsed after this revelation. To its credit, Panzerfaust did prompt Insurgence Records to release a rival compilation titled ‘Operation Boneyard’ — now that a second nutzi comp has been released (see below), Insurgence, in collaboration with Rebel Time, have done it again! (For further infos on Panzerfaust, see : The Best Revenge, Alexander Zaitchik, Intelligence Report, Winter 2006 & White Power Music, Intelligence Report, Spring 2005.)

OMGWTF Foreign Troublemakers!

“We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come” is what former Australian PM John HoWARd boasted in October 2001. Subsequently, brown-skinned refugees fleeing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were imprisoned for years in the desert or on islands. Curiously, during the same period, folk of good Aryan breeding stock belonging to Texas band ‘The Bully Boys’ (“We’ve got jigaboos on the run”), fellow nutzis from Southern California band ‘Final War’ (‘The band describes itself as “defenders of the Reich”, and its songs boast: “We fight Jews”‘) and Belgian fascists belonging to the band ‘Kill Baby Kill’ were all ushered into the country to perform for local neo-Nazis.

(But then, The Jew is always whining, isn’t he? If it’s not the Australian Government sheltering Nazi war criminals, it’s the Australian Government allowing contemporary neo-Nazis into the country to preach racial hatred, amirite?)

Sadly, treating penniless refugees like excrement is one thing: treating students from India in a similar manner costs $; lots of $.

Slump in Indian student numbers
Mark Russell
The Age
August 30, 2009

INDIAN student enrolments at Victoria’s universities are expected to plunge by up to 50 per cent next year following a spate of violent attacks in Melbourne. The shortfall – comprising existing students who plan to abandon their courses here and hundreds more who intended to enrol but are now seeking positions at universities in other countries – will cost the Victorian economy tens of millions of dollars. Universities fear it could take years to restore Australia’s reputation in India, with the families of Indian students instead favouring the United States and Britain, which they perceive to be safer destinations…

Or as Terrie-Anne Verney put it on the Facebook group ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’: the “shit around their head must do something to their brain”; “Maybe a gun to their head might help them get the hint that they are not wanted here!”.

Hurr hurr.

Note that Terrie-Anne will be providing further insight into the many complex issues surrounding immigration, multiculturalism and nationalism having a whinge about losing her job at a multicultural radio station at the upcoming 2009 Sydney Forum.

“So tell me what you want, what you really really want!”

There’s a definite theme running through the two compilation albums released by Panzerfaust. Scott McGuinness, who established both the Blood & Honour and Hammerskins franchises in Australia, warbles toons on both releases (as lead shouter for the bands Fortress & Raven’s Wing). The Bully Boys, who toured Australia in 2004, and Final War, who toured here in 2007, and now ‘Rebel Hell’ (2009?), also feature.

    Ship ’em out
    Send the bastards back
    If they don’t fucking like it
    It’ll be in body bags
    ~ ‘Parasite’ : Fortress

    Whiskey bottles
    Baseball bats
    Pickup trucks
    And rebel flags
    We’re going on the town tonight
    Hit and run
    Let’s have some fun
    We’ve got jigaboos on the run
    And they fear the setting sun
    ~ ‘Jigrun’ : The Bully Boys

As for B&H, their website states: “…even though music is the main focus of Blood and Honour, we understand that it is only a medium through which we can promote the message of the ‘14 words’:


Note that these 14 words were coined by dead US neo-Nazi David Lane, a convicted terrorist who died in May 2007 while serving a 190-year prison sentence. Last year, the moderator of Stormfront Down Under, Paul Innes, participated in a bizarre ceremony in which 1/14 of Lane’s ashes were scattered in Perth.

Finally, note that, while there are a plethora of online nutzi retailers, iTunes is also Selling White-Supremacist Music (Matthew Richardson,, September 1, 2009).

    Panzerfaust/Tightrope/Bryant Cecchini, ‘Operation Schoolyard’:

    Volume II (2008)

    1. Raven’s Wing “Drunk on the Whirling Moon” | 2. Johnny Rebel “It’s the Attitude, Stupid” | 3. Aggravated Assault “Aggravated Assault” | 4. Lycanthrope “The New Barbarian” | 5. People Haters “Shit Dick” | 6. Raven’s Wing “By the Rainbow Bridge” | 7. Legion of St. George “In the Footsteps of Heroes” | 8. Johnny Rebel “Some Niggers Never Die” | 9. Brutal Attack “Return of St. George” | 10. Centurion “Centurion” | 11. Centurion “This Planet Is Ours” | 12. Johnny Rebel “Reparations” | 13. RAHOWA “Exodus” | 14. Skrewdriver “Sick Society” | 15. Aryan “You Gotta Go” | 16. Lycanthrope “Ubermensch” | 17. Johnny Rebel “Jessie Showed Up” | 18. RAHOWA “Race Riot” | 19. RAHOWA “White Revolution” | 20. Skrewdriver “Street Fight” | 21. Skrewdriver “White Power” | 22. Brutal Attack “Under the Hammer” | 23. Brutal Attack “White Pride White Passion” | 24. Centurion “Retribution” | 25. Centurion “Heed the Call”

    Volume I (2004)

    1. Bound For Glory “Tornado” | 2. H8Machine “Wrecking Ball” | 3. Max Resist “Ballad of Johnny Rebel” | 4. Bound For Glory “Hate Train Rolling” | 5. Brutal Attack “Under the Hammer” | 6. Final War “Tales of Honor” | 7. Bound For Glory “Teutonic Uprise” | 8. Before God “The Last Line of Defense” | 9. Youngland “Waitin’ for the Ride” | 10. MidTown Boot Boys “White Kids” | 11. Max Resist “Ghost” | 12. Fortress “Commie Scum” | 13. Rebel Hell “Thirst for Conquest” | 14. Bully Boys “Jig Run” | 15. Youngland “American Justice” | 16. Final War “The Nationalist” | 17. Day of the Sword “White Supremacy” | 18. Aggressive Force “Might is Right” | 19. Fortress “Parasite” | 20. Skrewdriver “The Snow Fell”

See also :

Turn It Down (US) : “youth, bands, parents, teachers, and friends in the record industry speaking out, standing up, and turning down the sounds of hate.” | MySpace | Facebook

Metalfans Against Nazis

Love Music Hate Racism (UK) : “uses the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against the racism being pushed by Nazi organisations like the BNP.”

Folk Against Fascism (UK) : [Coming Soon]

“I’d like to dedicate this next song to…” (January 18, 2006) | Good Skinhead Music! (July 15, 2006) | “Sounds of Hate” revisited… again (November 29, 2007)


Between the end of the rock’n’roll, and the beginning of the rap, Paris was the theatre dune true war of bands. On bottom of end of Communism, and right rise of lextrême, they fought to defend their ideas. Dun side skinheads (also called boneheads). They dominate the streets since 1984. Racists, anti-semites, they attack all those which, obviously, are not theirs side. Vis-a-vis them, young people, punks and others rockers, targets (among so much dautres) of the skins, and which refuse to leave least space so much to their presence quà their ideas. They were organized to drive out them of Paris. Bands are formed and launch out in a true urban guerrilla warfare to counter loffensive fascist. They are Red Warriors, Ducky Boys or Ruddy Fox. The Parisian young people will call them ” hunters of skins “. ANTIFA tells their history. Young people resulting from the popular quarters, they were impregnated musical culture rock’n’roll of lépoque whose fastening with such or such group often implied an ideological positioning. Born dune spontaneous reaction, their action sest revealed to be a true racist anti movement of street, hybrid between logic of gang and political commitment dextrême left, near of the urban guerrilla warfare.

    In memory of German-Jewish anarchists Erich Mühsam (April 6, 1878–July 10, 1934) and Gustav Landauer (April 7, 1870–May 2, 1919).

    His widow declared this evening that, when she was first allowed to visit her husband after his arrest, his face was so swollen by beating that she could not recognise him. He was assigned to the task of cleaning toilets and staircases and Storm Troopers amused themselves by spitting in his face, she added. On July 8th, last, she saw him for the last time alive. Despite the tortures he had undergone for fifteen months, she declared, he was cheerful, and she knew at once when his “suicide” was reported to her three days later that it was untrue. When she told the police that they had “murdered” him, she asserted they shrugged their shoulders and laughed. A post mortem examination was refused, according to Frau Mühsam, but Storm Troopers, incensed with their new commanders, showed her the body which bore unmistakable signs of strangulation, with the back of the skull shattered as if Herr Mühsam had been dragged across the parade ground.